Has Jeff given up on mercy?

Hahahahahaha hehehhe hohoho. The only true part of that statement was that Blizzard didn’t like it. For goodness’ sake dude. Read the Mercy mega THREADS. Most people thought 2.0 was spawn of the devil and wanted mass rez back and were horrified something so insane got through the PTR.

While there were and remain many who did not like it, it was not an “overwhelming majority” that’s just funny. Troll harder dude.

Agreed. 2.0 is bland. She needs an overhaul.

So you ramble off reasons as to why the other healers were UP
Okay so Mercy’s kit outhined them and I was wrong in that statement, but does that make it a Mercy problem? There’s a reason the pro’s ran Lucio Zen and that was the dominant pick in the top 1%

The only fun mercy players still get to have is movement. Inb4 they cut down her guardian angel movement as well because we can’t have nice things.

Ressing is not fun, it’s braindead and only in very rare cases where you get off a risky ress jack dab in middle of the fight due to your own awareness is fun and rewarding. Otherwise it’s an ability that crucifies mercy for mediocrity, being superior to quite many other support utilities.

Guardian angeling around with bunny hop is fun. They nerfed this ability by 17% since you need to spend so much more time healing teammates and thus, slowed down. Your teammates won’t spread out enough for it to be useful anyway because they are not healed fast enough to start moving around.

Triaging is fun. It’s not fun to triage when one hanzo on enemy team makes triaging pointless with your pathetic, supposedly main healer heals when other main healers can muster 30+ hps more than you do. Healing high amounts is more important during damage intake than it is during low damage intake or between fights and Mercy got cut off from that category of average healing.

Damage boosting at the right moments to get crucial picks is fun. Not anymore because you gotta have your mouse glued to M1 button since otherwise your team just dies. You can’t even afford to damage boost anymore.

Valkyrie is as we know, spectator mode which has become even worse in actually keeping your team up.

Ressing is still unreliable ability that is prone to get the mercy player killed still, but it is apparently warranted to be on ability button instead of ultimate to leech Mercy’s core kit of it’s power so the hero becomes a M1 and Ressbot since you can’t afford to do any other things anymore.

Mercy does not do enough to warrant main healer spot anymore, yet she cannot compete with lucio and zen for offhealer spot. She’s already dropped hard in GM, she will only continue dropping once people figure out that if you actually peel for your Ana, their kit is insanely strong still if they can hit their shots.

The rest of us soloqueuers who don’t find it within themselves to play Ana at GM level as our aim is not impeccable enough for all the squishy mobile dps players in QP but like to flex as the main healer, we’re just unfortunately screwed. But it’s not like Ana is a good solohealer anyway, mercy used to be. Now you can piss on 2 tanks as much as you want and Hanzo uses one cooldown and you’re spending rest of the match pressing down mouse 1. Mercy was supposed to have other jobs like damage boosting but hey… I guess devs are fine the way mercy has been gutted, so long as resurrection remains.

I would gladly trade my 10hps for ress btw. Ress is just not worth it, keeping teammates up is. And yet it’s such an iconic ability of mercy that it would be sad to see it go. Therefore it should become her ultimate again.

Oh and btw, you guys can prepare yourselves for a Pharah buff. Because pharmercy got nerfed and they will want Pharah to become strong again, in the face of the hitscan dps buffs.

The dps powercreep continues on and strong as healers continue to lag behind with token buffs.


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Not neglecting anything mate. Mercy has always been the to-go choice for a support for now 11 seasons. The only time and place she wasn’t was in dive meta which was only executed properly at the highest competitive tiers for a very small percent of the player base. You can close your eyes and ears but unfortunately statistics and numbers don’t lie and provide a clear picture, not touchy feelings or abstract things that are not measurable like “fun”. Fun is subjective. Mercy has always been the best solo single target healer with the most amount of utility/consistence and the least amount of skill required. That’s an objective fact and you know it.

“Can’t defend my own points so uhm go read this other dude.” :grinning:

The small #Revert Mercy cult and echo chamber is not a representative of the OW community, not by a long shot. Not even close. You can attempt character assassination and personal attacks but numbers don’t lie. :grinning:

Yes, when one character is clearly better than everyone else, it is her problem. It’s easier to tune down one character than it is to bring up everyone else. More variables change and more things can break. This is a logical thought process.

Yes… but at the same time Res was turned into a skill that didn’t require earning, you can do 4 instant tempo res, res average was triple or quadrupled and Mercy shot up by 5% picked rate and since then it has been a desperate attempt to try and fix thier own mistakes without doing a revert.

