How do you feel about Overwatch currently?


I think the game is stable and the devs are slowly making the game better.


Since launch the game has several problems holding it back from being what it intends to be.

The huge balance changes making heroes play way different than launch makes this game feel more like it’s in beta instead of a polished product

A multiplayer system that can prevent you from playing with groups of friends because they score too high or low. Why play this with a group of friends when better multiplayer less restrictions and better policing of toxicity?

More to say but I leave this as the grand daddy of them all, and I ask this in a Lewis Black comical shouting tone: 3 FRIGGIN YEARS WHY IS “LEAVE MATCH” EVEN A FRIGGIN AVAILABLE OPTION TO DO ESPECIALLY FOR FRIGGIN COMPETITIVE???


Same as you. I feel the devs are really disconnected with their players currently.


OWL is their biggest focus currently, i wouldn’t expect much new content on 2019.


The balancing is sometimes… questionable.
There’s definitely room for improvement.

But I’m glad that they don’t (fully) listen to the community. Some ideas (even popular ones) are sometimes just bad for the hero or bad for the overall game balance.

But the lore should definitely improve. (I want those sweet comics.)


Because they couldn’t prevent Alt+F4 so its pointless to remove the button, making it needs a different UI objects in the software separately from qp or arcade.


I don’t take the game seriously anymore, but I do enjoy playing with nice people who are looking to have fun. I used to be a heavy competitive player, but now I just do placements and then play QP all season. I just don’t care about the game like I used to, but I care about the people I play with.


This is my number one complaint.

Their balance changes are so heavy handed, unnecessarily so.

The patch where hog got completely changed and mercy 2.0 came out in the same patch my interest in the game has severely waned.

Why bother investing time and improving at the game that is handled so incompetently by the developers.

Mercy 2.0 and the hog changes were so drastic and neither needed to happen. The list just goes on and on and on and it’s just laughable at this point.

Game is going to go the way of sc2 and hots.



Balance is mediocre. It’s not terrible, but the tanks, especially, are pretty bad. Rein and Dva/Zarya are obligatory. This means everyone is sick to death of tanking, since Rein isn’t a hero everyone enjoys, but any other tank is basically a throw. DPS are not in a very good spot either; it’s basically snipers and genji that are viable. Supports are pretty good, and I think that while Ana is played a ton she’s not actually better.


I really have no complaints except one. What happens if you lose connection during a comp match. Lucky enough to get back in, everything appears to be fine. Lose connection with mere seconds left to the match, even if you won, and your treated like evil incarnate.


I forgot bug fixing.

This game needs a lot of bug fixing. I get bugs happen in every game and that it’s unavoidable, that some bugs are hard to fix and that they do fix bugs, but there are just soo many bugs atm. I know bugs from over a year ago that still hasn’t been fixed but has been removed from the known-issues list or not mentioned at all.

I would love to see more bug fixing in this game.


To be honest it’s kind of dead to me, it’s fun and i’ll return here and there but i don’t play it regularly or even often anymore because as a online game it just can’t keep me hooked with things to do, one of the core issues is that they don’t know how to not over nerf anything, if a character is a bit overpowered then they usually end up making them trash tier and then get around to them a year later or never.


Still fun to play sometimes but the Balancing is still worse than ever

That not needed Spam the Hammer Buff for McCree has ruined the Game for me now

Blizzard wanted to nerf Goats whit that buff but instead they doomed some other Heroes


what lvl are you playing at? for most games for me are one sided and feels extremely unbalanced. not so much the characters, although they are, but the sr/mmr system and mm system dont seem to work well together


I don’t play nearly as often as I use to. For awhile, I just wasn’t having fun with the game anymore, but I’ve found some enjoyment when returning. However, there’s just not much to look forward to anymore. The lore has always been on a drip feed, and there isn’t much incentive to actually play.

Balancing will always be an entire discussion in itself. The flaws of the core design is coming back to haunt them. What I will say is that I’m not a fan of the idea of hard counters. That no matter what a character will always shut down whoever they counter. I love Brigitte as a character, but what she embodied was that philosophy. I don’t play Tracer, but before Brig’s nerfs, Tracer seemed impossible to play. She noticeably vanished from matches.

I know it’s harder to achieve, but I like soft counters. Knowing that there’s still a chance to play a character even if the matchup isn’t favorable. If it’s not working out, then making a switch. Instead of falling completely into a rock paper sisscors scenario where no matter what, you can’t play a character because the enemy has the counter.

I do feel that it has been getting a bit better, but only time will tell. The game has massive potential to turn things around for the better. I think it just needs to cater a lot more to the core audience rather than dedicating the amount of resources that they have into OWL.


I’m always surprised people complain about that so much. To be honest, it hasn’t made McCree any less of a poor pick. Why is it such a problem?


Improving, slowly, but improving.

I do wish the Dev. team was quicker with at least revealing content, but I understand that said content changes regularly up until its about to be released. While I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the developmental process along the way, I know full well the community would be split one every little change during the developmental process.


I’d like to add that I know what I said is wishful thinking and next to impossible. Especially as more characters are added into the game. By that very nature, characters will be on a sliding scale of viability.

I don’t expect faster iteration in terms of development. It’s a lot of work. There are tangible ways to make improvements to the experience of the game though.


I like it but I’m tired of all the nerfs/buffs people whining on forums about characters balance. I get that it’s hard to “balance” a game but by the nature of this game (Different heros with different skill-sets and usefulness) it can never be balanced. This is the first 6v6 team based game I played and it will be the last, you can not have this many characters and have 6v6 consistently fun. I’m used to 12v12 up to 32v32 shooters, most older games online components, and while this is a fun (at times) game to just hop into. I can’t stand the players and community most of the time. I remember before “competitive” was a thing except for like local tournaments etc. If you jumped into a game, most of the time people would try. They wouldn’t be able to communicate that great (didn’t have mics, in game voice, etc back then) but you could tell people actually tried to win. Then, win or lose, it was fun. Now, in OW, I can’t join a comp game that isn’t stacked stupidly against me (maybe like twice in my favor) and ever game mode out of comp people are just dicking around, trying to be friendly and crap in FFA and QP. Yeah, once in a while that can be fun or humorus but not every game. Also I still can’t stand that their is no ingame story to speak of except for a few one time events. And no regular game browser. I blame OW and other modern games for relegating the old, superior, way to join a game to be only for custom games. I hate match making. At least give us some kind of counter or indicator of how many people (that I can maybe join a game with) are trying to join any game mode. Waiting 3-6 minutes to join a game at odd hours sucks. Then when you join somebody else leaves and it re-instances. I might keep playing this game for a few more months but I’m never giving blizzard money again.


Balance isn’t even that bad. What’s bad is the competitive system. It’s a complete joke.