How inflated is OQ comp SR?

I don’t care about your validation enough to need to tell you yes, no, maybe so.

Besides, you not knowing for certain means that every time you try to slander me, I’ll smile inside :relieved:


You do understand the word reached is past participle right?

And that I didn’t claim to be a current Top 500, so the context is entirely different to you who claimed that you are currently Master.

Just like you know for certain?

Bit of a double standard there?


Well then in that case, sure…. Casual players exist all up and down the ladder.

Sure…. But what people choose to do with their time is none of my business.

I don’t honestly think I could come up with a reason to need to throw.

Completely fair assumption.

Also a completely fair assumption :relieved:

But it’s also a fair assumption that the people who play casually (for fun) aren’t going to be the same people spending a few hour a week aim training or reviewing VODs or working on game sense.

These players…. The kinds of dudes who come home after a long days work, take care of their families, and log on for a game or two each night to play Hanzo or Hammond and don’t really care to swap because they’re playing just to have fun….

Those are the casual players.

And some of them are quite exceptional. And others not so much. Outliers don’t define rules.

So to say the average player base is casual, is also a fair assumption.

But that’s MY assumption.


Difference is, I’ve proven my past. And if I login and do my placements right now, I’ll still qualify as a masters player :relieved:


So have I. :+1:

Walk the talk then. Until then don’t claim you are. :wave:

As fun as this has been boys…. I’m going to bed.

See you never hulk :wave:t3:

Same can and is said for you dude :relieved:


I would say that it varies. Some people I know just did placements and wound up being around the same or within a few hundred SR higher. But I’ve also seen gold players 6-stack GOATs (usually their teammates are at least diamond though) in Open Queue and get as high as Masters, while still being hardstuck gold in role queue. Low player count compared to Role queue also results in it being much easier to hit higher SRs since you’re no longer competing with top-level players the majority of the time. It’s really just a matter of grinding it out at that point.

It’s not like it matters though. I have yet to see any GM/T500 role queue players play OQ for any extended period because its a disorganized mess most of the time. It’s fine to take pride in being Diamond/Masters (or even GM) in OQ, but I think that those players need to understand that it doesn’t magically make them secretly that rank in role queue.


Sorry but I thought you were:

Why are you still here?

Funny because I can both talk the talk and walk the walk with video evidence. :+1:


Not even a little bit :joy:


Another personal attack which is also a violation of the forum code of conduct.

Are you a player who just plays whatever is popular then?

I don’t actually stream Overwatch btw. I just record and upload for my own entertainment.


Hitting 3k on OQ and getting the spray by virtue of it being a dead game mode doesnt make you a t500 player. When people say “t500 player” they typically mean someone who is at least 4200+ RQ not a dude who plays tank in OQ because it is literally free elo and despite that barely touches low diamond. Stop “flexing” that icon and pretending you are actually good at the game. It’s cringe.


I never claimed to be RQ T500.

I actually reached it with Doomfist only back in the days when I OTP’d him. It was 3.7. I’d give you a screenshot but you will probably just say it’s photoshopped or something.

My icon is open queue top 500.

And considering that I had to fight hard to get open queue back into the game yes I think I earned the icon.

I wear this icon in proud support of open queue which I consider to be vastly superior to role queue.

Supporting Dallas Fuel just because they are doing well now would also match that description as far as I’m concerned.


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I’ve had it since s1 when they were a meme team but ok.


Yeah sure I totally believe you :+1:

Proof btw:

openQ is less competitive, ez to climb with a good duo synergy, even solo. It is less competitive not because of mode itself, but because not enough ppl are playing to establish SR gap. So this Gap appears between 2 modes instead.


Correct…. This is EXACTLY what I said above. Just you worded it more succinctly.

Thank you :innocent:

If the real competitors were still playing open Queue there would be a skill disparity between ranks after 2.7/2.8.

Instead you can play 3.3 games and they feel like gold.


Sooooo…. They re-released a dead game mode that nobody plays and you managed to hit T500?

Much wow.

Very gamer.


Next we’ll be seeing people with T500 Lucio ball stats claiming to be GM players :roll_eyes:


Top 500 wasn’t “impressive” ever since they released role Q and it became top 2000 (each role and combined).

But if you got it season 17 or prior then hats off to you.


As someone who’s hit T500 every season since season 15, I’d say the best 1500 players in each region would heavily disagree with you.

But considering it’ll never be you… Guess there’s not much else to say.