I am a "Professional" Overwatch Coach AMA!

Hello! I am a coach on Fiverr with 132 Five Star ratings. I have over 470 hours coached across all roles, characters, platforms, and in 27 different countries!

I started playing Overwatch In season 3 where I placed 1800 (silver). In just 3 seasons I climbed to GM and eventually hit 4468 in season 14. Since then I have been consistently T500 and Gm+ on all roles.

Ask me anything!

If Interested in coaching DM me on Discord: TBoogy#6149


The last guy to post one of these 👑 Top 500 Coach - AMA went on to smurf in bronze and necro his thread to boast about it. Do you smurf in bronze?


Hey TBoogy…

I have a couple of friends that created a bronze/silver team and they could use some real advice in terms of how to get themselves together.

If you’re willing to provide some pro-bono advice to those who could truly become your students later, that would speak volumes to the toxic Overwatch community…

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how is it that there are so many horrible players still 4 years after the game’s launch?


No I do not smurf in Bronze. Unfortunately I used too but I stopped that around a year ago. My main account did originally place in silver (I played minecraft before overwatch) after 3 seasons I got up to gm and now have a peak of 4468 as stated before.

TDLR: Used too but no longer :smiley:


what do u think of the morons who think genji needs a nerf opions about the nerfs too?


There is a large population of players who don’t actually play the game competitively. They stick to qp mostly and only play comp once in awhile.

But I have coached someone who was Gold Border 5 stars in Bronze and It was because he stuggled to break his bad habbits. They can also be bad learners, they might not have any direction or clue on how to improve.

There are a variety of reasons that will apply to different people.


in that case, why if your profile locked? If your stats are truly that high, stop hiding them from us.

Edit: thank you for unlocking it.


Well atm I think its a bit too early to tell if he will stay meta or not. As an example Brig has been nerfed like 10 times and is still meta.

Hopefully his spread and deflect buffs will be enough to keep him meta.

I personally love genji and how to see him stay meta.

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Eh, the average player and even the worst players have improved a lot. Unfortunately the average player’s entitlement and pickiness about their teammates has gone up a lot more in the same time.

To address the OP’s topic I have recently started taking coaching from an ex OWL coach and my gameplay has improved rapidly, much quicker than I expected with having played since launch. The price was very reasonable too. I would recommend taking professional coaching to anyone that wants to improve and is happy to spend on it.


What do you think of 15fps players? EQO went pro with 30.
How do coaching sessions work? I’m thinking of getting coached in a year when I get a better computer, (10fps -> 144, 150 latency -> 15 probably) to play with my college competitive team.
As you’ve seen many players, how has their mindset affected their speed of growth? Or are most players that want to be coached have a similar mindset?
And lastly, what’s the average time/cost to get to masters?


I think 15 fps would make it very difficult to climb. 30-60 is doable and 144+ is optimal. Fps is a competitive advantage but it is definitely possible to climb without it. I reached 4100 before upgrading from 60-144.

I have had some people come in with very garbage attitudes where they don’t like it when I tell them they are doing something wrong. Those are often the ones that I don’t hear back from with any updates on progress. A good mindset definitely helps with climbing.

You don’t need to spend much money to get to masters, as long as you have a $5-20 mouse, headset, 30-60 hz monitor and an ok pc then you can make it.
Timewize I would say if you have 0 FPS experience then 3 star border at a minimum and around silver border on average. (Faster if you played other FPS games before)


How do you enable having terrible DPS, since 50% of the games will have better DPS on one side, what do you do when they are just playing reaper, torb, whatever and playing way under the current skill tier they’re playing in (and have no mic/not in vc)?

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Hey for the sake of fun, I will ask you some things you may not be able to answer!
(tldr at the bottom!)

I am a support player, but most people will tell you I’m a Mercy one trick. This is… and isnt true. I climbed solo queue from gold to mid-masters all by myself with no coaching or advice, flexing across all supports. But then I hit a wall. I got freaked out around 3700sr and didn’t want to climb anymore or else I’d be going up against streamers or pros and I felt like I was nowhere near good enough to compete against them so I just stopped playing competitively on that account.

