New event, Earn stars?

Can someone explain this to me please? Perhaps I am missing something?

All you need to know about the mechanical changes for the skin rewards are available in this thread here.


so blizzard decided to do something different this time for the weekly skins. Basically you have to play PvE to earn the amount of points to get the skins. Play uprising since I believe that one gives you double

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basically, play the pve, you get stars, and you get skins when you get enough stars, and you dont even need to win, so just try your hardest

and somehow, this is worse then having to win games, which everyone complained about

Worse for people who wanted to just play qp or comp and had no issue getting 9 wins in a week. Better for the people who complained winning 9 games in a week is too hard, now they can do 3-4 pve games and have it done within the hour.

Only issue is having to do pve, tho it’s little overall, and if you don’t care about the skin then don’t have to do it. Otherwise it’s quite easy to earn the skin.

Wait… are people complaining about this now? This near guaranteed “put in time, get the stuff” system?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, someone will always complain about something.

yep…and people wonder why everyone laughs at us

You must not be around when people complain about getting just 9 wins in one week, or sometimes in two weeks.

This is way easier for those people since they don’t even have to win and if you play on the most difficult settings, you’ll even get all the rewards way faster than getting 9 wins in a row.

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To be honest I don’t like either system I just loved being able to purchase the skins or whatever.

However for Archives I believe the system suits the event but if for summer games or winter wonderland it be best to use the normal win 9 games. I mean I understand people don’t want to feel forced to play archives for the skins but I mean a couple games isn’t going to hurt regardless if you lose or not

no…I was here… Im always here

Agreed, I hope for non pve modes you are not forced into event modes for the skin. As I hate things like lucio ball, all the Mei snowball stuff etc. But even if we do have to play that, at least it won’t be too much.

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Not… really. I used to get the 9 wins in about an hour or two. I played for 2 hours today and I’m a third of the way there. Problem is you used to get progression for ANY win in ANY mode. Now I HAVE to play Archives.

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Yeah I never was interested in the PvP events because in PVE I honestly don’t have to tryhard and I can play who I want (cause I can’t aim lol) I definitely like this system for PVE but I’d understand the 9 wins for events like winter wonderland etc.

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If you play the first new challenge (Retribution I think it’s called), you get bonus/double? stars. You can get a maximum of 5 stars on the highest difficulty and you only need 10 stars per unlock, so yes, it is faster. Especially since win or lose, you get progress with the stars.

Wow. Even less incentive to play events then. Bravo Blizzard, you’ve done it again!

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