Hanzo is getting a nerf

Pros have recently started to complain about Hanzo saying that he hurts the pro game. As we have seen, this 100% confirms that Hanzo is getting a nerf as the game is now based around OWL. Whether it is deserved or not, I don’t care either way. But this will just be more evidence that the game is balanced around OWL.


Other people aside from pros have complained, bye


What!? No, this sense is making my head hurt. Be gone with you! /s


ThE PRo’S aRe EViL!@!#@#


You have 1700 posts. I know you’ve seen the million nerf hanzo threads.


More than just pro have said Hanzo is probably to strong right now. and most of those complaints are about storm arrow. Those people are correct.


They will increase his cooldown or slightly tweak damage on stormbow, it wont be anything major, atleast it shouldnt be.


hanzo is something that obviously will get nerfed. hopefully sooner than later. the game isn’t balanced well but it should be balanced around the highest level of play so skill is rewarded most. thats why we have seen mercy every stage in owl and junkrat. very busted and boring characters to watch. yes it is balanced around owl but its done very poorly.

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A.) Incorrect. OWL plays on a different version.

B.) the objective evidence shows him working as intended.

So, the facts do not support he is getting any changes no matter how many people whine.


Oh no…the people who are paid to play the game and know it really well…are offering insight to the devs…and the devs are making balance changes based on their advice and expertise…how terrible

the fact that the new meta is hanzo zarya brig rein mercy zen and literally nobody else is kind of ridiculous. And I’m hoping whatever advice the pros are giving the devs will lead to a little bit more flexibility. Like, I’m really glad that zarya is good now but hanzo needs a nerf to ult generation and hopefully that plus the nerf to rally on ptr will give everyone else some breathing room


They will tweak his damage.

McCree got nerf along time ago because his FoTH was deleting tanks. So Blizzard though about it long and hard and gave Hanzo the same ability and the ability to do it from much farther away.


I hope Hanzo is left as it is. I’m serious. He’s really fun to play now. And no, it is not an issue to fight against him either, just get out of his way and counter, he’s still very squishy.


Lets just hope he doesn’t join Sombra in the trashcan


He won’t be changed. There isn’t any evidence to support the whines.


Check the top 500 and look for Hanzo one tricks

Yes I have. And if the pros said “Hanzo is fine” nothing would get changed. That is the whole point. Before when it’s just the forums complaining, nobody knew if he would get a nerf. Now that the pros complain, he’s definitely getting a nerf. Just calling it right now.


Newsflash: That is not evidence anything is broken.

Anything else?

“The earth is flat”

Me : prove it

“Look at how many thousands say it so”

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Gold. Literal gold. In every sense of the word!

(Not rank shaming here, this is a complement on the quality of the post)

Except we say Bridgett is broken for the same reason

So what? There was objective evidence proving Brig was broken. She got nerfed.

It doesn’t matter what you “think” nor “feel”. If the evidence shows contrary… well… that is how the world works.

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