Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


who is dae-hyun? never heard of em :*


Brigitte was boring until they slapped armor on her and gave her a rocket flail

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, designs and character can improve a lot


wait, which one of those is Junkrat?


Because they added a mecha rolling ball hamster and space gorilla over all of the minorities who havent been represented, including black females.


How the moon got more representation than I do? :joy:


Wait so Overlord? Because I’m totally down for Overlord. He doesn’t look… effeminate though? More just a “cute” young guy.


Or just Handsome Jack, that’d work too. He’s my second favourite villain, second to Reaver from the Fable series.


Almost certain it’s gonna be Junker Queen.


You’re asking for a personality type, so yes it is, you’re not talking about ability ideas or anything that would impact the game in a meaningful way.

Then create ideas for the whole character, instead of asking for personality traits that don’t affect gameplay. This is a side thing, not the main reason to create a hero.




Junker Queen. They’ve been teasing her long enough. About the same as Doomfist now.


Probably because it’s expected that Blizzard will handle that part of the job well enough that it’s inherently understood as part of the request. You don’t need to specify an entire kit to request representation.

You might as well complain that people don’t ever specify in actual hero concept threads that the heroes should have collision detection enabled and not fall through the floor, and thus obviously they don’t care about proper coding.


Expecting is one thing, now asking/demanding it is a bit much. If they feel like doing it, let them do it, if not, what’s the problem?

This is just my opinion, but I really don’t care about these things, don’t mind if they come, but I’m not going to ask for it to be done, nor do I think people should ask/demand it. Talk about possibilities? Sure go on, so long as you come with the whole character and not just a shallow personality trait that doesn’t affect gameplay.




Alright, stop throwing things out of context. I don’t care about character personalities, BUT I also don’t think it’s right for people to ask/demand such things for whatever reason.


how about we dont enforce gender sterotypes, it triggers me. When will we get a non-binary gender-fluid asexual demi hero that i can identify with.


It’s not out of context. It’s the same argument I see all the time and it’s bogus:

“I really don’t care about representation, but I have strong enough feelings that I think it’s wrong when minorities ask for representation, a thing I also admit doesn’t matter at all to the game and thus am tacitly admitting is harmless when included.”

If it honestly doesn’t matter to the game, and you honestly don’t care, you wouldn’t be in this thread or any other making the argument. But you’re going to reply to this post arguing back. I bet 100 SR on it.


The go find a place to claim it.

Seriously now? It’s a videogame, something made to be fun, not to throw politics or what have you into it, that’s my problem with this whole thing, not the fact that people are being represented, but people asking/demanding that it happens and that being a priority over ability design.

If like you said Blizzard handled these sorts of things so well so far, why not let them do their thing? Instead of asking or demanding?

But whatever, say/do what you want.

And have fun in the Capoeira class.


Ooh yes please! <3 though I do have to say for clarity sake after reading these comments; effeminate and flamboyant and two very different things, so lets just hope no one gets it twisted.


A black woman isn’t a political statement, nor is she infringing on fun. Look at Apex.

And honestly I don’t get why people are afraid of politics in a game littered with social politics, political intrigue, militarism, and terrorism by design. We’re not playing Pong here. The very name of the game references a defunct military organization. I mean.

Absolutely 0 people are saying that Blizzard should sacrifice gameplay for representation, which in turn contradicts your own argument that it’s meaningless.

It also doesn’t make sense unless you think we shouldn’t get any more heroes until the current cast is pitch perfect, since the design department works parallel to the programming department. If Ashe had her black concept design, the game would literally be the same as it is now, except black folks would be a twinge happier, and I don’t see why that’s an awful outcome.

They haven’t put in a black woman as a playable character yet, so one can- as many have- argue they’ve dropped the ball extremely hard on that. They make entertaining characters with interesting kits regardless though, which is why no one is obligated to state they perform that overt part of their job when requesting representation.