How Many of Y'all Are Planning on Watching OWL?


Do you think the devs can’t do anything outside their specific field? It’s not that hard to understand. Effort has been put into preparing for the league-- organizing, planning, etc. They only have so many people. Communication didn’t just lessen, it completely stopped for months.


Dang, what did the ptr patch do?


Not me. Boring. Wish they would just work on the game.


Because they have so many people they specialize to do their jobs particularly well. You’re basically talking out of you a.s.s.


They have two different teams working on them…

And yes I will totally be watching.


In my opinion, they made a bunch of changes catering exclusively to OWL in order to kill GOATS and make it more fun to watch. GOATS is not the most exciting meta but the PTR changes are really the wrong way to go. They basically nerfed all tanks (but Zarya) by making armor not as effective. Dva’s matrix got nerfed (it feels really clunky to use now.) Brig got nerfed. Reaper will be near unkillable with 50% lifesteal.

Basically I won’t ever be tanking or supporting again if these changes go through.

Here is a link to the actual notes:


Right with you, if it’s goats every map, every game then owl gets my middle finger


I wont

Nothing of the skills they show there are real

Even 6 bronzes can do that well in a enviroment with 0 ping and playing with the same 5 people every day for months in advance

Its unrealistic


sorry but no. That’s just not true. Bronze players have no idea how to synergize, plan or make callouts like OWL players do.

Regardless, I definitely won’t be watching it. Simply boring imo.


Couldn’t be me, surely.


I’m already rooting for Hangzhou Spark and of course Shanghai Dragons.


Its still a unrealistic enviroment of play, playing with the same 6 people for months in advance after months of practice is not what happens on ladder…


Why are people this naive to continue to harbor this belief? That only happened in the early stages to help get things up and running. There is a different team now that oversees OWL and our team sticks to balance, design, lore.


When I’m not working and a team I care about is playing.

So maybe I’ll tune in once a week?

I’ll definitely watch the highlights of each match on Youtube.


Nope. I find watching individual streamers on twitch to be much more enjoyable, since its in a first person perspective on just the hero you want to observe. You can actually tell what’s going on, unlike OWL matches which are just a blur


Just read the notes. First impression is you’re overreacting but we’ll see. Reaper could get very scary. I am happy with GOATS being gone both from pro play and comp play. Obviously tanks have to remain useful. Based on the description of the armor change I’m not sure what to think, doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but it’s very unclear to me. Not sure about the D.Va change.


I love the OWL, and I’m sure as heck rooting for my team the Philly Fusion! <3


Free entertainment, I don’t care what people have to say about it


Not me, i’d rather play the game then watch and even then i barely feel like playing it anymore, especially after their next OWL bandaid update to the game.


nah, pro matches are honestly dull to watch.

also kinda funny people trying to bring up the two separate dev teams while ignoring the fact that game update for lore and such came to crawl around the time OWL launched but hey, that’s probably just a massive coincidence :wink: