Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


yeah I want that too a man with an over the top happy personality kinda like a male version of tracer




you dare disrespect hammond


The older kid from the original trailer?


I think you and I have a heretic to burn, Cool.


Their shrieks fill me with joy.



You mean like Handsome Jack?


Please. Make this a reality. :joy::joy:


We need a male hero with long flowing locks. ( not in a pony tail ) :):slight_smile:


Lucio’s hockey outfits.


tbh I thought I was the only person who wanted Dae-hyun

just the mention of him and a hover board made me really want him as a mobile main support hero.


I’m sorry, but what?


Dae-Hyun is boring tho.


yes and it will be sanjay. GayPride


no, thanks. Gilette ad is enough. Alliance king is enough. Crackdown 3 is released, time for Terry Crews


I fully endorse this idea.


Haha that’s a good way to put that. I’m stealing that.


Surprisingly enough, he fits extremely well with people’s craves for a new male support.

Young? Check
Male? Check
Attractive? Check
Support-able? Check


I’m guessing that’s Soldier, Reaper, McCree, Lucio, Zenyatta, Hanzo, and Torb.