I just uninstalled Overwatch


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:clap: We :clap: dont :clap: care :clap: if :clap: you :clap: uninstalled :clap:

dude, you cant blame the game for what the players do.

its funny to see that people still believe that. as you yourself said:

then the reaper buff was not meant for the pro scene, but for the reaper mains down here in low elo.

your main is pharah… if you dont kill reaper 99 out of 100 times you are the problem, not reapers buff.


Why is it the developers fault that your teams eat crayons?


Certainly not. I feel for ya bud. I’ve been reported on my main account and suspended early on. To counter this, i purchased several accounts. (Which should not happen under any circumstance. Ever.)
I have been in GM all the way down to gold and can safely say the matchmaking is wacky. I don’t pretend to know what the formula is for it. But as of late, the quality of matches (on at least 3 accounts) has been particularly horrendous. My first account is 3 star gold border and i keep getting matched up with new accounts (not smurfs) or very low skill players. That means bronze borders across the board…except for me. (I realize border color doesn’t equal skill level…but it does give you a general idea of a players experience…) don’t even get me started on insta lock widow or all dps picks OR 30-20s backfill after waiting 3 minutes in queue. It’s rage inducing. I’m not sure why i keep coming back really…just killing time and keep a very minor hope that a large patch with slew of changes may come…don’t think i’ll be staying very long though. I find myself very irritated and dipping out of garbage matches. I don’t touch competitive at all since I don’t want false reports getting any of them suspended because of no voice coms or off meta pick.


It’s worth it for golden weapons.


Mhm now let’s use our heads shall we? Pro players will have no problem ergo it will not impact them. The nerf to armor combined with the Reaper buff will be a nightmare for lower beakers.
Bonus points for providing my point by the way. You exhibit the exact selfish thought process that is part of the problem. If my main is Pharah I have to be able to kill Reaper 99 out of 100 or git gud. But what about the rest of the team? What about the tanks that will be shredded? The game is not a one v one. O and if you end up with Reaper in a small room he will outlast you now.


Well I’m not too sad to see a selfish DPS player go. “My team sucks not me” attitude too, wow. There’s millions of you, to the point it’s too much.


Comp is a waste of time.
Play quickplay and actually try to win, it turns out its the EXACT same mode except without someone holding a number above your head the whole time.

I know i sound condescending but i genuinely forgot you could also have quality games in QP too, people just need to remember that so they can start distancing themselves a little from the toxic swamp that is competitive.
Like radiation, it’s fine in small doses but regular exposure can cause cancer.


I enjoy comp. I was never frustrated. I don’t understand people saying its cancer.


I can’t tell if you’re trolling.
When you combine that with someone literally ranked 500 sr, you get a very suspicious character.


I am not 500. I am between 1 and 100 somewhere. But it can only display <500. But still I was never ever frustrated in QP/Arcade or comp or any mode. It is so fun I like it very much.


Dude one of my most played characters is a tank. But I love how you know me and my character. Thanks for the psychological assessment.


Well okay if you’re trolling on an alt account of course you’re going to have a stress free experience.
Whats it like though? I imagine pretty much everyone at that rank is just a deranking smurf.


Then don’t play competitive mode.


I don’t see any logic here.
Why didn’t you take support or tank?


dont call it Comp, use its proper name: Qplay+


I am not trolling. Especially not trolling in QP. Yet It is still fun.
And I am not getting placed against <500 players. I am playing against ~1000-1200 obviously since it is rare to find someone at my rank.


this is already currently the case for everybody below diamond tho?


Your life will improve 20% after what you did.

Good job.

Only extreme masochist people plays this game,


people that eat crayons don’t code matchmaking algorithms.