How Would You Buff Doomfist?

And yet again. He’s the ONLY DPS with double digit deaths…

I’ll make a whole list for you sure.

Another Doomfist
Mercy can escape his combo
Moira can escape his combo

They may not be counter counters like shut him down and sht. But every single one of them either counters him, hard counters him, or can deal with him accordingly.

Same thing for doom. If he messes up anything he’s dead too.

And he’s not OP. Because again. 2nd to lowest elims per game, lowest E:D ratio, highest deaths, lowest damage, and lowest obj kills.

Faith has nothing to do with it. I have zero faith in the developers of this game. But I do have faith that they have eyes and ears.

So I intend to be loud enough for them to notice.

Well good luck with that. Their eyes and ears are for what’s popular.

And the most “Popular” thing is whatever gets noticed the most.
Look at the Bastion thread… it went through 20K posts of activity.

Like I said good luck with that.

I’m just not gonna waste my time on that.

I’ve “Wasted” years.

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

So have I but just on a different hero.

He’s literally the definition of low risk-high reward hero, and more than half of the people you mentioned there don’t counter him at all.


You’re a troll. I’m sorry but you are a literal troll if you think the hero with the most deaths and lowest damage and elims, the hero that literally LAUNCHES himself into the enemy team to get any sort of value, is low risk. You either don’t play overwatch and made your way onto these forums somehow or literally are a troll.

Name them and I will easily explain to you how they do.

  • Seismic Slam range increased to 20 meters

  • Uppercut recovery time removed

  • Meteor Strike landing time decreased from 1 second to 0.75 seconds

  • Rocket Punch wall impact damage reduced from 150 to 75

  • Rocket Punch charge time reduced from 1.4 seconds to 1 second

  • Maximum shields lowered from 150 to 100

  • Shields gained per ability increased from 30 to 35

Only troll here is you, your hero doesn’t have most deaths nor lowest damage and elims, at least get your facts str8. I was only explaining he doesn’t need to do much to get value out of


What he needs is either a complete rework, or just total deletion from the game. He’s incredibly unhealthy for the state of Overwatch right now.


Doomfist doesn’t need or deserve buffs. He’s awful to play against and doesn’t fit in the game. They should totally rework his kit to remove one shots and the obscene levels of cc.


It’s a literal statistical fact you can look up. Doomfist averages 10.57 deaths, he’s the only DPS with double digits. Doomfist is 5th above last for elims per game. Doomfist has the lowest E:D ratio. Doomfist is 2nd to last for obj kills per game (last is widowmaker). Doomfist is 3rd to last for damage.

Literally the only CC ability he has that moves you a lot is uppercut. Slam barely moves you, and same with punch. His CC is exaggerated.

Come on, that’s ridiculous. His punch sends you across the map. In no way, shape or form does his punch “barely move you”. I realize you’re pro doomfist but saying things like that makes people not take you seriously.


Yes. Until they fix rear audio priority. He’s oppressive the most with that problem. All he does is kill you, cause you hear jack all. As for the question. You know what I would do. Revert all the changes. But remove one thing. Damage off walls.


Neither does saying things like this. On a fully charged punch you get moved 12 meters. Most boops are around 10-12 meters. It’s a bit on the higher end but when you take into account how difficult it is to actually hit and how easy it is to cancel, displace, and dodge. It makes sense.

I would much rather fight doomfist than any other flanker cause of his massive hitbox and loud moves. Plus after playing him for so long I expect where most doom players to be

Did… did you really just say that rp is hard to land?

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That’s a good feednack to the devs, these subjetive aspects of the game are the things that the devs cant know looking at the stats they have.