I just uninstalled Overwatch


So you uninstalled because of eight games? I’ve dealt with far worse, trust me. After I started playing comp, I lost 1000 SR over two days of binge playing.

I assume you were playing these matches on Sunday? In my experience, Sunday’s the worst time to be playing. Sunday morning especially, but occasionally the tilters and bad players bleed into Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. In fact yesterday I got yelled at by someone for trying to protect two of my teammates on point and for suggesting a different comp since we were losing. In another match, I got yelled at by someone else for flanking as Reaper. Sunday is just not an ideal time to play.

I mean, if you get that tilted by eight games, I’m not sure anyone can help you. But in my experience four bad games in a row is enough to tell me that I should give it a rest, and there are some days and times that aren’t the best regardless.


If you keep making the experience of healing and protecting less and less rewarding then less and less people will even want to bother doing it. Big surprise.


If you look at my profile you will see that I do but that is not what I am taking about. The people that do pick healers are occupied dps-ing.
You sit next to a Zen at 50hp spamming “I need healing” because the Zen is not in voice. And you see discord orbs and charged shoots. The only way I can get healing from some Anna’s is by walking in front of them as they pretend to be Widowmaker.


If you’re doing placements just for CP and rage uninstall (like OP) over your end results then that’s pretty sad. My point is that even after your placements you’re most likely going to be placed where you ended off in the prior season.


I’m not even gonna read this. No one cares if you uninstalled it. Move on with your life instead of posting on these forums.


Still have to do them, for some reason. Personally, would gladly not to do placements, if would continue getting points as season reward.


I still remember what they told me before buying that game, “If you don’t have friends to play with, then don’t bother with it”

You need to make your own team to enjoy comp, or you will be matched with people you don’t like.


comp is a joke. the ranks are a joke. the rewards are a joke.

truth is, we are all casuals here. the rank a player has is only good for reputation on a forum that does not even represent a majority of the community. unless a player is on an official OWL team, they have no reason to call themselves pros.


Eh, you’re in gold, that can explain a lot.
Here easy tips:

  • Take a DPS/Tank that can selfheal
  • Instead of waiting next to an idiot DPS-pport, go find a healthpack
  • Take the healer slot

If you flex and use voicechat (ask people to join at the beginning of the game in the text chat, shotcall), you’ll get out of gold easily.


The post isn’t for you then. Leave it to the people that for whatever reason do care, or that should care (activision/blizzard) and move on with your life instead of telling people their opinions don’t matter. Like you’re any better? What kind of big wheel are you that anybody should care that you don’t care?


I don’t care if you do or don’t. You obviously did enough to respond to my comment. We get posts like these every day where people whine like little babies about uninstalling but then you see them on the forums posting. If you really didn’t want to play the game anymore you just wouldn’t. It’s just a game. I stopped playing it for a while and went to play other games. So the whole “Yeah I’m uninstalling” is just a stupid clickbait to bring in more people like you.


Overwatch is a team game, however the teamwork usual means your team is experienced enough to communicate. The hard truth is that if you are in gold, you are most likely around the bottom 25% of players.

I can speak from personal experience as I was in Bronze/Silver my first season because I had little to no experience in FPS games on PC, and I am now high plat/low diamond. You NEED to carry your games until you get comfortably into Plat. This doesn’t mean auto lock dps and click heads. This means play what is most needed for your team, excel at that character or characters, communicate even if it seems like no one is listening, and keep playing.

You can blame teammates and match making all you want, but at the end of the day you are being queued with and against the bottom 25% of players. They will play like the bottom 25% of players with very few exceptions, and you can’t blame them for that.


Play in a group.
Problem solved?
Also you are in gold, you shouldn’t expect anything in that bracket.


For as much as you may loathe posts like these, I think the reasons why people quit this game (if even only temporarily) are fascinating and they point to general trends that the developers of this game would be wise to try to keep track of. If they do or don’t watch them I don’t know, but I do know that it would not even be possible to do so without any kind of feedback. So I think that there is actually a value in them. Because even when people get the facts of things all wrong there is emotion in them and that’s not the sort of thing that you get conveyed in a data sheet.

I actually think that being able to let go of something is a healthy and an adult thing to be able to do. “Know what holds you back and what moves you forward” Gautama Buddha said that and I think it’s quite wise. You might see it as “whining like little babies” but guess what? That’s an appraisal that comes from within you.

And if people are frustrated, so what? That’s their right. You don’t like to see it? It can’t be helped. I think it’s immature and hypocritical to tell somebody that they’re not entitled to their opinion just because you don’t like it and if they’re not entitled to theirs then why are you entitled to yours?

But I mean, if you think that stoicism is an admirable trait and YOU quit the game without complaint then good for you. At least you practice what you preach.

If you really didn’t want to play the game anymore you just wouldn’t.

That’s the problem. I think a lot of these people want to keep playing the game but trying just brings them a lot of frustration.


You aren’t alone mate, I wrote a similar post not that long ago: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/quitting-heres-my-feedback/271488?u=monstree-2964
The game stopped being fun for me about a year ago(probably longer tbh), except I didn’t realise it until a couple months ago when I uninstalled. I’m not gonna be playing again, and can honestly say I’m less irritable irl and am actually enjoying games again without OW always bringing me down.


inb4 “get gud”
i just had a string of losses in Paladins comp and quickplay
partially due to our comp partially due to me (i must have been having an off day)

but here’s the thing. you should expect BS losses in OW because the game is an arcade shooter at best. At least i know in Paladins i can get those losses back given a bit of time to think on my build


You do realize…the one bad player that was in 10/10 of your placements?

holds up mirror


Its bottom 50%.

Diamond+ is only ~15% of players.


2300 is the median SR according to Blizzard, so Gold is not the bottom 25%.


I had a rough time too, OP, went 2-8 on my placements this season. I placed around 150sr lower than I finished last season. Placements are… rough. Selfish picks and no semblance of coordination.