How inflated is OQ comp SR?

So normally I’m a master player in regular comp, and just had master players on my team who are plat in regular comp.

Is this very common in OQ? or just a fluke match?

Honestly that’s 2 matches now, the first match put me with mostly plat after a 15 minute queue time, now this one I got put with people who matched my SR, but a much lower regular competitive rating.


Tried to tell you…. Ranks in Open Queue are desperately inflated because of the lack of player base :sweat_smile:

It’s effectively the same 100 players playing against each other over and over and there’s a few that manage to keep winning so their SR keeps increasing.

True Competitive Overwatch is really just in Role Queue.


1,000 SR difference is way too much, I’m in actual pain from it, we lost so badly because the enemy team had 2 people who were actually masters, where as my team… was inflated SR.

One of my team was 2.2k regular comp, but open queue 3.3k

Then one of the Tanks 2.6k regular comp, 3.8k OQ…


Did they perform like a 3.3 player (in any capacity)?

Well…. He achieved his dream of being a high masters/GM player :smile:


No… not even close. I actually played so bad because I had no clue what to do, they just fed all game LOL

I felt like I was just standing around and I never feel like that playing… but these 2 OQ matches made me feel just like that :sob:


I’m sorry that was your experience :frowning:

But we both know you’re a much higher performer than that.

So unluckers….

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Sorry for not trusting in you before, I just really wanted to try a proper match out with the Ppl who would be the same SR lol. Not gonna touch the mode again, no wonder those guys are all playing it… makes a lot of sense to me now.


No need to be sorry…. I’d rather be proven wrong when it comes to a game I love but an reserving negative opinions for.

Maybe the games are better during the week? You’re EU right??

Haha…. If you remove the highly competitive factor from the task of achieving rank, Open Queue Overwatch is what’s left.

They say, as the older generation retires from the work force, it opens opportunity for others to move up. It’s kind of like the same thing but with high performing players.



Most people I encounter have roughly similar Sr across open and role queue.

I’m 3 k in both

Would love to play a game or two with you though

I remember hitting masters in season 13 and being absolutely proud. And yet, I’d never hated this game more :joy:

When Role Queue came out, I was so freaking happy!! It was the game we all deserved!!

I think I’ve played Open Queue twice since it was returned to the game and I have to say, there’s a reason the real competitive players stayed in Role Queue even when Open Queue came back.

It’s legitimately a waste land of boosted trolls. 2016 called, they want their outdated game mode back :joy:


Yeah…. Open Queue was always a NOmegalul for me.

2 or 3 great games at the cost of 10 bad ones?

I bet everyone on the dev team that played Overwatch was like “dude forget this.”


If you have an alt account and want to vibe and mess around, I bet Open Queue could be great!!

Haha…. I pretty much only play it for live action aim training….

Hilariously enough, some of the bots programmed in the custom game mode have better movement :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yup this is very common in OQ, that’s why I stopped playing OQ entirely the moment RQ was released. It was just not fun having 5-6 DPS matches in pretty much every game, VERY terrible experience



I really doubt you had 5-6 damage almost every game.

Feel free to prove me wrong with 10 consecutive games replay codes


So in other words it is exactly the same as role queue?

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Nah…. Role Queue is by far more enjoyable.

I would agree that open Queue is how Overwatch is supposed to be played, but the incompetence of the community is the reason role queue is required.

Clearly more people agree or true competitors, like the gamers who commented above, wouldn’t be having these issue.


Some people prefer role queue while others like myself prefer open queue and there is nothing wrong with that as people have their own preferences

How are you agreeing with something I never said? The incompetence of the community is the also one of the main reasons why role queue games are so frustrating. And you could argue that you have even less control as an individual to solve problems when you are locked into a specific role.

LITERALLY nobody claiming that people aren’t allowed to have preferences… :woman_facepalming: