How to Unlock Weekly Archives Skins

Hey everyone, this year’s Archives event is introducing our new mechanism for weekly event unlocks!

To unlock Archives weekly rewards, you’ll need to earn Stars. Stars can be earned by completing Archives missions. Each week, a different Archives mission will offer double stars, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn the most Stars by playing on higher difficulties or Challenge variants. With this system, you’ll be able to earn Stars even if you do not succeed with your Archives mission.

Our goal with making this change is to allow unlocks to be more closely tied to the seasonal content, while also finding ways to allow for partial credit even when you don’t win a match. Previously, the system was all-or-none in that losing a match didn’t earn you any progress towards your weekly unlocks. Please note that this will be an iterative process and we’ll continue to make adjustments to this system in ways that make unlocks more engaging for the seasonal content.


Thanks for the update!!

As a friendly reminder to everyone, using the in-game Looking for Group tool is a great way to get players together to tackle the PVE missions that you are looking to complete quickly and effectively. Find it below the main cards in the Play Menu!


This is the only good thing to come out of this event today, other than disappointment in characters who haven’t received a skin yet… at all from this event.


So I don’t have to win the mission to receive stars? What’s stopping people from signing up for the highest difficulty mission that gives bonus stars, and simply immediately losing the mission?

I hope I’m misreading something here.

Points connect to the stars. You’ll need a high score for stars.


Please don’t reward people for losing. It just incentivizes people to put in the bare minimum effort just to grind out stars - including people who just use macros to automate play while they’re not even there.

The easiest difficulty in these modes is already like drop dead easy to the point where 1-2 people can easily solo carry the entire thing with almost zero effort (You practically have to try really hard to lose), so double rewards basically means 6 stars per match.


Ah, I see. I didn’t connect the dots here. The stars are the stars earned at the end of the match depending on how well you did.

Thanks, that makes much more sense.


As long as losing missions still give out sufficient stars, this is a very welcome change. I will try my hardest to win every match, but appreciate my time not being wasted. Thank you!!

I hope to no longer have to spend hours and hours getting the skins on all platforms.


I hope that this is an archives only thing. I would hate to have to play CtF, Lucio Ball or Mei Snowball/Yeti Hunt over and over again just to earn those 3 Skins. I hate those game modes.


So instead of allowing me to play ow like normal and get my skins by winning enough games, blizz is now forcing me to play pve mode instead? Since winning in the old way is no longer an option?

Thanks, I hate it already. I’ve done enough of those same pve modes to last me a lifetime.

Just allow me to progress the weekly rewards the old fashioned way and we’re guchi.


Those modes don’t have a points-to-stars system.

Doesn’t mean they can’t find a way to force us to play those modes if we want the skins right?

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You mean winning matches in those modes?
Other than winning in them not being difficult, that would only be what they already do with requiring wins in any mode, but restricting it to the event game modes.

It wouldn’t make sense for them to go backwards on it, but if they did, they wouldn’t add some sort of high difficulty to obtaining the weekly rewards. They would have to create some sort of new fun mode out of them to justify it, like PvE. Otherwise, I don’t see it happening.

For example eating X Amount of Meat as Yeti Winston, blocking x Amount of Balls in Meis snowball fight, scoring x amount of goals in Lucioball, stuff like that.

Ah, I see what you mean. They could actually do that if they wanted to, in order to force players to play the event modes more, each week.


This system is way better. Hopefully we can get something similar for micro events!

It would be nice if you could unlock say 3 stars by winning a game and 1 star from losing a game, that way at the very least there’s an option there for those who don’t want to grind the PVE content. I’d really like to mix up my gameplay personally since I’ve run the PVE missions hundreds of times over the last few years and will probably get bored of them quick


I don’t really get what this change is supposed to do, but what it will do is encouraging people to sign up for PvE missions on difficulties they don’t stand a chance of winning.

At least make it, that you have to get a certain minimum score on one difficulty to unlock the next one.

I really prefer the old “9 wins” way.


I suspect this is some sort of test for the progression system of Overwatch 2, this is, Hero Missions and/or other content rewarding performance with stars and asking for a certain number of them for each “battle pass” tier per season.