Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

But zen isn’t meant to just heal, he is supposed to do more at the same time, discord is strong but not op, well his whole kit is strong but not OP.

I normally just leave my harmony on a gengu or other hard to heal teammate and tell the other healer i got them so they can not stress themselves out, Gengu loves it, that ana and/or moira that would have to get crazy to heal them loves it.

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I asked this as well. I really hope there will be or it could cause a lot of frustration and create a bad first impression.

Will OWL affect the hero bans pool of the live game? Or the Live game will affect OWL bans pool? Or these things are separate and do not interfere with each other?

I think lots of people said more patchs and fast patchs because the game was not really balanced with the meta like double shield. Personaly i don’t want fast patch only for patch, i don’t really like that the game gonna change every week. I want fast patch but only for a game balanced and then, when ow is balanced, nobody wants patch

Hey Jeff, I know this is off-topic but is there anything you can say about a map-maker?
I know you’ve talked about it before and that it’s something not easy to do but it would be amazing to make custom maps for Overwatch, especially because there are a lot of gamemodes that would work better with custom maps.
Also, custom maps could be added officially to the game if the community likes them enough, like TF2 does it.
Thank you

This is literally competitive play…

Will the hero pool affect Open division and Overwatch Contenders in any way?

i thought you said “Fish” hero

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I was joking around :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of all the things you’ve talked about so far today to us, what are you the most excited for?

Hi jeff, thx for all your awesome answers and replies, i just have 1 question, Can you bring D.Va’s voiceline “Baang” back again? I really miss it :frowning:, i know some people were annoyed by it but can it come as a normal voiceline or just sometimes when firing missiles?


You also said that you wanted players to play the game how they want to. This will prevent players from playing how they want to.


Doomfish is the greatest fish hero of all time.


these are separate things that will not affect each other.


Not I

then you need to decrease the frsutration encountered in lower ranks.


I do have a question regarding the balance philosophy. You stated you are going to balance around the meta, which means nerfing the top heroes, but how does that apply to buffs? Buff heroes that are countered by the meta?

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your feedback…


reduce or remove view bobbing, it’s annoying

Please don’t make hero pools only apply to higher ranks, I’m only gold/plat between the roles but I love the freshness that this idea adds! I don’t really like the idea of going down the route of spending a lot of dev time on features that only affect <50% of the entire player base either, it should be a unified experience for everyone in my opinion.

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