Handicapping in comp

I don’t think there is, but I can’t be sure. I think it mostly come down to people swapping of their comfort pick to either counter the enemy or synergize better with their team. Their limited knowledge of this character will probably make them perform the bare minimum, but that bare minimum might be enough to turn the game into a W. I guess some people will feel robbed for only gaining 20SR for that, but I think it’s fair if they’re doing the bare minimum.
And hey, +20SR is better than any amount of minus SR :smiley:

But, again, I can’t be sure though.

Also 90% of the time you actually don’t want to be on the objective with most heroes, and especially don’t want your entire team on it in pretty much any scenario. Even without PBSR as part of the equation the more aggressive team that takes team fights on their terms usually has the advantage.

see but the problem down here is that lots of the time people are just leaving the payload to try and get their stats higher. Everyone down here knows that winning isnt really going to gain the most SR. Getting better stats does

As much as I love those coaching videos and find them very entertaining I don’t think they actual provide any real value. I just watched a game leap explaining 1 trick to climb out of every rank and the things they listed for up to diamond are things others as well as myself have been doing in bronze and silver. They act like bronze through gold barely can handle strafing let alone comboing grav dragons for example. You watch the same coaches play guess the SR and they’re always wrong by over valuing by 200-500ish sr. It’s fun for the community but as far as actual improvement value, nah.


haha true. I was in one of the first fitzy coaching videos. I also sent a video to stylosa for guess my rank.

I even posted a video on these forums that hid my rank and people got it wrong thinking I was higher than I am based off of me not playing like a retard.

OP is claiming, as I understand it, that switching in ways that earn a victory normally causes an earned SR of 5, which would mean they are earning roughly -15SR performance modifier. If we take OP at their word, it would suggest a substantial penalty for such switching players.

If players actually normally earn 20SR while switching, that would seem perfectly reasonable to me and nothing would need fixing.

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My point is people that demand “3 on cart” at all time are just as wrong as the people that completely ignore the payload. Having multiple people together on the objective does not speed it up more than 33% in the best cases and if anything just makes it easier to land AoE ultimates. Play aggressively as a team and leave one person on cart in a payload map unless you need to defend from flankers, otherwise take the fights on your terms.

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I literally said I gain 30+ sr per win on my best 3 heroes…learn to read! I said it punishes you for playing something you are not that great with when it comes to PBSR which it does. There are 30 something heroes in the game. NO one plays every single one of them on the same level of the best hero.

With PBSR if you happen to be on something you are mediocre with and win the game you gain about 5 SR minimum and maybe 8 or so max. that is terrible. You should gain SR based on winning. For instance I play mei really good as well. But the algorithm doesn’t have anything in place that knows that you were ice walling lots of ults thus saving your team. or blocking off tanks so that your team can kill them. The algorithm only knows how many people I sniped with her ice crystal or how many people I completely froze. See the problem there?

I could wall off tanks all day but there is no "you walled off this many tanks so here is 30+ sr)

because its PBSR and the way that it tests you isn’t by how many walls you put up or tanks you blocked. because the system doesn’t know that. Which is why it should be purely about doing whatever you can to win instead of stat padding nonsense. Maybe that game it was more important to wall off tanks than it would be to chase a genji or ball around the map trying to freeze their annoying butts which would get me way more SR with PBSR than actually helping your team by walling off tanks

Well, lets think. If youre doing better than your team, then even when you lost, you should be losing LESS sr.

This sounds like a rant from a player whos losing more than their gaining. Performance based sr is necessary under diamond because of the major skill gap. Ive seen plats play like bronzes, and ive seen golds play like masters. Its designed to weed out the players who still need improvement. Its unreal how easy it is to get to ~2600.

It sounds like you need to play better, and then youll be gaining more sr then your losing. Problem solved aye? It doesnt “punish” you for playing heroes you dont play. How you came up with that is beyond me.

EDIT: the only way it punishes you is if youre GOD AWFUL at that hero. And if thats the case, sounds like switching is a bad idea anyway.

thats only if you lose while playing your best hero…which means you would rather lose on your best so that you lose less SR than actually switch to try to win even though winning would give you less SR.

That is the problem with PBSR and one of the reasons there are so many 1 tricks that only know how to play 1 hero with no back-ups

Ah, ok. If that’s the case I’d say the PBSR is a bit too punishing. I haven’t experienced PBSR going at me that severely in the metal ranks. If I perform the bare minimum on a character I don’t know that well I’ll probably gain 16-20SR. I haven’t played much comp lately tho, so I dunno if things have changed.

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all it takes for the naysayers to do is to watch low level streamers they will see their games when they win on their mains vs when they win on heroes that they dont have any playtime on. The SR rewards are just insane with how erratic they are. You get a good amount on your main but switch to what your team needs and you feel like the win wasn’t worth it with how little you gained in comparison. 1 loss and it will take 3 wins to get that SR back. Unless you just purely play your main regardless of if its working with the team or not

its why so many low level flex players never climb. The system kind of causes selfish play and 1 tricking because thats the only way to climb in a PBSR system

Completely disagree. Unfortunately do not have the replay anymore due to game updates but one game in particular as Widow I had 59 elems, 39 crit shots, 30 final blows, 60% weapon accuracy, blah blah gold medals, and lost 50SR. My deaths were low until it came to contesting the payload in OT. I wracked up 5 deaths because I tried to weave in an out of contesting the payload. I would say I was not playing “god awful” but rather having one of my better games until my hero pick couldn’t carry anymore.

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I highly doubt you went 59-5 and lost 50 SR for one loss.

A lot of that is caused by over-flexing. By constantly swapping what you’re playing to counter the enemies, you lose out on plenty of ults, and get forced onto heroes youre uncomfortable with. I’d much rather my gold Pharah OTP play pharah against a hitscan, than her bronze level McCree, ya feel me?

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7 deaths total, 2 before the OT and then the 5 in OT. Every loss I take currently is 30+SR while wins are only netting me 18 to 22 SR. Either I’m missing a crucial component to PBSR or deaths/10 is excessively weighted

Again, i highly doubt that you’re losing SR in that nature.

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dude I seriously don’t care what you choose to believe. My profile is and always will be public. I don’t make grand statements behind a private profile.

The “i dont believe that” part wasn’t in response to you, that was for “Hektik”

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my reply was to your reply trying to make excuses like we are idiots. NO one is talking about switching when you have high ult percentage. You use your ult and then switch. You are talking to us like we are new to the game and don’t know something as basic as that.

I’m not talking about swapping while you’re at high charge either my man, just that overflexing causes players to play poorly. Even swapping at like, 40%, puts you significantly behind in ult economy. You’re making assumptions, and making yourself look like an idiot.

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