It’s on long cooldown, it has counter play and it requires proper cost-risk analysis to do successfully. What the hell is “4 instant tempo res”? You can only rez one person.

The current support changes are in the right direction. Maybe Mercy will need another nerf if she is still over-tuned, maybe not. My indication is that she is fine now.

yeah they replied and said she is fine, and now we are here with another nerf, so what’s the point of bringing that up now?

Just because you don’t understand that arguement doesn’t mean other people who play her don’t understand it.

You need to have mained her for 2 years to understand how boring she is right now. Right now, she truly is boring and low skill, that’s what 50 hps done to her. If anyone says she is “more skillful” now, they obviously haven’t played her for longer than 10min.

Res is, Idk idc for res, but the healing nerf has made her very unfun.

That’s in regard to reverting her back to mass rez.

Mass rez was never op, otherwise she would have been played more on higher tiers and in pro matches.
Just because you didn’t like it, doesn’t make it OP

Oh? Then please enlighten me why the flying f*** was dva reworked so much? Especially right before getting her rockets, she wasn’t unbalanced then. Or how about hog and his hook? Symmetra’s gun? Mercy’s mass res (LOL). Hanzo’s scatter. Brig’s stun cd nerf.

I feel like I am forgetting something, man there have been so much balance changes for the sake of balance I just, Idk man.

uhm I think you might wanted to reply to someone else…

Probably, ill check.

I’m not saying mass rez itself was OP, I’m saying that Mercy was OP all-together in relation to other supports at the time. That’s a friggin big difference. Ana is more effective then Mercy when you have perfect mechanical skill. That’s not the case for the large amount of the OW population. Dive was only applicable in high tiers of competitive and pro play. This doesn’t apply for a large percentage of the OW population where Mercy was still a main pick.

Maybe because she was really strong? Blizzard literally showed a graph with her having a really high winrate and the highest pickrate in literally every tier of competitive play.

Hog original hook combo was broken.

Symmetra’s gun? What about it? They couldn’t make any real changes to her without removing the tracking part of it. Mercy’s mass rez was broken and unhealthy hence its removal. Same with Scatter hour - it wasn’t working as intended. You could literally one-shot a tank with it. Brig only required one second nerf, her second stun nerf was to cater to all the Brig’s haters.

Literally all those changes were well thought out and implemented, don’t see where the issue is.

Mercy was always boring,the hold m1 and spam shift when you are getting shot at bot…

No Mercy all together was not OP even with Mass rez

Her healing never was a problem, Lucio and Zen were meta for some time, Ana was the go to pick for some time too, before being nerfed, still being a good pick.
Mercy never was a must have on the team until her rework

Statistics, win rate and pickrate tell a different story if you bothered to research back in the day.

Again, dive was only dominant in the highest tiers of competitive play. This is a small percentage of players. Mercy was still the to-go support if you want to win and have consistency for the large amount of OW population. This sky-rocketed when Valkyrie was introduced. The fact that Valkyrie was over-tuned doesn’t mean mass rez wasn’t bad and unhealthy for the game. Blizzard choice in removing it supports this claim.

Dva when she got her armor to 400 was broken. Dva when she got her health to 400 armor to 200 was not broken. She was what she is now. She was tankier, with more defence matrix. Now she is less tankier less defence matrix more dmg. But either way she is the dive off tank you use. People complained about defense matrix, they didn’t complain about her being OP. That’s why she was changed.

Symmetra’s gun could have stayed the same, they could have reworked the dmg the way it is now, why did they remove the aim lock? Because they wanted “moar skill!”, everyone says how low skill and unfun symmetra is so there you have a new gun that you have to track.

Original, hook was not broken. It was broken when they changed the distance that the target gets hooked infront of the hog (because he could one shot zarya) but before that buff his hook was perfectly fine, just bugged. The dmg on his gun was fine, there was no reason what so ever to rework him, yet they did because “whaaa I am getting one shot it’s not fun!”. The excuse was “he is not suppose to be flanking!” but then let’s buff his E so we can make him do it more. Flanking hog is still very much a thing.

Scatter, shooting at someone’s feet and getting a kill, sure not working as intended but it was balanced none the less. Not working as intended since release but yet left alone, I don’t remember them ever nerfing or buffing it. They left it alone for so long because they knew it’s the only way hanzo got kills, so they decided to rework it so they don’t ruin the hero and please the people calling it “unfun”

For brig I am talking about her latest nerf, with the 7s. That was unnecessary yet they did it. You say haters, why are haters haters? They have to hate her for a reason. They find brig a low skill hero that ruins their fun. That’s why they hate her.