Have you gotten in?

I couldn’t get in at any time last night. Got in at 5am EST. Logged out, can’t get in at 8:30am.

I totally cannot be arsed. 5 mins play time Vs 10 hour wait time, server errors and failed connections. How the hell do you get a release so wrong? Was looking forward to it so much, now, Meh. Will leave the game alone now until they can be arsed to sort it out. Thanks for the snazzy wait screen though blizzard. :+1: real peachy. :peach:


It’s not even a nice wait screen. Had a lot of time to study UI/UX design during these queues and it’s overly-minimalist. It’s featureless and boring like some .ppt backdrop. Same goes for much of the interface. The new accounts are faced with a plain jane backdrop and a bunch of empty hero select boxes they’re locked out from. it’s like a bunch of dead pixels with some of them available to select. Indie studios put in more work than this.

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I really hope this doesn’t have long-term negative effects on the game’s popularity. Overwatch getting a strong marketing push for the first time in years, unknown number of brand new players coming to try the game, and very few people actually get to play. New player retention probably got flushed down the tubes.

Better launch next time I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Got a whooping 4 minutes of gameplay in the last 18 hours.
Game seems great, outside of the 17 hours and 56 minutes wasted on queues and unexpected errors.
Updated visuals and lighting system are especially worth praising; new characters are incredible from all perspectives.

10 out of 10, from what I’ve seen so far.

now its been 18 hours since launch that the game has been unplayable for 90% of the player base. hopefully after the devs get their sleep and rest in they can fix it soon

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I’ll just go ahead and be that person who doesn’t read an entire weeks worth of forum and just post my problem. I think I saw a couple of people who have this but I’m basically launching overwatch, it queues me, finds the right server without issue, then puts me in the queue for the server itself, I wait, after a few minutes (I haven’t clocked each attempt) the entire screen just freezes and nothing happens. Task manager says it’s running, but nothing is happening on the screen at all. I tried updating all my drivers, repairing the install files, neither of those work. I also am having to delete this “Crashmailer64x.exe” thing that keeps eating up my cpu every time I start up overwatch. I dunno why it keeps reinstalling itself every time I delete it but from what I looked up, it’s totally unnecessary and/or even malware. Don’t know how true that is but at the very least I know it’s not hleping anything.

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Do we have an ETA on when the servers are going to be up? I launch the game get a queue, wait through the queue, it goes to searching for server, and restarts me with a new queue.


no ETA as of this moment (19 hours in)


im not 100 but i think it send blizzard crash details but im just a monkey that walks up right what do i know :slight_smile:

right ?! lol worst response team, I put a ticket in for something about HoTs yesterday and still havent heard anything

16H later still no fix.

Damn… Still not fixed? Crazy. Hope you guys are able to sort it out soon.

BTW - 20k Queue in NA + 20k Queue in Asia. Just tried EU and got right in again.

Day 2 and still unable to log in. Make it to connecting to server, then back to 20 or 40000 ahead of me in que. I prepaid on xbox for this crap. I want my money back!!

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First mistake was paying for anything that has a battlepass, good luck on that refund though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I figured after a nights sleep this issue would have been resolved or improved but boy was I wrong.


I happened to wake up at 1am PST time so tried to get on and there were no issues. I even logged out and back in multiple times… I played for a couple of hours.

I’m no longer 100% convinced these are DDoS attacks. If they are, it was nice of them to take a break and let some of us play during off peak times.

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Stop putting us in an artificial queue and FIX your servers!

LOL, can’t get in on XBox unless I insert my OW1 disk, otherwise I get an error that I am using a trial version. And I do not get the option to “purchase” OW2 in the store, because apparently I already “own” the trial version.

And even when I DO get in, I get put into a 40 person queue, and when that ends, it becomes a 20,000 person queue.

Game is kind of borked ATM.

2022, still cant handle a “ddos attack.” im inclined to think they trimmed their budget in the server/security region… because a multibillion dollar company shouldnt be having these issues. theyre not an indie developer.

btw, streamers are for sure getting pushed through the que.