I just uninstalled Overwatch


I just did my placements and I had the WORST time yet. The matchmaking is horrible and I had a string of eight consecutive losses with the WORST team up I have seen to date. Only ONE match had a normal team with people that actually wanted to play as team and communicated. The one thing that was a standout to me was that 7 out of the 8 matches where a full one sided face roll.
Now you can say I got “tilted” and to say that at the end I was foaming at the mouth is an understatement. But this is a team game and trust me there was not team play tonight. For example I take the widow get two head shoots at the start and it’s four to six. And yet it’s still a loss for my team… HOW?! No one bothers to heal no one bothers to protect. I grab Bastion I clear three people of point it’s three vs five still a loss and someone starts to yell “BASTION SWAP YOU BAD REPORTED @#(*($@!!!” This is just a waste of time at this point.
The developers are focused on the 0.2% and the stupid Overwatch league. Instead of focusing on making the game fun. The pro scene thinks Reaper will not be a problem at all. I bet it will not be for THEM the rest of the 99.8% be damned.
I don’t want sympathy and you can keep your “don’t let the door hit you” thought I am just tired of seeing this game get progressively more unfriendly to the majority of the player base.
I do not hide my profile and I play the game for fun. This was not fun. I am high gold/low plat and just now got bumped back 400 SR. This is why I just uninstalled the game. Am I done with the game I don’t know. I have been at it from DAY ONE. Got the collector’s edition and all. Am I the only one that’s had a degradation in match quality?


Stop playing competitive. It’s obvious what’s making you upset.


comp isnt even worth it my dude, group up or just do QP where anything goes


There are just times where the matchmaker can only seem to find people who stomp you into the dirt effortlessly. And the opposite is also true. It’s almost a good idea to find out what times and days of the week are more likely to offer the kind of competition you find enjoyable instead of stomp or be stomped.


i play comp as i play QP i don’t care anymore, i just care to get some golden guns, just for my mains, that’s it.


I’m not surprised to be honest. Matchmaking is just one big joke. Sometimes I wonder how lucky pros and/or some streamers are that they get a chance to play with people willing to coordinate and play properly.


Play qp comp isnt worth it literally it puts you with a trashy team against smurfs I used to play a lot of comp and got hard stuck in gold even though I was better than a gold but my friend told me to play qp AND OH MAN ITS WAY BETTER you dont have to give a hecc about coms or anything and it doesnt matter if you win or lose


I like posts like this because people can often be brutally honest with their feedback

Do you have any ideas on how these types of problems you are facing could be fixed?

I.e. Role Queue


I feel like 3/4 of the playerbase are DPS. Would we even find a match?


find a friend or make friends with someone around the same rank as you and is looking to climb. make sure you both dont play the same roles though. like if you are a dps main, dont group with someone who is also a dps main. find someone who is a main tank, off tank, or support. If you are a main tank player, find someone who plays dps or support, not another tank player. at least this way, you will have at least two people on your team who are coordinating, and while you still wont be able to win all the games, you should be able to win more than half the games on average and should be able to climb.


I feel like a large part of the reason people are DPS is because we created a game theory dilemma where people feel like they need to solo carry or they can’t climb.


Isn’t it partial true?

Widow who clicks head like tictacs is obviosly carrying countrary to Mercy whose each ability is teammate dependent. You can be a GOD, your movment, map awarness, positioning are great, but after all you can heal idiots. Same goes for the rest of the healers, kind of. I hope you got what i meant.

  1. Smurfing issues have to be addressed. Some people are openly bragging about doing it.
  2. An MMR readjustment at given intervals to adjust SR. People adapt and learn faster then they are given credit for. The current SR system just locks you in and you are stuck.
  3. Role Q is honestly questionable for me. One of the game’s core aspects is hero swapping role Q will have to force restrictions and I don’t know how that will pan out in the long run. Off the top of my head I can think of a few things that will be an issue with the system:
  • People will abuse roles to get in matches faster. Q as tank and swap to dps.
  • Restrictions can fix this but then you are stuck with a forced comp.
  • Q timer for DPS… Wow flashbacks. Never again.
  1. Having at least partial performance stats effect SR gain and loss. This is tricky but to get punished for playing good is not ideal as well.
  2. Character and role specific SR adjustments.
    I am sure if I sit down for more then three minutes I can come up with a lot of ways but as it is now I just want to kick back an watch a good movie… Die Hard comes to mined.


Comp didnt worth it if u play for rank up it is way to luck-based and it doesnt matter if u are a good player or not u still can get a insane losestreak just because how luck-based the matchmaking is.

Sometimes i really think that adding a Comp Mode for OW was the biggest mistake ever from Blizzard. A Comp Mode shouldnt really exist in OW or should only be playable in 6 stacks or should balance around how you perform.

The Only reason i still play Comp is because of the fast EXP u can get and because im tired of 5 DPS Picks but i really cant take it seriously as a Comp Mode


The problem is that as soon as Winston dives your sorry rump and you are stuck in a small confined space with a genetically enhanced gorilla with a Tesla cannon no one on your team so much as bats an eye. And low and behold you get roasted, punched to death and tea bagged. And as soon as you get zapped back to the spawn point someone yells: “WIDOW YOU SUX SWAP I AM REPORTING YOU FOR THROWING!!!1!” and so much for your solo carry gold kills. And you can be a great tank or healer or dps as soon as you get matched up with a team that is not doing anything with the openings you create you are doomed to fail.


I think you are forgetting Overwatch is supposed to be fun. It doesn’t sound like you are having fun. Just take a chill pill and remember, it’s only a game, why you have to be mad?


I hope you can find another game that you enjoy and all, but I don’t really care that you’re leaving… have a good day


I’d be willing to bet he already reinstalled it.


First of all if you had bothered to read the full post you’d have seen that I don’t know if I am done with the game. And if you don’t care why bother to write?


Just don’t play competitive, it obviously tilts you too easily.
When you inevitably come back after you cool down, at least play with a team instead of going in solo.