Hero 30 will be an effeminate male character 💖


Looked up this guy and saw he’s pro-Gamergate.


Politics and civil issues are simply wars without sustained gunfire involved. Funnily enough, conservatives actually know this. That’s how despite consistent polling against their positions they can still gain inordinate amounts of power, because they do whatever it takes to win.


I wouldn’t mind a more “cute” and "vulnerable hero but I don’t see what does this have to do with males? Are they’re really any women that aren’t the definition of “manly” (confident, courageous, and strong)? Hammond, Tracer, Mei, and Lucio are really the only cute characters in OW and those genders seem equal to me. You can still be a sexy woman and have some traits of the “manly” characteristic. Even Mercy looks courageous and confident in a “manly” way.


Yes another snowflake character for snowflakewatch



What’s wrong with males being a bit feminine and vulnerable? Good personality variation is great for character driven games. Let’s not make this about politics.


I don’t care about tran people at all (I don’t even if it’s real). I only talked about trap, because I watch anime
That’s a joke.


I really don’t understand why having a character like Mirage from apex legends is so uncommon in games? lol
pretty boys haha. Blizz is all for all kinds of girls in this game but they literally do not push the envelope for guys unless they’re a literal hamster or dwarf


I don’t refuse to discuss with folks merely for having a difference in opinion. I don’t feel like legitimizing idiocy or bigotry. Just like I won’t debate David Duke that I’m a human being who deserves rights too, I’m not debating a Gamergater. I’ll debate people about Coke vs. Pepsi though, or the fact that Lucio is amazing.


Lucio isn’t pretty ? That’s really mean of you.


He’s our god-dang brainchild…it’s…it’s BEAUTIFUL! Is blinded by its awesomeness.

~ PyroPanda


And here I thought we were missing an educated, good looking straight man.


Meka needs to bee the next hero


I don’t understand. We already have Roadhog and Junkrat.

Also I love the Torbly thing


…glad to see you’re not only an expert on this non-subject of “gamers’ views” . At least you’re honest in your disdain for gamers and gaming in general.


Are you saying all the males we have are uneducated and not good looking? You are wrong if you think so.


I like gaming, but I dislike gamer culture. Y’all just need to grow up a little.


and an african american female


There isn’t a male character that I can relate to. Soldier is gay, but he’s nothing like me. I’m probably a combination of Zenyatta, Reaper, Winston, Hammond, and Junkrat, in terms of personality and views. I guess I’ll throw Symmetra and Moira in there too, because why not?


Why an African American female? There is no African American male either. Doomfist is not American. There are plenty of unrepresented ethnicities or nationalities that aren’t in Overwatch. There are many characters, male and female, that don’t have a male or female counterpart with their ethnicity or nationality. I don’t see why an African American female should take priority over the others that aren’t represented.


I think they’re confusing black with exclusively African American.


Can we get a character that’s just kind of a douche? Like, he’s not evil but he’s not lovable in the slightest. And not the uppity kind, I mean someone who’s just an all round ***hole.