How inflated is OQ comp SR?

That’s pretty cool, ngl

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No because the real competitors are not present to skill check the boosted players.

Its the same thing as Top 500. As you ascend the ranks of Top 500, There’s only a handful of people above you. But there isn’t a hard ceiling until 5000 SR.

Which is why you can be Rank 1 DPS/Tank/Support without being 5000 SR… And yet you can keep grinding until you ARE 5000 SR.

The same thing is happening with these boosted players. They’re effectively just win trading with each other and their SR is increasing. There’s no performance associated with the rank above 3100/3200 because real Masters/Grand Masters players never play the game mode except to troll.

Nor would I… :woman_facepalming:


Do you have any evidence that you didn’t six stack boost to GM btw?

Thought not

I wouldn’t say that Role Q quality is amazing, but it is MILES better than Open Q.


Again that’s a matter of opinion and preference and I would disagree

As far as I know you can only Duo Queue past Masters, hahahaha

Nice try homie!


No actually that’s 3.9+ only

But you can still duo q even 3.9+

So did you solo or duo and do you have evidence?

And I guess you 6stacked up to 3.9 :+1:

Match quality in Role Queue is significantly more consistent than it ever was in Open Queue.


Consistently bad match quality in my experience

When Did I say match quality was great?

Rhetorical question because the answer is never.

Match quality is inconsistent because the average player base (silver/Gold/Platinum) players are casual and inconsistent performers.

Just because I said your rank is platinum doesn’t mean you haven’t peaked higher or won’t peak higher.

The thing is, you’re obligated to separate yourself from the casual player base in order to get to the ranks where the consistent and highly competitive people play.

That’s the reward for grinding out of low Elo.


Good point, I have alzheimers too =[

Nice try, but you are still only allowed to Duo Queue with max of 500 SR once you get past 3500, you would have known that if you reached this SR ;]


No that starts at 3.9

(The duo q rule, not 500 SR range rule which you are correct about)

Where did you read that?

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If by consistent you mean consistently bad then perhaps you are correct


It’s still 100x times better than Open Q ever was


Well I play in 3800 lobbies… So there’s that…

Your average gold mccree plyaer is lucky to hit half of his shots in a game.

Your average diamond cree player is lucky to hit half his head shots in a game.

Your average grand masters cree is putting out so much consistent damage, it would make a plat kid rage quit their game and sit there and scream hacker.

If Gold players hit as many shots as GM players there wouldn;t be a difference in skill.


Previously the duo q rule started at 4k:

I believe it was then brought down to 3.9 to match the change of placements cap:

The rule has never started at 3.5.

So you want to show me proof that you didn’t 6stack boost to 3.9? =]

Duo-queue only begins at 3900. You can 6-stack through masters if you choose.


Thanks for confirming this


This was implemented like season 18!or 19.

It’s known by everyone.

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