How inflated is OQ comp SR?

It was actually season 16

And apparently one person here didn’t know this as they claimed it started at 3.5

you literally said this…

I don’t know why you keep bringing ranks into this but I peaked at 3600 btw. And 50-26 record on this new account so far currently sitting on season highs in every role. You also have a private profile so you probably shouldn’t be rank shaming.

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I wouldn’t know because I only Maximum Duo Queue at some times, the vast majority of my games are Solo Queue


So I should just believe you?

Without any evidence?

His profile is unranked… Not Locked… :woman_facepalming:

I feel like I’m getting dumber reading your comments.


I was barely platinum in season 16 so I wouldn’t have known ig….

Maybe he only soloqueues on his main and doesn’t play with people? :thinking:

You’re good at this….

Where does

Say that

Oh…. Yeah…. Literally nowhere!!

ROFLCOPTER :rofl::rofl:

Incorrect…. My profile is unranked because I no longer main role in Masters anymore as I have no desire to climb the ladder.

But go off champ.

Haven’t rank shamed at all in fact.

All I’ve implied is that based on your current rank/s you’ll experience inconsistent match quality because you’re still in the sector where casual players are playing.

If you consider that rank shame then report it and move on kid.


Literally as I was saying it :joy:


How do you explain the fact that the Overbuff rank tracker says you are in platinum rank? That takes from your most recent available data by the way. So in season 28 what happened?

Is this really that hard of a concept to understand?!

I swear there are more entitled kids in E-Sports than there are in college. What is wrong with my generation?


https ://

How do you explain internet websites being completely unreliable because people can open/close their profiles and prevent the data from updating correctly….

Oh…. Wait :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Edit: mind the space, babe.


I guess I will try to explain the context at a level you can hopefully understand. If it doesn’t work I give up. You were trashing open queue saying only 20-30% of games are enjoyable. I said how is that different then role queue, implying the game quality is equally as bad in both modes. You then vehemently denied my suggestion.

My bad but at least we seem to agree that you are a washed up nobody just like the rest of us.

I see plenty of complaints on these forums and elsewhere from master/gm/top 500 players who disagree but ok.

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Still no evidence that you didn’t six stack

And still plat on tank

And still irrelevant as it’s not current season.


Yeah it’s funny because I was watching a stream by the mercy streamer “Awkward” and he was like, no the quality of your teammates never actually gets better even in top 500


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There’s no abusing when you’re skill matching other Masters Hitscan players.

And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from an exceptional DPS player. Because if I was, I’d have peaked 4000+.

I have a whole game more on Cree than I do Hanzo. That’s hardly abusing. :rofl: :rofl:

Vibing for priority passes, I hit Diamond on tank on two separate accounts. No reason to do it again.

Just as you supposedly being a T500 :rofl::rofl: is also completely irrelevant.

Rather than complaining about the imbalance, I choose to accept it as a challenge.

So I’d say it’s a matter of perspective.

Because given the choice between both modes, all high ranked players has consistently chosen to continue down the path of Role Queue.

The game modes are literally side by side in the splash screen. If GM players wanted OQ, they would play it and I guarantee Blizz and OWL will go where the fans want.

So in short…. The community proved it for us.

All g, babe :kissing_heart:

Oh absolutely. And I don’t deny it, I haven’t aim trained in months!! I bet if I went into comp on this account I’d get ROFLSTOMP’d.

Well as what’s his hole so eloquently put it….

We’re all entitled to our preferences.


Furthering the point that blaming your teammates for your short comings is completely nonsensical and unintelligent because you’ll never NOT have dead weight.

All you can do is focus on improving your own gameplay.


Couldn’t have worded it better myself honestly….



Yet according to calculus the “casuals” only exist in low ranks.

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Well what do you define as casual?

Because I define casual as someone not truly concerned with rank and plays for the enjoyment of the game.

Granted there are outliers but considering the… depth of this conversation tonight, I’d say a majority of those players aren’t in Diamond/Masters/Grand Master.

Or is it because the greatest distribution of players is spread between Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum?

Let’s establish a definition of “casual” gamer and perhaps we can come to a conclusion?


This is a personal attack. It is therefore a violation of the forum code conduct.

Where did I say I am currently T500?

I like how you didn’t address the “evidence that you didn’t six stack” point. So is that an admission?


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I would probably include 99% of comp players as casual. But even with your definition, that would probably include throwers, trolls, smurfs which exist in all ranks. You don’t have to be skilled or high rank to care about winning and you don’t have to be low rank to not care.