How would YOU buff Reaper or Mei?

Great Idea! Buff her health to 300!

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EDIT:Oops, didn’t see Coolbreeze above me.

For Mei, hmm… I’m a big fan of Mei, I was a Mei one trick for the first three months of Overwatch, really. That’s not a buff I see often, but I’d say buff her health to 300, or gives her some armor.

Mei has great utility, but doesn’t bring enough to the table to justify a pick most of the time. Her damage output is really low, and she lacks mobility, with a really easy to hit hitbox. More HP would allow Mei to sustain herself better, and allow for more leniency when fighting off flankers.
She’s supposed to counter them, but to win a fight against a Genji or a Tracer, a Mei can’t make a single mistake, while Recall and Swift Strike/Cyber Agility/Reflect allows Genji and Tracer to under-perform and still come out on top. What kind of counter need to outplay the heroes she supposedly counter?


<— 4.1k Mei main, currently around #50 Mei in the world, with around 250 Mei hours across all modes

Mei spraying the floor to increase her movement speed does not address her weaknesses, which are:

  • Her slow ultimate cast time
  • Her ultimate’s inability to freeze people

Personally I’d like to see Mei’s ultimate cast reworked to be more like Tracer’s, where the projectile leaves her hand almost immediately after the button press.

Mei’s ultimate is weak because without the assistance of her primary fire, it takes 3 seconds to freeze targets. 3 seconds in Overwatch is an eternity, and thus her ultimate is ridiculously easy to escape. The change I’d like to see would be for her ultimate to take 2 seconds to freeze.

The previous buff Mei received to her primary fire more or less solved the problem of heroes like Tracer being impossible to freeze, so that part of her kit is now fine.


It’s hard to admit, but I honestly think reader’s abilities could use a rework.

  • his guns are okay, but could use a slightly smaller cone.
  • his ult with his current passive is honestly fine in my book.

His wraith form is just meh, as it’s far more predictable to be a good alternative to other offense characters’ abilities as a defense and/or escaping ability. I have heard people state it should work with a resource meter like so many other abilities have become, but then good reapers may abuse that change unless a usage cd comes with it so reaper doesn’t spam it between shots; even then, that may make him a questionable matchup when it comes to fair play.

But I think the biggest thing that needs a change or needs to go is shadow step. It’s a TP, sure, but it’s also long, flashy, and leaves reaper exposed for way too long, and in a 6v6 game with small maps and few routes undetected, that’s an ability that simply won’t work for him. I think it needs an overhaul, whether or not it remains as shadow step teleporting ability.

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Reaper: Add invincibility frames to shadow step and make it occur much faster. Could also slightly increase speed of wraith form.

Mei: Make her blizzard ultimate disable movement abilities similar to graviton surge. It’s wayyyy too easy to escape.


Cool thread. I always thought what would be cool is if Mei could freeze multiple people at once with her primary fire.

Oh wait a minute, I have the editor right here hmm…


Wait, is this a hint?




Confirmed Mei is satan


hi Mr Goodman,tell us what do you think about this idea for Roadhog,thank you
the hook cooldown takes 2-3 seconds when hooked enemy is interrupted
it is a fair buff,isnt it? Like a recently Sombra’s change
this hook changes will be most useful after the Brigitta will come to competitive mode



I would cut the entire animation duration of shadow step by half. There is no reason why it should be so slow and clunky. Right now I have to stop, aim where I want to teleport, click a button, watch an unnecessarily long animation and then the cherry on the cake is that as I’m re-appearing out of shadow step, I’m an open target to any incoming damage, like a widow headshot. It just needs to be improved, sped up a bit, and have Reaps be invulnerable as he is re-appearing.


I’m not a Mei player so I don’t really know what changes she would need to become better at what she does without becoming OP, but off the top of my head I would like to see an increase in primary fire projectile speed a little bit.


Wait this wasn’t already a thing?

…I need to lay off icicle sniping for the entire map

Anyway, Reaper should get a speed boost if he lands a solid hit, and Mei should have the wall cooldown start as soon as it goes out like it does for Winston.

Mei should move a little faster when she is around the area of her ultimate, I think that would be a cool little addition

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Armor piercing ammo, and a Shadow Step that’s invulnerable and animates 3x faster on the first half of it and normal on the second half.

So Meis primary become like Moiras heal spray? Interesting.


let Mei jump into the air with her wall and give Reaper a guitar that shoots grenades pls


Allow her special to target two specific people on the opposite team. Once selected, Snowball would go and freeze the two enemies. only two so its not too OP

When you’re done fiddling with her primary, can you guys give Mei a few bug fix patches like Doomfist got? The alluded spray buff (called it, btw) will be rad, but it won’t fix any of the following situations:

streamable -dot- com/mabfv
streamable -dot- com/01o6y
streamable -dot- com/m22sn

Getting these issues fixed would be Mei’s biggest buff yet.

(Why can’t I post links? watf?)

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I think the best way to buff her is to increase the range of her Ultimate. Right now her ultimate is just too easy to escape. And increase the height that the ultimate freezes to the skybox. So you can do a Ghost buster and put her ultimate under a pharah and watch her fall out the sky.

Right now Reapers main issue is he can’t compete against long range units. They are able to kill him before he can even reach him in higher levels.
So I think an interesting mechanic would be “self-revive” If he kills 3 enemies ( without dying ) he gets a stack of self revive. ( which acts similar to doomfist ultimate ) instead of dying he suddenly disappears and he can pick the location he revives in.

When he self revives, he should say,
“Heroes never Die”

Didn’t he die? I remember some Linkin Park Singer Killed him self.

Yeah he did. That’s what I meant. lol