How is it my fault?

So… When you leave at the beginning like in the first minute, the game is simply cancelled, and everyone other than you gets priority queue, right? So let me get this straight… If you crash when the game starts… You get bucked over, but everyone else goes back to business as usual, right?

The game crashes, and it’s my fault? And I get a penalty for that? Think about it a second, when you leave early and it makes the game cancels. You are the only one at a disadvantage, nobody loses anything except 3 minutes because they get put at the front of the queue.

I understand the time penalty. I think it is fair that you can’t join a game for 15 minutes. But why am I losing 50 points? Do you how much time it takes to get those 50 points back??

You need to understand that when you leave this early it is 90% of the time because YOUR game crashed. Now, I have 15 minutes to wait in anger AND 50 points to get back because the game crashed on it’s own?? For the first time at that??

I understand that it would be annoying if people were to do it all the time, but can you make a system in which the first you leave this early you get the 15 minutes penalty, but no point loss, and if you do it again in the same day, then you get a bigger time penalty and point losses.

The game is already hard enough with the smurfs, the negative attitude, the leavers, the abusive chat and all that. We don’t need to lose 50 points earned through sweat and tears

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The thing about it, they can’t tell if it was legitimate or you trying to pull something funny

Think about that for a second


How is the server going to tell the difference between the game crashing on your computer and you just turning it off to get out of the match?


That’s not going to happen as people will use it as a daily get out of playing a certain map.

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Odd. I just had a Banana leave a comp game earlier today on the enemy team. The game didn’t cancel (just barely enough time had passed) and they never returned.

Nobody knows for sure why a person leaves a match and there’s no way for the system to know either. If there weren’t any penalties people would abuse it.

It is the risk of playing comp. If you don’t have enough stability either OS, Client compatibility or network or eletrical. You should avoid at all costs, all games punishes you for playing without failsafes on competitive scene.

Either you like or not, punishments are the right thing on competitive. Because demotes folks exploiting the system. If you have issues or have historically issues, you shouldn’t be playing comp.

While some folks used some vulnerabilities on console plataforms, on PC it’s mostly the user’s fault. Either from unstable driver, software update, network issue, power instability, thermal throttle or just not enough ram at bad times.

Comp isn’t and shouldn’t be a joke, so should punish accordingly. It’s rash but it’s the reality about it.

Most folks plays some qp or custom games to verify if they have some kind of issue before even trying to play comp. Some rare events can happen by accident and not being able to be proven, but it’s way more common for folks just “alt+f4” or “unplug” the network cable.

Losing 15minutes it’s way less than losing 50cp

If you really want to not hurt anyone you should go back as fast you can, that way at least could minimize the impact of it if was accident.

The reason why penalties still apply for people who leave (or crash/disconnect) causing the match to shut down is to prevent any incentive for queue dodging. For example, there may be a specific map that you do not like or a particular player that you do not want to play with, attempting to dodge it by disconnecting would be considered cheating and disrupts the overall experience for all 12 players.

Furthermore, you are expected to play Competitive with a reliable system and connection. While crashing or disconnecting can happen to anyone at anytime, if you are repeatedly disconnecting or crashing and not taking the time to identify and correct any issues, that makes you just as responsible as any person who leaves deliberately. This is why the starting penalty is only 15 minutes but quickly ramps up for those who do not take such problems seriously.

More details on this policy can be found here:


Wondering if that would be all that bad…

Probably, but still…

Goodbye Hanamura

Do you ever feel like “guys I’ve literally cataloged all the dev responses for you up top…most things/decisions are explained there if you would simply take a minute to look through it” Wyoming?


After about 2 tries, the game won’t let you rejoin and just penalise you with 15 minute suspension. Happened to me twice when I got kicked out of the server immedietly after hero selection. I tried joining again but got kicked out and couldn’t try joining anymore.

Solution for that was to reboot my PC which somehow allowed me to rejoin my game again without getting kicked out. I decided to open all the ports in my router for overwatch just in case this happens again. If that doesn’t fix it, then I might have to start paying for VPN services like Exitlag which is supposed to help with connection.

Honestly now that I think about it, the unreliable connection issues are probably more on my end. Ever since we got forced into switching to NBN (FTTN), my connection in general became less reliable than the old ADSL2+ I used to have. The download and upload speed I’m getting is undoubtly faster than before, but the connection has become more unreliable ever since this NBN rollout.

I think I understand your issue. You put too much stock into the SR number. It’s a joke. You are better off just ignoring it and trying to improve your gameplay.

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Yes it would be that bad. Im sorry bit Im not waiting through 10+ minute queues just for someone to cancel the game because they dont like a map. Its already annoying enough as is.

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but in that scenario you’re the problem, regardless of the reason for leaving you’re being a pain and there’s no way for them to know that your game crashed

They can not, but they could not stop the game early, and see if the player comes back.
Now even with the fastest SSDs available you can not restart and join the game in time if it crashes in the beginning.

Oh well, ideally this should not happen frequently to people who aren’t trying to game the system or have a stable connection

If you don’t have a stable connection, you shouldn’t play comp. If you lose 50 sr that one time because you had an unstable connection that one time, oh darn too bad, you’ll live it’s just 50 sr.

Not really, mostly because I know it’s impulsive behavior for people to just ask rather than taking the time to read my archives. I provide those archives to help further the discussion and provide official references mostly for all of you to shape your constructive feedback to the development team. Granted its a little underutilized, so I haven’t been putting in a lot of effort to it lately.

Secondly, I do what I do to try and help bridge the understanding between community sentiment about the game to the developer’s philosophy and design for the game. Even if post an official statement from a Blizzard representative about how the game works the way it does, I don’t expect any of you to agree with that statement and swallow it. Instead, all I ask of the community is that each of you use the information I provide and build upon your constructive feedback as you participate in the forums.

Finally, I don’t really mind repeating the same answers over and over again, because it’s good practice for my personal goals. I want to build a career in video games somewhere in the spectrum of community management or publishing. One step in accomplishing this goal is learning how to write curated statements that acknowledge the community feedback while providing the factual information they can use to be able to enjoy the game better. This is called copywriting as an industry term. I have a lot to learn of course, thankfully I have Andy, Jodie, and a few other community management professionals across the game industry who are helping me build those skills over time.


It does not have to be the connection, the game could crash regardless.

Anyway there would be no harm waiting if the player comes back

There would be harm because starting a match a person down is a good way to lose really fast

There’s very little harm in shutting down the match if this happens at the start, with one guy getting a slap on the wrist and everyone else going back to the now priority queue

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This makes no sense, the longer the game is running the more disadvantaged you are with one person down (until it is to the very last seconds)

With that logic any game with a leaver should be terminated, but it absolutely makes no sense to terminate a game that is just a few seconds running and not terminate a game that is running much longer.

Just joking about how it would be nice to avoid some maps.