How is it my fault?

Stop focusing so hard on your SR. Just play the game and you will end up where you belong over time.

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Being down a person before the game has started and your team doesn’t have any ultimates to stall with is very impactful, especially on defense

It makes no sense to wait for them to get back because they will probably return to round 2 starting because round 1 ended so fast.

Always cancelling a game presents a problem too though. If a game got cancelled after it was well into the match, then someone could save everyone else’s SR.

If it didn’t cancel at the start, that just means when someone leaves at the start then the team just has to deal with that the whole match. The current cancelation system provides some relief there.

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This is more accurate to my experience

Technically that cannot happen anymore. The early cancellation only happens if there was a player who didn’t even deal damage or heal. Once all 12 players contribute to the match (no matter how early or late it was), the match is official and should not cancel. So if it looks like your team got the easy point A cap and the match cancels, check the replay. You will see that player who left probably never made it out of their spawn.


But both teams have no ultimates, which makes it even worse when someone leaves later when they have already ultimates, you do not just lose the player but the ultimate as well.

If someone crashes with an ultimate and comes back later the ultimate is gone.

At the beginning you only lose the player and not the ultimate, and if he reconnects he most likely has less ult disadvantage.

I don´t say never cancel, but at least give the time you normally have to reconnect without losing SR, and not 10s or whatever it is.

There is no time if it’s at the beginning, someone leaves and the match is cancelled as it should be

The game never crashes. I’m sure it’s crashed before for people, but that is an obscenely rare occurrence. Overwatch is a very stable game.

If the game is crashing so often that it’s more than an extremely rare occurrence then it’s on your end and no one can solve the problem but you because your machine is a PoS.

And if you’re this upset over a rare occurrence, then perhaps you should do some self-reflection to see what went wrong.

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Yeah I realized after I posted it

I’m still traumatized about my 5 kill concussive blast lijiang kill just to get it cancelled :c

That was like season 3 when that actually worked lmao

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This is the problem

Well it depends, there have been some patches that quite frequently crashed, but that has been some time ago I actually do not remember my last crash.

But just because it does not happen for me it does not mean that it does not happen for everyone else.

And just because it may happen doesn’t mean it actually happens, which it doesn’t otherwise you would actually see people complaining about it. And no, one person here doesn’t suddenly make there an issue.

Such an absurd statement to make about software. All software crashes from time to time, including Overwatch. Most people don’t complain about it because it’s a minor annoyance and understood it will happen from time to time. Just re-open the game and queue again.

Yes, as I said in the same post I’m sure it crashes on the rare occasion. When I said never, that was hyperbole to get across the idea that the game crashes extremely infrequently to the point that we should not change the rules to account for the possibility.