Have you gotten in?

I did pretty much the same. Bought the Watchpoint pack for PC and Console before they announced they were going to allowing merging to happen. Already $80’s in and haven’t played a single match. It will be forgotten about once it’s all fixed though, just frustrating right now. Still excited to play as this is an amazing game!

Nah, I still can’t get in.

Cricket is technically not a real phone provider I guess.

Waiting for an update on this oversight of an issue that is SMS, that doesn’t involve me using someone else’s phone, or changing my phone number and forking out money for a whole contract for a new provider.

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What about merging accounts? I can’t access my PS4 account as I sold the console, however it is linked in my BattleNet and my Xbox account is also linked and merged. But I didn’t receive my PS4 items.

Have you managed to get logged in on your console?

Your right like why would blizzard do that because that would kill their game if they don’t let us in, Blizzard gets close to nothing if the streamers goes in and the mass amount of people can’t enter will definitely destroy the game so I’m 100% sure that streamers are in the green.

If anything if they don’t fix this in 2-3 days, hell tomorrow… then the game is already possibly going to be dead again.

u also cant do that with the merged accounts issue i can play both on pc and xbox and its the merged account dissconects from server as you log in. i make a fresh account that is not merged i can play from scratch.

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I guess it’s just a case of waiting for Blizzard to fix the issue with merging. I’m sure they’re fully aware and are on the case. Hope they can do it sooner rather than later <3


I haven’t at all yet. Only errors or queues that then error.

On PC I get Unexpected Server Error and on PS5 I get LS-208 error code. The fact other people who didn’t merg don’t have an issue are playing could mean that it’s because I merged is why I can’t play.


Can the bliz team confirm that merged accts are broken? It seems to be the common factor among people posting here. I merged before overwatch 2, and i still cant long into play on ps4

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Spent most of yesterday waiting in queues, finally got in. Played a couple, lost them due to others getting kicked on my team then got kicked from the server myself. Good times

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Yeah, I see you only care about people with cell phones. I find that quite rude and disrespectful.

got in after 4 hours yesterday and managed 5 matches or so of comp placements. ah yep same trolls and server issues and some hella sus aim/hitbox/regs - but at least the client was seemingly running better FPS than ow2 beta.

now the wait begins for today’s session

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Yeah the whole cell phone thing is a lie. They can just buy phone numbers for 17cents then keep doing it over and over. Have fun with all the cheaters that can get in but if you are legit, they don’t want ya.

Well that’s a full day wasted trying to log in to Overwatch 2.

Should’ve known better than to take day off work expecting Blizzard to have their s#!t together when it comes to game launches by now.

Expected some launch day issues but not 16 hours of not being able to login!

Sixteen hours. Seriously. What the hell.


Siting in que to get it to finally reach 0, says entering game, then jumps to 2000 in queue.
I hope they are aware of this issue.

Yo, I can vouch: I’m not one of the players with an account merged, because I only played on Battle.net from PC. I still am unable to connect to the server or I get into the queue and then “An unexpected server error”.
So at least from my side, I can tell you it’s not just a thing about merged accounts.


Played for a few hours but got kicked and cant get back in after an hour of trying

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was Playing with my friend right after I used kiriko ult got kicked and couldn’t get back since
after 6 queue I getting server error and it log me out now I’m on my 7 queue