Healers do too much damage


Also ana can deal like 70 damage its why she can three tap phraha.


But if she’s doing damage instead of healing, that’s your team’s opportunity to kill people. It’s quite the big trade off and for the most part not worth it, unless the DPS players are useless.


Yeah I know that I was just telling the other poster how brings damage is one of the lowest in support category. Which is why I said ana can three tap phraha. Trust me I’ve seen ana on my team with me playing the other support watch as are dps fail to kill phraha. I’ve seen ana with good dps player take out phraha. But :neutral_face: I’ve also seen anas. Take out phraha with bad dps teammates.


Doesn’t Mercy actually have the highest DPS of all healers?


Second highest at 100-200dps.

Zen: 115-230dps not including discord.
Mercy: 100-200dps
Lucio: 64-124dps
Ana: ~84dps
Brigetta: ~58dps
Moira: 50dps

In total damage in game she has the lowest because the vast majority of the time playing mercy, you do not need to use her gun. Unlike Moira/brigetta who need to dps to heal, unlike Lucio/zen/Ana who can shoot damage whenever, but like Lucio with high mobility to rely on.

But yeah, healers doing too much damage? Hilarious.


If the enemy’s healers aren’t scrambling to keep their team alive, you found your real problem.


Moira is capable of high damage in a fairly short timespan. When matched with the easiness of applying said damage and the difficulty to escape it for many heroes, she is overall a strong DPS.

That you mention Moira’s beam alone, while it is a combo of her beam and orb that gives her high damage, shows that you are biased.


DPS also do too much damage.

One of the reason goats is running tanks, is so they don’t get one shot.


Sniperwatch, the first meta caused by Brigitte, gave birth to GOATS.

But the only reason Sniperwatch arose, was because nothing else could touch squishies. Since flankers could no longer touch the backline, the healers were safe and could heal with impunity.
Only an insta-kill is not healable.

To avoid insta-kills, tanks became popular, and thus GOATS was born.


I think it’s more that supports can too easily deal damage, even if it’s not a lot:

  • Brig’s damage is unavoidable if she’s within range.
  • Moira barely has to aim.
  • Lucio, Zen and Mercy all have projectiles, which are either really large or can be spammed like it’s nothing.
  • Only Ana is on par with most DPS regarding the difficulty to deal damage.

And currently with all the survivability means being thrown around, the reliability of dealing damage has become more important than the amount of damage.

This also applies to tanks to a lesser degree.


i think the supports dont deal too much damage,
but they enable the tanks to deal more damage than is healthy.
zens discord orb is a 30% damage boost for his whole team.
so even if his own DPS was low, the discord orb would still enable tons of damage. this gets worse the more coordinated his team is.

for lucio its similar. his own dps is low, but his speed boost allows tanks to rush into melee distance to dish out their own damage.

so as far as supports go, their damage isnt high, but they facilitate a lot of damage through their utility. which can be balanced.

the problem, in my eyes, comes from some tanks having too much damage.
yes, i understand that they must be a threat in close range. thats alright.
but you can do it wrong. look at roadhog, he is a threat but he can be outplayed.
imagine being discorded, and roadhog having speedboost. he is a huge threat, but there are ways to win or at least survive that.
rein or charged zarya? thats a lot different. his hammer WILL hit you. her thick beam and bombs WILL hit you. hard.

without discord and speedboost, theyre not a problem either.
so its really about that synergy, that combination of several specific heroes.
who are all alright on their own. but combine them, and you get something terrible. thats not easy to solve!


Mercy actually has the second highest dps potential of all supports, only being beat by Zenyatta. Mercy has low damage in game because she doesn’t have many opportunities to use her pistol. All supports have low damage compared to dps, the same goes for tanks.


Lucio and mercy dmag per bullet: 20
Dps damage per bullet: 120 170 oneshots…

Am i losong something


Or shows I know how to compare Moira’s low dps numbers to every other character’s dps numbers, and determine which is higher. No matter what method you use to determine her dps, it remains one of the lowest in the game.


The same goes for tank. Pause tanks do little damage compared to dps. All right so this statement you made isn’t a true statement. Rein, Zarya,and d VA can output as much damage as dps or surpasses them. I don’t know about orias or Hammond damage output. But you get point.


I think everyone does too much damage, and we also have too much healing.

I’d be happy for damage to drop by 25%, and healing by around 35%

Too many oneshots mean all tank play almost required. Too much healing means that it is viable to do so.

For everyone else, healing doesn’t matter. You can’t heal through a oneshot or really high burst.


Moira high damage. Is this joke and before you mention I’m not biased more main. Moira average damage of 6000 is nothing compared to dps and tanks. Hell Winston averages a lot more damage than moria.


Technically that doesn’t matter because damage means nothing if it’s not over time. A lot of dps single bullet damage is low, but their dps is high due to fire rate. While there are dps with high damage per shot, they have low fire rate. So you compare damage per second not damage per bullet.

A dps like Tracer has bullets with 6 damage at preferred ranger with headshot (12), but she shoots 2 bullets 20 times a second. Therefore her potential dps is 240-480 dps. This number is lowered by spread and range.

Compared to a Lucio or mercy who have 64-124dps and 100-200dps respectively.



Hold on a second why is their ten percent difference between damage and healing reduction. That seems strange🤔. Also this seems like straight nerf to certain heros.