Healers do too much damage


Yeah because she is literally the support that does less damage lol thus she is balanced in that regard.


Supports and healers are the same thing


Did you accidently reply to me?


No they aren’t. Healing is a form of support.

edit: inb4 “but all the supports give healing though” Yep, they do. A slight bit at least to provide that form of support; though there is a distinction to be drawn between them and main healers, they are supports; their job isn’t healing.


Its worthless doing posts like that because people will see no reason when you talk about that in the forums. Mobas can easily have supports that dont heal you every freaking second with massive numbers and still have balanced team fights.


The real problem is: why we have too much over damage in the game? Maybe for fight the goats but I think it’s the over healing then make us a ‘superheroes’ in the meta, not the heroes.

Let me explain why:


I know you’re joking, but you’re also straight up lying. I’ve seen a few teams 1 shot by Lucio, I’ve done it myself. Not that it’s overpowered or anything, just funny that he is capable.


It really doesn’t matter support, healers. People use the terms interchangeably. It’s why people would sym not a support or they would say she not healer.


You mean players right? theres no possible way a lucio could 1 shot a team sure if its a low dps or healer he can easily kill them but that goes for every hero ;-;


You mean his boop. They’re referencing his bullets.


Sure it doesn’t. I just try not to go by the assumption that people don’t understand the difference


I mean, if you’re counting the times when he boops half the enemy team off a cliff, then yeah. But OP is saying that Lucio, with his slow sound Fruit Loops, does TOO MUCH DAMAGE. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.


Healers? Nah.

Tanks, on the other hand… half of the tank roster can replace a dps on the team. That’s a problem.


I don’t think they do to much damage when compared to DPS or tanks. I believe that they do to much damage for what their role is suppose to be. They are healers not DPS that can heal a bit.


Well lests just say tanks do way to much damage even when compared to DPS.

After all this is only my opinion that winston and mercy are the only balanced healer/tank in the game all the rest need modifications to the kit.


Or at the fact that Zen is supposed to have high DPS, so long as you hit your shots (since his main heal is single target and not so strong), or that Lúcio has slow moving projectiles, or that the trade off for Ana is quite literally not healing her team (the same applies to Mercy, even more so I’d say).

Though all of them can be overcome with practice, that’s kinda the point ain’t it? Not to mention supports have to survive on their own pretty much. DPS and Tanks can rely on supports to survive, but the opposite ain’t 100% true.


In GM, the five healers who aren’t DPS hybrids are the five lowest damaging heroes in the game. And Zenyatta ain’t far up the list.

Healer damage is fine. Tank damage is not fine.


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How all the main healers do amazing healing with little to no damage. Off healers brig doesn’t do good damage in anyway with decent armor and healing ability. Lucio damage isn’t terrible but it’s not amazing either. He provides good healing almost at main healer level. And finally Zen the only support that deals good damage but dose a at least 7000 healing a game. Heals on average do 8000 healing or better. Average damage is at 7000 which is low


If you’re dying to Lucio, Ana, Moira, or Mercy you’re doing something very wrong.

The only two healers that you should be dying to are Zen (who is disgustingly easy to kill) and Brigitte who is a very short range hero.


How are you dying to the brig her shield bash combo is ineffective? At least lucio has environmental kill ability plus his damage better than brings.