How do you feel about Overwatch currently?


What to you think about the state of Overwatch right now? I personally think that balancing is a huge issue right now and that the devs aren’t listening to the community, which is making the game decline. What are your thoughts?


The game is currently suffering from issues that stem from its core design. Not much to do about that though, except of a complete overhaul :man_shrugging:.

Oh, and the ‘us vs them’ mentality of a lot of ‘insert role’ mains here on the forums is slowly but steadily killing this game.


Balance is fine, doesn’t matter much to me since I just play casually. Lore is very slow. Content is miserable. Don’t care about OWL.

6/10 I’ll probably leave if Summer Games are back without new stuff.


as a casual player i think the game is fun to play just as it was when i joined around a year and a half ago :^)!


I feel that the game could be better. Balance is messed up at the moment, but I hope it improves. The lore is slow but I like how they are giving us short stories. I think the mentality of the community and of the devs needs to change if this game is going to do better


It’s pretty good. Can’t complain about much. Almost all matches I play feel fair. Reaper is maybe a little strong. Atleast in masters.


Game completely dead outside of US.
Irrelevant in 2018 and completely forgotten in 2019.
People are extremely insecure about current Blizzard state because Bungie leaving with Destiny.
HOTS dead
Diablo dead
WOW on the worst spot ever.
Workers from Blizzard/Activison getting fired.
OW updates takes forever and nothing changes.
Balance issues getting worse with every patch.
Brigitte (Probably the thing that killed OW and made many people including Streamers to never touch the game anymore)
Pandering exclusively to OWL (something that nobody even cares)
No more new events.
“New Things” are always the same ; Sprites,voicelines,skins (Stuff that doesn’t matter in a FPS game).
Automatic report/ban system with no intervention of real persons.

I could keep on but that’s basically only the 40% of issues with OW/Blizz right now.

Overwatch will outlive Fortnite and many other games

The balance of the game has been terrible for a long time, it’s not a new thing.

A lot of the games problems are just due to the flaws of the core design of the game.

It’s a good casual game, but OWL won’t last and will flame out like HOTS and sc2.


I’m very happy with the game itself. New maps and heroes have been great. I think balance is in a really good spot. I think the community is the biggest issue at the moment. There’s a lot of misplaced entitlement and blaming of others that could all be fixed by a little common courtesy. The core design of the game is great, but it can lead to frustration when even one person on your team isn’t behaving, which can easily breed more toxicity. Blizzard can’t really change human nature and removing in-game freedom or adding more rules isn’t going to help, so it’s pretty much on us at this point. The game would be nearly perfect if everyone was just excellent to each other.


The devs are lazy. They dont want to do anything outside of change numbers and get the community to shut up and pros recognize this. They dont want to make a new ability for reaper because they are so lazy


Prep the hearse. We’re going on our final ride.

On a serious note, it’s whatevers. People have moved on. Those who are left are the few dedicated, and they’ll figure out some way to make the game work, regardless of what the devs do – the few remaining dedicated players ALWAYS find a way regardless of the state of the game.


The game is fine (as with all things, could be better).
The forums are not okay, and I don’t mean the constant complaining.

Just had a friend text me that his post was removed before it even landed on the forum. He showed me the email from mods - no abusive words, no spamming, no trolling. I was really surprised. The reason given was “Trolling.” He didn’t mention Blizz or anything on the title.

Whenever something like this happens, and it’s often that it does, I take another break from OW. I don’t think I’ve played a game since Halloween event. They can keep treating us like this, and I’ll answer right back.


Way too many nerfs that have essentially blurred certain heros original concepts or identity


it’s where a successful multiplayer game with continued dev support always ends up after a few years, plucking along and doing its thing

i don’t understand all the doom and gloom tbh

i feel like that’s where a lot of the resentment on here comes from these days and less so from the issues in-game

launch OW was significantly worse but the general attitude was far more positive and forgiving towards Blizz


Less than 1% of the playerbase visits the forums tho


Content lacking,boring and repetitive, still toxic as ever, and nothing to look forward to in the future.

Oh and events haven’t ch aged in years, very lazy Liz

That’s Jellys opinion on it.:ok_hand:

Guess we are moving to mobile games lol

Overwatch will outlive Fortnite and many other games

Just uninstalled again. They don’t want players, they want viewers.


Trash, play no brain heroes and comps and get profit.


Been on the verge of quitting many times. I’m only still playing because friends invite me to and I don’t know how long it’s gonna last.

  • Patches: The patches get dumber and dumber, wrong changes to wrong heroes all the time.
  • New heroes: Each new hero adds more problems than it solves. The only one I have yet to hate is the hamster, which is called wrecking ball despite being a terrible choice over Hammond.
  • Reworks: Good suggestions get ignored or disapproved, like every post in this forum, including this one.
  • Communications from the heads: Stupidly full of self and dense responses such as “you think you do, but you don’t” or “sometimes I ask myself “what the hell do you guys want”” as if it’s so hard to tell.
  • Bias: Ladder and quickplay don’t matter, only OWL and pro scene do. Even though 99.9% of the playerbase isn’t pro players. Here, have a skin now. Go play with it.
    Something sees popularity in contenders or whatever other tournament goes on? Someone popular complains, nerfs happen as if pro players are neutral and free of bias. Keep up with the “game should be balanced around pro play” and eventually they’ll be the only people left in the game.
    I have seen goats played maybe once or twice since it is a thing, yet I’m getting my entire main class nerfed and my main hero nerfed AGAIN because of whatever happens in pro play. OK. Right. Fair.
  • Lack of incentives: I’ve been in most elos from gold to gm and I just can’t be bothered to grind anymore because it’s just boring. I decayed to diamond and played some comp with lower rank friends because solo grinding is boring AF, some losses ended up settling my SR to diamond and I didn’t bother to grind back. I just do the placements nowadays. Humans need incentives, reasons to do things. Rewards. Golden guns are no longer as cool.
    “But then people will only play competitive for the rewards!”
    YES! YES THEY WILL! They already do! A lot of people only want the golden guns! Being top 500 isn’t even interesting, especially when some people proved you could do a gold to gm onetricking old brigitte (see “new heroes”).
  • New content: Always the same boring stuff. The last thing that mildly caught my interest was retribution.

Not going to list more or check if I mispelled stuff as this post is just going to vanish in the sea of unseen posts on the forums. I probably already spent more time on it than it’s worth.

  • PTR needs to hit live ASAP
  • we need more reworks
  • we need to encourage grouping by any and all means possible. SoloQ is unsalvageable because the community is unsalvageable.
  • comp could use work
  • the game is a lot better than anyone gives it credit for
  • mystery DM needs to be deleted from the game. We could cram it in the daily cycle and people would still complain about it.