Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

I wonder… will experimental card give us the ability to play as characters before their rework? Torb still has lv 3 turret in his ride em highlight intro.
Also will we get weekly brawls back too? Those looked fun


This might be a weird thing to say, but I’d like to thank everyone here for being civil and friendly in our interactions with Jeff.

I’m sure he appreciates it, and behaving properly probably makes him more likely to interact with us in the future.


Awesome question!

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Jeff can you guys make a poll at the end of each season giving players the choice for the next competitive season map pool (and maybe hero pool idk), with a limitation of one map per mode and the 2 other maps is dev’s choice?

I dont appreciate you talkin about my boy Zen like this, he is amazing, if there isnt a doomfist.


Html counts towards your message length. So wrapping something in the small tag adds all the characters for the tags towards your limit. But some tags aren’t valid, and won’t render anything special. They still count towards the limit. It’s a lot harder to filter bogus html server side than client side so I’m guessing they don’t.


Are there any control or interface improvements in the pipeline beyond profiles? More colorblind options (especially group color options), crosshair options(outline thickness), or just the ability to swap Mei’s left and right clicks without changing wall placement controls would be nice.

His healing is garbage imo

He needs 5 more orbs, but reduce the healing per second to 5

I figure team will have already considered this and it’s either technical limitations or Sony/Microsoft‘s rules, but restricting competitive to the account that owns the OW key will both reduce smurfs drastically as well as make comp bans for misbehaving players stick, as they can’t just flip to their next account and continue griefing.

Thanks so much for all your comments in this thread! I love seeing responses to the console player base, and it’s awesome that the team overcame the technical problems with putting the PTR-lite on console!

While I think hero pools are an interesting concept, I am a little confused.

What is the purpose of hero pools if the developers are swapping over to a more aggressive, meta targeted balancing philosophy? If we are getting weekly or bimonthly balance changes that are directly targeting problematic heroes, then hero pools are ultimately redundant, right?

Overall I am interested in seeing how this turns out, albeit nervous.

Now that’s interesting

how bout the next next hero :wink:


Holy moly, Jeff’s on fire today! This is exciting!


Or a hog. I find it super easy to be hooked as zen. :stuck_out_tongue: The idea of giving him more healing balls could be a neat idea to make him a bit more viable as a main healer though. (not that he should be, just could be neat)

Trans is now just Zen tossing out a ton of orbs…

I literally forgot what the OG post was

rip me derailing the thread for 15 minutes straight

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I’m happy for you guys that you managed to get that through! The console portion is very significant.
Most of my overwatch friends don’t have PTR installed - those of us who do (myself and maybe two friends?) usually just hop onto PTR to test in practice range how the changes feel. So… not much data for you guys, I’m sure.
The live access for EVERYONE should give more clear information and fun things to try!

we’ve considered having the system only apply to players above a certain rank (diamond? masters?). it’s definitely on our minds.

i’m not sure we can make a hero great than teemu selanne?


Im also interested if basic hero color and pattern color swap skins and OWL skins will change into their new OW2 looks when the game launches or they will stay the same and they will be added as new skins. And if OW1 players can earn skins based on the new looks.


I can’t help but wonder what this will do to some folks who play competitive but have any number of disabilities allowing them to more naturally play only a few heroes/one hero that they can perform on. If you ban that hero for the week then they may literally be unable to play for that time?

You would need to be exceedingly careful in allowing there to be enough options for all manner of player to play for the week and in some cases that still may not be enough. This seems like a terrible change for those who only pilot certain heroes. How will you ensure everyone will still be able to play in competitive?

To experience the drama and share my disgust for Blizzard