Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

here is my feedback


They are targetting stale metas, which prevented us from playing who we wanted to unless we didn’t want to win

And don’t bother mentioning one-tricking

Soon as Jeff said he does not agree with it, the entire forum community thrashed the idea of one-tricking

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Can we get a jeff hero alongside it?

his abilities are based on nerfing enemies and buffing allies

Bugs feedback is being completely ignored.
If this situation will continue, we well end up with health bars 3x bigger on middle screen.


Jeff here from the Overwatch Team,
Uh, you might want to not leave the payload. It’s Overtime.
(Yes please.)


dude i just want to hear him in my games.
thats all i need to pull out the credit card.
also if they would rework moira and mei :clap:

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going to go get some tea now. thanks for all of the great thoughts and thoughtful questions.

we’ll make changes as needed.

thanks again! <3


He left…

And I oop

Comp and Season changes are always Welcome. But of course, your gonna end up with certain heroes locked in the pool, very few will wanna play.
Example: Dva, Rein and Winston as Tanks.
Reaper, Pharah, Sombra as DPS. Zenn and Moria as Support.
So far…those heroes are not popular :stuck_out_tongue:
(just a guess how it will work but a possible scenario)

But just change QP back to normal. No RQ crazy stuff…(man can dream)

Can’t wait to be able to test the changes and give you a real feedback!

Right now I’m excited about the dev update you’ve made and what you annouced, and see you responding on the forums really brighten my mood so thank you !

Yes, but you can do that by changing the meta. You don’t have to PREVENT players from playing a hero in order to do that.

Personally I think the faster, the better if the goal is to make the game more fluid to stay interesting. If you wait a week, I can see it spiking player count for that first day or two, but then they die out as players figure out “that week’s meta” and settle into another repetitive cycle. But doing it faster (every one to three days) with bi-weekly or so balance patches means that the current combination of “meta heroes” is almost constantly changing to the point where we don’t even know who the best is any more, much like the “old Overwatch” that we all enjoyed. Just how I view it, at least.

I can understand not doing it per-match though as that’d just encourage leavers to dodge until they get to play their main.

What type of tea?


have a nice day!
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Sorry for questioning again. I am also wanted to ask about Language Packs for the PS4 and Xbox One. Switch version have it. I really want to play with another languages, but I am limited with the ones that stored on my CD. Thank you!

You cannot leave!

my ability shadow tag keeps you in this thread!

jokes aside have a nice day jefferino

Boba milk tea. It is his favorite.


Wow. Just as i expected.
Well, let’s say hello to future really bugged UI which will get ignored.

Thank you for your time Jeff! Looking forward to the changes.

I’m not even gonna bother arguing with you if you’re point is going to be contradicted by your own logic

Hate it or love it, it’s coming. My advice is you prepare for it :joy: