How is 5v5 ever going to work with 1 tank

I guess they technically would be, as they ARE the most disposable. Now Support would probably be either the Rook or Knight, as they they are mostly one note (healing) with some variety that can spice things up (utility).

Chuck Norris. There will only be one tank. Chuck Norris.

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Tanks wont be Tanks in OW2. That role name should be changed to Bruisers, Brawlers or Heavys.

Balancing? It took them 5 years to bring Overwatch 1 to where it is now. What makes you think a complete overhaul from the same company will change things?

Overwatch 2 will be more toxic than Overwatch 1, way more toxic. From situations where people insist that their tank should play a specific hero; to faster fights where players actually spend more time on walking after respawn instead of playing; all will increase toxicity and frustrations across the map.

However, the game will sell, towards many new and potential players (their actual marketing target), because of all the hype - a thing where we all know Blizz is good at.


I also can’t wait for the DPS to outrun their own Tank and feed 24/7 :joy:

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A single tank isnt going to protect much anyways. The only, and I do mean only, way for solo tanking to work is if they are indeed just beefy dps. Someone to lead the charge in the inevitable team deathmatch.

Probably nothing, Rein is allowed to be as OP and cancerous as he wants

Two tanks that are playing Overwatch properly ( I am talking about the higher ranks) cover each other’s weaknesses and become a raid boss. That isn’t fun for anyone - not even the tanks (because they have to play meta to be impactful). Take one of the tanks away and life is better for everyone. Everyone gets their agency back. Overwatch becomes more shooter like and less Moba like.

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You could make this argument for two healers, or two DPS, or even just a team of 3 (tank, DPS and healer)

5v5 isn’t going to work.

Snipers will have to be gutted. Falloff will have to be horrible. Healing will have to be astronomical just to keep someone alive.

And the damage numbers will have to feel crappy because otherwise burst on a 200hp target will be too high.

They’ll NEVER make 5v5 OW2 feel like Overwatch.

The second actual GOOD players play a match, you’ll find out.

There’ll be a fast, primary target meta, and that’ll be it until OW3. DPS will be king because of a fast run speed, and only dive tanks will be any good.

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? lol how would it make Moira a must pick?

everyone would still use Mercy/Ana/Bap lol

That is a good question. I didn’t particularly enjoy what I saw in the last showing of the game, it’s just not the same. I am open minded and will give it a try, but it’s definitely a different version of the game and for now I am not sure I will enjoy it more, hopefully I can enjoy it enough to keep playing since I love the franchise.

I honestly can’t wait for 5v5. I wish we had it already.

Working on it.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

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Barriers provide immunity to CC, immunity to burst damage, sustained immunity to sustained dps, and even unique things like being able to block a lucio or zen ultimate with the healers team. I hate to say it, but barriers are so broken in what they do that I don’t think reinhardt is going to have more than 500 hp in his barrier by the time him and roadhog are equal. Going to be a completely different game.

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Healers need to be merged with DPS. Think, bapt and zen. None of the healers should be healbotting. Give them normal guns and make their abilities supportive instead of aimed at killing stuff. Then 5v5 will be fine.

If you remove healbotting, you can nerf DPS a little across the board, because they no longer need to punch through mercy beam boosted by jarate.

5v5 will work just fine
The point of OW2 is to bring in new gameplay into overwatch. A breath of fresh air.
And to get rid of the old and boring “everyone stand behind barriers and move forward slowly” gameplay.

The developers want team fights to be more fast-paced and engaging.
Everybody should be involved in team fights.
And players that just want to hide all game or be way back in the back lines, or hiding behind walls and all that are going to have to adapt or just play another game where their timid style works better.

A lot of Overwatch heroes will be tweaked so they would work better in a more engaging 5v5 environment.
Tanks won’t just be shield bots, support should be able to handle themselves and not just be pocketbots, etc.

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They emphasize so much with barriers they just quit and play another game when they don’t have any on their team.


When OW2 comes out there will be probably 3 new tanks and a couple new supports. I worry about the fact that there will be a roster full of tanks and you can only pick 1 so I feel like alot of tanks might not get used very often. Road hog and Zarya might be just become throw picks that no one uses

Sadly, they most likely wont adress any of those issues, they definitely want the game to be more fast paced, aka a kill fest. They reduced Rein´s barrier and i wouldnt be surprised if they did the same for Sigma and straight up removed Orisa´s barrier. Healing will most likley be reduced and damage will either be kept as it is or even buffed (wasnt Ana doing like 110 damage per shot?)

I honestly dont know how the DPS playr will react once we get to that point, rn they are happy because they have more liberty but chances are they will be blowing up in seconds just like tanks, especially due to the reduced barrier health and one less tank to protect them.