Happy Friday to the OW forums

Hope everyone has a good weekend and gets a chance to play some OW!

I’ll be on tonight mucking about in QP, can’t wait. Had some great games last weekend and looking forward to more. I’ve been maining Zarya for a while and I’m really enjoying her.


Should be a good weekend.

Going to try playing Aliens Fireteam on higher difficulty tonight. Then take a 3 day weekend trip to Portland with a bunch of friends.

I’m playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I shot up a place coss I needed an oil cart thingy which I don’t think I was supposed to do because now I have a bounty and the guy in the camp told me off.


Wait it’s the weekend? Totally didn’t just realized.

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Thank you.
Enjoy your Overwatch sessions this weekend.

Why am I looking for food when I’m not hungry?
Is my mouth bored?
I’m looking for crunchy stuff.


Happy Friday to everyone!

This weekend I plan on agonizing over whether or not I should buy Humankind (spoiler alert, I will), working towards my goal of +50 SR/night on Damage and Tank, and smoking a pork shoulder for some delicious pulled pork sandwiches with the family.

Whatever you’re doing, be safe, be well, and I hope it brings you happiness :slight_smile:.


Ooh!! Whats ur rank? just out of curiosity :slight_smile:


We don’t deserve you


:warning: Support players will remember that.


Community manager?
You haven’t posted much here lately.

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44 posts is high for a dev :sweat_smile:


Peaked at high silver around season 1, currently climbing back from Bronze.

The last 6 months has been a lot of me focusing on learning the Damage role better, and playing a lot of heroes I’m uncomfortable with, like Doom and Genji, as opposed to ones I’m more comfortable with, like Soldier, Cowboy, Ashe, etc…

I won’t even touch Widow yet. I don’t think I’m ready mechanically.

(been playing since the friends and family beta, so this has been a long journey)


Humankind’s really cool! I’d highly recommend opting into the latest beta version on Steam even for your first games, as there’s an annoying bug where player three has contact (and gains influence) with every single minor faction on the planet.

Have a good time!

Yo, ngl that is refreshing to have someone that actually represents the players as a community manager. Too often we see everyone acting like Gm+ is all that matters.

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I wish you the best of luck. I’m mostly a Plat/Diamond player but I have much respect for those in the lower ranks. They can be very unforgiving.


so proud of you!!! I believe in your climbing journey, king!! :clap:t4::blush:

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I just finished it, you should totally look into The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Fantastic duo of games those

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Support is a role I’m a lot more comfortable on. Peaked high silver previously, but haven’t really focused on the role unless I’m flexing to generate priority tickets. It’s also a role I’ve usually played in other similar games, so I tend to understand where your feedback comes from as it relates to the role.


Have a nice weekend everyone, hope everyone can get enough relaxing time and do what they enjoy best.

I’m gonna drink myself enough laggers to down a wild boar and hopefully play some WOTR while I do it.


Good luck :laughing: I tried humankind, my brain was not big enough to understand it :brain: :no_entry_sign: