Hanzo is getting a nerf

and how is this a bad thing? pros actually know what they are talking about

Right, no no I get it. Anyone who disagrees with you is delusional. They lack self-awareness.

I mean, these are clearly objective things we’re talking about here.

Now we need the Pro to complain about Brigitte and we would all be happy

It can be a bad thing because balancing around pros can potentially ruin characters in the lower ranks, which is where the majority of the playerbase plays. Think of the Zen change. Zen was nerfed because of his damage output in the very high ranks, but in the lower ranks Zen did not do these sorts of numbers. Now a healer who is already somewhat underused and played poorly, is even worse.

If you said Brig wasnt OP, or Hanzo wasnt OP, then yeah, you are delusional I guess?

dmg nerf from 80>70 is a joke because he still instakills squishies without headshots.

But the new Hanzo is even better than S76 or McCree, no wonder you dont see them in s10 that much anymore but Baguette+Hanzo in every Game :smiley:

And no, im not crying about Hanzo, i like better how he is now without his scatter. But Baguette needs to be removed.
And im sure Hanzo will get even more nerfs if he gets into hands of OWL players xD

And my point is that this is how a biased person thinks. We’re talking in circles now though.

I’m biased FOR those heros, doesnt change the fact they are OP. I mean I dont know what you want me to say here lol.

I don’t think landing three-to-four body shots can fairly be called an “instakill”.

If you consider his shooting speed… it could be considered instakill :smiley: pewpewpew

Its always sad to see a community complain:

“Why is the game being balanced by players who play it better than me”

Instead of:

“Wow these people play it better than me, what can I do that I’m not that they are”

Sad reality of asymmetrical games (in he sense that heroes are unique, and we don’t just have 6 soldier 76s running around): Balance needs to be done for a higher end of things. Maybe not the top theoretical possibilities for things- but it needs to be balanced around what players can realistically do as humans.

Imagine is if wasn’t. Imagine if it was simply
Balanced for casual levels of play- and the high end “be damned!”. They’re probably a small percent anyways that I’ll never get to, right?

Ok- now say you play the game. A lot. You find you like it. A lot. And you do git the proverbial gud.


Now the game sucks.

Because once you’re better, once you’ve put in the hours. The hard work. The time to understand the intricacies-

You find he game is balanced like crap.

Balanced like crap because players who dont or wont learn to play properly complain about things that you can donthat they can’t. “It’s not fair! I’ll never be as good as you”. And now you have to suffer for it.

Sorry. That sucks.

The realistic thing is to balance for the upper end of things, but try to encorprare features or mechanics to help players make the same types of decisions or emulate the play styles as higher players while leaving room for skill to be the end deciding factor-

Or find ways to help dampen mechanics/whatnot that “can be dealt with by better players”, but are arguably too effective for low end players to deal with adequately. IE things that have low skill investment, but high pay off for their ease of use, that contrastingly take higher degrees of skill/coordination to respond to.

At the end of the day we need to figure out if we want balance, or handicaps because you don’t want to learn to play like others have.

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Pros are the only ones that matter

I believe that the word is… LOL. Am I saying that right? LOOOOOL? Seems your logic and objective evidence is rather flawed. Let me guess though… the devs are mistaken?

Don’t do anything you might regret now!

Its always the pros fault right, nothing to do with the fact that the actual hero is over tuned. Real mature

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Nerf is a good thing, storm arrow is busted and mostly hanzo bias defends this abillity

IT’s Alll RACKSOUP fault !!!:sunglasses:

well Hanzo was buffed man you know this so that has an effect of lowering skill floor. Isn’t that obvious?

lol come on be fair, a buff will no doubt decrease the skill floor of a hero.

I suspected he’d get a nerf after his rework.

Blizzard pulls the same crap every time.

  1. Take a hero that’s fallen behind and give them a rework.

  2. Throw a huge chunk of useful buffs onto the new and improved character.

  3. Whoops turns out it’s a little busted. Who would’ve guessed?

  4. Character gets nerfed back in line. Fans of said character start to throw temper tantrums.

  5. Nerfs comes with a new slew of problems that aren’t acknowledged again.

Well - yeah, that is plainly obvious… and it was pretty obvious Hanzo is going to get some kind of nerf…

They do this approach because if players aren’t playing a character, then they want to interest them and draw attention… making them temporarily OP is the way to go. Otherwise, if they are UP then people will barely try them, said character is written off and no positive outcome. It’s also just not the same in testing vs. giving a character to the wildlife that is the community and seeing what happens in the hands of pros, GMs and the general one-tricks…