Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


The effeminate and cute male hero the Overwatch community desperately needs but does not deserve.

He’ll fill the glaring hole in the male roster’s personality types that consists of
’ manly, scary manly, manly manly, peppy, zenly, angstly, torbly,’ :sparkling_heart:


But we already have Mei


Give us Dae-hyun.

More characters for Jeff.


Shut your trap. Mei is a thicc goddess.


I think the next hero will be sanjay korpal, a talon tank and symmetra’s boss/whatever he is.


I don’t think any of these describe Roadhog. Why does no one ever remember the cutest male hero?


We need a Handsome Evil Omnic Man


Another Robot with no Male or Female parts with Robot Voice so you know someone is crazy when they try to personify it.


zarya’a not in the game yet? can’t wait for her reveal :sparkling_heart:


You mean Lucio



Yea I’d love for overwatch to have one. I just don’t like playing any of the males. The game needs someone like Jenos in Paladins who I love


Steve Hughes disagrees. There’s nothing more manly than taking a rugged, grease stained dwarf, soon to be widowed father of bread. Yeah, I said it. Mrs. Torbjorn is getting murdered to open up the seas for this manly af ship.


The moment we get sanjay I will either play his hard counter so hard to make any1 picking him regretting his life choices or uninstall.

He’s the most boring, useless and idolatrized for no freaking reason character ever. I’d rather get one of the females ghost busters over him.


Dude, who hurt you??


how do you know he is boring?


So when Overwatch Devs are watching pro, and thinking of how to destroy low ranks with balance rework.
You want a “cute male hero”. OOF?


completely ignoring the perfect femboy that is roadhog



I was going to make a very dirty joke but I don’t want to risk another suspension.


Sorry, I don’t want an effeminate male hero. It was bad enough in my late teens/early twenties when someone found out I was gay and went “You got no lisp or hand movements though!”.

Also there isn’t a breath of overly manly macho scary men like you think. Reinhardt, Doomfist and Roadhog would probably be the most ‘macho’ of the group. The rest are very athletically fit.

I just want a male ‘main healer’ hero though. I’ll take it if he happens to be effeminate sadly.


Casino from MEKA looks like an effeminate man that would spice the roster up alot.

He looks like the type that would flirt with everyone apart from D.va she finds it odd because they are friends but especially with D.mon cause she gives it back just as good and Overlord because he finds it funny when he blushes :smiley: