How inflated is OQ comp SR?

Atleast you have a guranteed 2/2/2 composition in Role Queue, in Open Queue you will most likely have 4+ DPS Heroes, 0-1 Healer and 0-1 Tanks, terrible experience.

Open Queue should only be available in the Top Ranks or Pro League only, since the ladder just doesn’t work in open queue.

Also you can easily see that the vast majority prefers Role Queue, by looking at the playercount/queue times.

Yeah nobody is saying that tho apparently open queue players aren’t “true competitors”?

Nothing wrong with that you just have to adapt

Hilariously I’m not implying you’ve shared anything as thoughtful as this previously.

I’m simply sharing a shared opinion myself and others have discussed previously.

You choosing read the information is not something I control. But in case others see it and want a thoughtful discussion, it is available.

I mean…. Aren’t you just a platinum player? Falls into the average ranks. Incompetence is a matter of perspective dude.

GM players call me incompetent because I’m only a masters player…. And yet relative to Silver/Gold/Platinum I can display some level of competence.

Oh no…. I wouldn’t argue this at all, and nobody would. Literally nobody.

But people’s unwillingness to work as a team forced Overwatch to take that privilege away from us.


You were last in the platinum / diamond rank according to Overbuff, which is a website that tracks SR from your most recent data.

With the diminished player base of open queue, people are in ranks they would otherwise not be in if the real competitors were still actively participating in the game mode.


So true! Exactly like in the Arcade Comp gamemodes like FFA and Lucioball, you will get a way higher rank


Does that matter tho? RQ was/is the same with grandfathered role SRs

That’s funny, because when I look on my profile in season 27, it clearly shows 3553 as my final SR.

But go off champ :slight_smile:


The current season is season 29 in case you are not aware

I trust overbuff tho

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Hulk became so stuck up with people’s ranks since Temporal told him he plays like a Low Plat Player xDD


And as people played more and more games, the system corrected for this imbalance.


So the same thing will happen in openque?

Not when there is only 20 people playing it :joy:


Hey hey hey…. He made Diamond fair and square by 6-stacking and being boosted :joy:

Give ma boy a break….


Do you have any evidence that there are only 20 people playing it?

Except I solo q’d to 3.1 and I recorded/uploaded all of it (wanna see?)

But I guess that’s how you got to master?

I wouldn’t call getting boosted in a six stack “solo q” ;]


So you want to ignore the video evidence?


I don’t know, do you?


I don’t want to ignore the video evidence. As I am someone who who prefers to look at the evidence behind things rather than trust in hearsay

This is the the reason why I’ve never played open queue and likely never will. I think role queue was necessary addition to the game but let’s not be like calculus and pretend that the match quality of role queue is so great when it is still quite trash due to poor matchmaking and other issues.