Healers do too much damage


Because with less one shots, the supports are still more useful.

I’d go for this 100% as a support main.

Overall, it may even be a buff to support. You may need a higher difference.


I have one shot a team as Lucio, they weren’t very bright, but darn it, I did it.


environment kill are the best kills, am I right?


Oh god, sitting outside the bottom door on Dorado and seeing the whole team move slowly out behind Rein’s shield, to ostensibly “sneak around” to the cart I could literally hear ‘Ode to Joy’ in my head.


Then why dont we have 6 healer meta xd


Oh no, I was agreeing with you that healers’ damage isn’t a problem. But just that too many people compare damage per bullet rather than dps which gives the full picture.


lets not make the healer an even more annoying job


to add even more, DPS and damage per bullet/unit have to be combined.
you can have two heroes with the same DPS, but the one with the higher damage per bullet (read: burst damage) will usually be better, at least in the current game.

that is because there are no mechanics in the game that punish high damage per bullet, but a lot of mechanics that punish low damage per bullet.


Things need to do damage to be picked.
The problem is DPS lacks the utility to counter \ dodge damage effectively.

Which is why DPS heros like Tracer \ Genji are popular.
They have the mobility to dodge \ counter damage while still being able to dish out.


A lot of Blame the Controller viewers are reposting here currently. Good work guys.


Fire purple orb, hold right click… dead dps… under 2 seconds. Dont act like moira isnt easy and only has one way to damage. lol 50 DAMAGE PER SECOND… on an ability that is so easy to aim it might as well be lock on.

So a lock on that deals half a dps heros hp in 2 seconds… and she has the dmg orb and heals herself.

Yup too much damage.


Ah ok i misunderstood sorry ^^ my bad


Guess what would prevent healers from having to do damage? Stupid DPS protecting them rather than running clean across the map spamming “I need healing” and then yelling at them for not healing you.


Brigitte with 35 dps (damage per swing)


This post bamboozles my brain.


Some damages and tanks are bad at their jobs and a support takes gold damage which is a sign of bad teammates. I have seen Gold Damage Lucio, Ana, Moira (debatable though if pure dps or was purely healing), Zenyatta, and Brigitte before.

The only one I never seen gold damage with is Mercy.


But healers shouldn’t be able to defend themselves as well as they can. They should be a bit more vulnerable. I think Ana is the best example of that. No mobility, no auto heal, no orbs, etc. She’s pretty much a sitting duck if she’s away from her team or she’s able to pull off a miraculous sleep. Contrast this with Lucio…guys all over the place. Fun as heck to play but between the auto heals, wallriding, boops, etc. he’s a bit much.


Brig does more because of her “fire rate”. She sits at 58DPS I believe.


This annoys me. People think Mercy has low damage potential because she hits 20 per shot. But she shoots 5 per second. So with headshots, she has 200 damage per second, which is very high.


If u would nerf the weak damage of Tanks they would be a Free Kill for DPS
If u would nerf the weak damage of Support they would be a Free Kill for DPS

It looks like OP is just a DPS Main who is mad that Tanks / Supports arent Easy Kills for him and i really think his Main Hero is " Mada Mada "