Hanzo's Storm arrows nerfed to 70 damage to protect Tracer

(This is not a buff Hanzo thread! I am just showing that Brigitte is getting nerfed in the same BS way that Hanzo did just to protect Tracer. If a nerf is justified, it doesn’t mean that it should be done in a stupid way.)

The devs basically stated this themselves, the reason Storm arrows were nerfed to deal 70 damage each instead of 75 was to protect Tracer (technically baby D’va as well but we all know that’s BS)
Now the same BS is happening again with Brigitte.

This is despite the fact that Hanzo’s Storm arrows dealing 70 damage instead of 75 removes synergy from his own kit. It means that if Hanzo shoots his primary which deals 125 damage and follows up with Storm, any 200hp hero will be left with 5hp. It basically breaks crucial damage thresholds just to protect Tracer and is also the reason why Scatter, each shard dealt 75 damage.

Storm arrows each dealing 75 damage would have stopped damage boosted Hanzo from being able to 1-shot 200hp heroes, the only reason it was nerfed to 70 damage was to protect Tracer.

The devs could of always reduced the number of Storm arrows you had instead, which would of reduced the damage output of Storm arrows a lot more but they decided not to because they wanted to protect Tracer.

I made this argument a long time ago when Hanzo was initially getting nerfed, I agreed that he more than deserved the nerfs but how the devs were doing it was simply stupid and wrong.
Hanzo has always been very good against Tracer, Scatter was utterly insane against her and so was Storm, but the devs removed what made it good against her and now in fact Tracer is probably the best squishy hero in the game against Storm arrows, she essentially acts like a 200hp hero against it due to it requiring 3 bodyshots or 1+ headshots to kill her.

I also predicted that the devs would eventually remove Brigitte’s combo from being able to kill Tracer, I am happy to say that the devs didn’t disappoint.

I will finish this by saying what I did back then:


If it turns out Brigitte can no longer counter Tracer effectively, doesn’t that mean that we have actually lost counters to Tracer since launch instead of gaining them?

That is just sad honestly, I still think Brigitte will be good against Tracer but she will be more of a soft-counter at best, in the same way Hanzo was. Guess we are back to Tracerwatch :confused:


I think someone did the math and by making it 5 damage on shield bash the combo works out to 145 damage, 5pts from finishing her off and allowing her to blink out/recall/whatever she does

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I wonder when the forums will learn that countering =/= solo killing 100% of the time in any situation


storm nerfed? why not just remove it?

does hanzo really need spam cough storm arrows?


its not simply because of tracer

hanzo could combo a primary fire with storm arrow which is pretty stupid, he shouldn’t have so many ways to combo when he can already one shot characters with a headshot under 250 health

stop blaming tracer for his nerf, everyone thought hanzo was overpowered


It’s like you didn’t read my post.

The devs could’ve easily nerfed its damage output by reducing the number of arrows or increasing the CD etc but they chose not to, instead they chose the route that specifically protected Tracer.

Sure Hanzo primary + melee can combo down a Tracer but a good Tracer will never allow Hanzo to do this. Hanzo only gets to fire 1-shot a second, meaning that if he even misses 1-shot with his primary he could be dead. If the Tracer is stupid enough to come into melee range to give Hanzo this chance, she deserves to die.


Lmao the tracer buffs the devs are doing right now… wow!

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they nerfed his storm arrow down so he couldn’t combo so easily againts every squshie, tracer is included

why should they nerf him differenly because you’re bad at hanzo and can’t play around a tracer?

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I have to agree with this post:

Hanzo can already one shot all heroes except tanks. Should he really be capable of one shotting (some) heroes with a single Storm Arrow as well?


Honestly, the biggest change for me was that you could no longer insta kill squishies while pocketed.

That would be some terrible math. The full combo did 155 damage. 50 + 70 + 35. It does 110 now. It only reaches 145 with the extra swing before bashing.

Why do all dps players think they need to 1 or 2 shot every hero in the roster…

Specifically with Tracer, yes!

Hanzo has always been a good counter against Tracer. Ask any Tracer or Hanzo player, Scatter was utterly insane against her.

The problem is that while the Hanzo nerfs were justified, they did it in such a way to give Tracer less counters which should never happen!

It seems the same thing is being done to Brigitte now, which is a problem.


Because it’s always the same with timey wimey girl. Anything that’s effective against the smallest hitbox in the game, with a faster than normal movement speed, a complete reset in rewind, and a TELEPORT every 3 seconds, will be immensely more effective against every other character who weren’t blessed with a kit as overloaded as Tracer’s.


i rather play “tracerwatch” than having brig be assbroken and having people who are bronze go into diamond/masters cause of how broken brig is

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It’s about time, storm arrow needed a nerf.

You call it BS, I call it slow progressive change in the right direction.

Now to nerf his primary damage too.

Can I get a 120 > 100 plz?

Isnt that the combo before? Or is my friend just super extra?

It was also very annoying as a tank player.

One storm volley was enough to nearly kill you, or actually kill you if the headshots hit.

Sorry bud, Storm arrows isn’t getting a nerf. I am just showing that the same nerf Hanzo received to make him less effective against Tracer is now being done to Brigitte.

It was common against 200hp heroes, as they couldn’t usually escape after the first hit on a whim, and did a total of 190 damage.

Shield bashing Tracer is already a tough ask, and having to weave a swing in beforehand gives Tracer all the time in the world to react.