Hero 27 Hint On Twitter!

its happening!! Check the PlayOverwatch Twitter!


to those curious here is the tweet.

SUBJECT: after action report, operation zx24al, “White DOME”

Strike team under the command of myself, CAPTAIN ANA AMARI, was deployed to the outskirts of instanbul, turkey to deal with the remaining pocket of omnic resistance. Personnel included lieutenant Reinhardt Wilhelm, Chief engineer Torbjorn Lindholm, and Private first class Emre Sarioglu. After routine insertion, the team was ambushed, taking heavy fire from the entrenched omnics. While the team was able to overcome and neutralize all hostile combatents without casualties, the battle resulted in serious injuries to Lindholm and less injury to Lt. Wilhelm. had it not been for LT. Wilhelms timely intervention, it is likely that Lindolm would have been killed. Due to the conspicuous bravery on the part of lt. Wilhelm, I am suggestion a commendation for his actions.


Gasp. Hero teaser video next Tuesday or less I bet


The real MVP :heart:

The inability to link is annoying.


Also it sounds like we might have a clue to the next uprising style mission.

I bet they’re gonna do 2 new missions: one overwatch side and one Talon


I’m thinking uprising part 2 maybe?

Looking at it, Rein (Tank) Torb (DPS) Ana (Healer) sooo what could Emre be?


Yeah this is what I took away from the post. VERY much sounds like the next uprising event will be this mission. (Also is it possible this is the mission that caused Torb to lose his hand?)


Sounds like an uprising update though

I am so excited! Can’t wait!

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Emre Sarioglu hmmm… So no one whose name we know. Which means we did not now him/her by name, but by looks?

Unless it’s an alias.

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OH OH! Good Observation! I forgot about that…

This is likely Uprising 2 hints, not a new hero.

Remember how we were supposed to have already met hero 27?

No one knows this Emre

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Yeah but the random new name though, maybe it could be a double announcement? Like, set the back bone for the event whilst announcing the Hero.

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This was right after:

So It’s possible it’s a hint.


He could be lurking in a comic… We met Moira in Masquerade but we didn’t actually know it was her until BlizzCon


Would be a misuse of the “you know this hero” hype I think

I got an Uprising vibe too, but it is a bit early for it to just be a ref to only that. Would be great if it was a new Uprising event, had been thinking it would be fun if Uprising was just rebranded as a Talon take on the mission and so a Talon based default 4, though then we’d need a Talon tank or perhaps it’d just be: offense is the best defense.

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The name does appear to have a Turkish origin as well if google didn’t fail me.


There are also in-game posters and pictures. The dinner place in Route 66 has some interesting faces too, there’s one that has very unique features.

That’s not Liao

I’m upset