How to Unlock Weekly Archives Skins

Yah i don’t like that either. Give me the choice of either winning 9 games or playing the archives missions.


This system works well for PvE stuff, I’d say. It didn’t take all that long to scoop up those stars doing Uprising on Expert, and I had fun doing so.

I believe there should be something for folk who don’t want to PvE, though. How about making victories in normal modes (Comp, QP, Arcade) count as three stars? There’d be an incentive to run PvE, but it would still be possible to get the loot by playing the game as normal.

Also, I echo the fears of putting this in place for non-PvE events. I don’t want to have to win in the snowball fight stuff to get future skins.


The way you guys have changed events has been great. Offering chests for every variation played & changing wins to stars. Awesome QoL changes

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Really hope this isn’t something we have to do for other events.


Finally something else than 9 arcade wins.
Good job devs :slight_smile:

So going forward hopefully when I waste half my life getting stomped in QP it will still count! I know a lot of people don’t like this whole “don’t reward the bare minimum or losing” but its literally just cosmetic skins that provide no advantages anyways. Gaining them quicker/easier is the most welcome change imaginable and would make me play more. Please don’t force me to win 9 games anymore.

What I don’t get though is why they didn’t announce that change? i just now saw that after a single OW match i didn’t get a point towards for the Weekly skin. Hopefully when they make changes like these, they announce it before the event starts!

I hope they don’t keep this for other missioms.


True. But I’d have rather earned wins doing the challenge missions. Would have them more satisfying. But, I kinda felt like it was necessary to do Uprising first due to the FOMO nature of the skins. If they came back each year, I’d have tackled the challenge first.

Granted that’s my choice, but the system also highly incentives tackling this way.


Seems like it would be better if it gave double points for any event activity and regular points for non-event activity. And weekly event challenge skins should come back.


Yeah, those are my least favourite game modes. But I’d voluntarily miss out on skins if this goes beyond Archives/Junkenstein.


Please don’t do this, just let us play the game normally. I do not like PVE in this game at all.


You still have to score points to gain stars. Can’t just idle, and now they have a “kick for inactivity” system.

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Yes but you’re paired with 3 people who will carry you. There are bots to ensure you dont go inactive. I’ll admit though I forgot if you go down and stay down you’ll fail the mission. For many of the missions you could reliably just alt tab for most of the match and still get far enough to accumulate 2-3+ stars per match.

It’s a great system for people that don’t have much time for gaming to get rewarded for the time spent. If you get 4 stars and its doubled, you would have to play only 4 games to get all 30 stars vs the 9 wins which can take a while.

This. Hate to break it to ya but your PvE modes aren’t that fun or interesting. At least make it “earn PvE stars OR nine PvP wins”.


I’m not a fan of this new system. I’m really looking forward to the PvE in Overwatch 2, but the PvE we currently have is pretty boring. It was fun the first time or two, but at this point it’s gotten stale (even with the challenges). I can earn the skins this way, but it won’t be significantly quicker than getting 9 wins in PvP and will be much less fun.

I’ll probably end up sucking it up and getting the Zen and Mercy skins since I enjoy playing those heroes, but I won’t even bother for Lucio. This is strange for me, since I’ve always gotten every skin in every event.

My main problem begins with future events. If Blizzard uses this method for other events, I’ll be pretty frustrated. I can’t imagine a skin good enough to get me to play Lucio ball, or yeti hunt, or Mei’s snowball fight, or capture the flag.

I really wish they had either just left well enough alone, or opted for some hybrid method that lets you choose what you want to play instead of trying to channel people into modes they wouldn’t normally choose to play.


It is actually faster if you’re used to them. I only need 5 uprising expert matches, and it would have been 4 if I had done the first one on expert. Didn’t lose a single match and got it done faster than I would have done with 9 wins.

For speed, at least in pve, this system is faster. Not as enjoyable but faster.

If the weekly challenges are going to contain specific objectives from now on please do not make them too difficult or time consuming.
These archives skins are going to be quick and easy to unlock so it’s fine this time.

An example of a hard or time consuming objective is something like “Score 30 times”. If you have to achieve 30 solo goals then that is too much, but if the goals are counted when your other team mates also score then that’s fine by me.

To me at least, the time it took to get 9 wins was never a significant issue. It took 2-3 hours of game play that I was going to put it anyway. If I didn’t get it the first day, I would have gotten it the second.

There’s no doubt that this is shorter if you play it on expert, but only by an hour and some change. Especially with uprising, which is a really long mode.

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Only people who barely play the game had issues with the 9 wins, people who genuinely enjoyed OW had no issues with it, I’d usually get it within a couple of days just through Competitive myself

Now I have to play a mode that gets boring once you’ve completed it the first time, really not enjoying this change