I’m a nightmare on the ladder because my first instinct is to lock Mercy and only swap if we can’t make Mercy work. My next choice (and next best support) is Ana. Then I can do brig/moira when needed. And Bap when necessary. I don’t touch Zen/Lucio.

I climbed to diamond on DPS (Ashe/Widow two trick) after a mere 5hrs and haven’t bothered climbing because DPS bores me. I don’t play tank outside QP but my friends insist I’d do alright as Zarya and a pretty good job on Reinhardt if I unbind my charge!

Jokes aside, I never know if I’m playing Mercy right. The people I duo with say ‘youre one of the best ive ever seen’ but its kinda a duos job to be nice to you so I cant really trust their words for it. I worry I’m using my ult wrong, or im prioritizing the wrong targets… etc. And my deaths per 10 has gone up since the Genji buffs went live


  • Any advice for a mid-masters support (mercy/ana main)? Especially against dive comps/genji
  • What do you suggest is the best way to improve aim aside just playing comp (any gamemodes/workshops?)
  • I lose when I duo, but win when I solo queue… Any ideas why? I worry its me over-protecting my duos and not helping the team enough

Sorry for the essay lol but you DID say ask anything

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From your experience, how common do you think smurfs are in Bronze, and what rank do you think most of them are from?

Learn to carry on your role and get more consistent. Every character can carry in their own way you just need to learn how to do that. Even something as simple as making less mistakes will boost your skill. If you die less, or make dumb plays less than other players in your games and at your rank you will climb. Dps isn’t the only role that can carry.


I meant what’s your opinion on “unwinnable” games

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  1. Giving advice is difficult when I have no clue what your playstyle is or what mistakes you make so I’ll keep it very general. Make sure to evaluate compositions. Think about which team is better at what. (Who is the better dive/spam/brawl) Spam plays far/slow, brawl plays close/fast, dive plays far/fast.
    Try to minimize mistakes as much as possible. Mercy isn’t mechanically demanding so focus on staying alive and making good decisions. (Sorry but to go any further into depth I would either need you to be more specific or to see your gameplay :D)

  2. (Tryhard) Free For all Deathmatch, aim trainers but only if you enjoy them, don’t prioritize them over comp. Just make sure when your working on aim to focus on your aim and to place your crosshair in the best place possible. (Where you know people will be, head level, etc.)

  3. I also loose when I duo and I think it just has to do with over-trusting. When I duo I think that my duo will help me carry so I attempt to carry less and that means we loose. You need to be able to know how to carry to win games. (This one is just speculation. I don’t actually know the cause)

Thanks for the thought provoking questions!


I didn’t want to write a bigger essay than I already did! hahah I tend to write too much on the forums (as you can see) :joy: And I would offer up a replay, but I don’t think any of them would be worth looking at because the only ones I have are wins right now… and they were all when I was in a duo so it probably wouldn’t be the best content for review. Plus theres a patch tomorrow so it will be erased at noon tomorrow

Thank you for the advice!

This is probably a huge part of my problem. I think my duo can handle a 1v1 so I’ll go help someone whos critical but then my duo dies right as I leave and they get all sad and say ‘where did you go’ LOL

Do you think practice against AI is suitable for aim practice/training? Or do you think its not good because its not accurate to how people move in an actual game. Also (sorry for all the questions!!!) but I occasionally do Ana-bot aim practice but I set them to 120% movement speed. Do you think its good to practice against faster targets or do you think that would mess with my aim when playing a real match where everyone moves slower?

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Oh ok, so there are always going to be unwinnable games but the amount of them is up to your interpretation. Of course if someone leaves and your 6v5 that is pretty much a loss and if someone is throwing that is a loss but besides that, it pretty much stops.

No other game should be unwinnable if you are carrying hard enough. For you to be able to climb you have to learn how to do the job of 2+ people. Even if you have a dps who is trash, the game is winnable if you know how to carry.

If you put any OWL tank or support they could carry a game at your rank where they have bad dps.

Something else to keep in mind is that even if a game is unwinnable. Everybody else has those game games as you. In the long run unwinnable games shouldn’t affect your SR because everyone at your rank gets the same amount of unwinnable games. If you wanna climb it’s your job to make more games winnable.