Handicapping in comp

And you’re doing an amazing job of controlling yours I’m sure. Not like your confirmation bias towards your own “theory” is showing at all no way.

I don’t think they should have personally, you do better than the average player at your rank on your hero than you should get rewarded and vice versa. It’s all on an average per 10 min and only compares relevant stats on the same hero so there’s no interference for switching or how well you do compared to your team.

Good then maybe you’ll stop posting this stuff and making a fool of yourself.

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I am not making a fool of myself this is the thread has 81 posts now and only 3 people in it are naysayers you being 1 of them.

I am not being bias. The high ranked people are. The best of the best are. I am literally agreeing with the problems that having it causes. I am agreeing with the people that got it removed. How am I bias?

For agreeing that it causes one tricking? that it causes stat padding?

Or is it what makes YOU angry is the fact that someone that will never be as good as you supposedly are having a shared opinion that the people that got it removed had?

It just seems like you hate anyone lower than you as if we aren’t also part of this community

And you’re assuming that I’m high ranked why? Oh right because it’s part of that big bad man that you need to create as an excuse instead of just trying to get better yourself. Yeah dude you’re biased and you’ll never admit it since that would require you opening up to the possibility that you may be wrong.

I didn’t assume you were high ranked I said you were someone better than I will ever be. which isn’t something that hurts my feelings or anything. Its jsut a fact

And what rank are you? I’m willing to bet it’s probably higher than mine.

my profile is public unlike so many people that like to make up fake stats like that dude claiming he gets 100+ SR per win

THe highest I was able to climb is gold before the reaper mei overtunning crap happened

You’re not exactly that much lower than my rank dude…

My career high is only 2200.

Btw you can gain or lose around 150 SR per win max, but only on a new account that is drastically misplaced.

my career high was 2039 I think I will have to check

like i said I average about 30+ sr per win on my best 3 heroes…but seeing how there are times when you have to adapt to what the other team is doing you might find yourself having to switch to something you aren’t that comfortable with to win the game…which nets you less SR since you don’t perform as well as other people that pick that hero that you switched to just to help the team win so you get about 5 SR even if you win since Performance based SR works by comparing your stats to someone else that plays that hero. WHich is one of the issues with keeping performance based SR like I keep saying which is the same exact thing higher ranked players complained about. This whole thread keeps going full circle. I point out what the high rankers pointed out but I get blasted for it because I am not a high ranked player…it makes no sense

Either its wrong to have it or its okay. it cant be both purely based on which half of the game you recide in…as I said (as well as the high rank players said when they got it removed) Comp should purely be about winning your games not stat padding

Even then mine was just on Support (RIP Zen). I play Sombra a lot myself alongside Junkrat, Torb, and some Sym when I’m playing dps. If your theory about the medals were true than whenever I swap heroes or play Sombra at all I would see drastically less SR gains and more losses. Which I just don’t .

not true because you said you actually play a lot of sombra. Most people don’t. Thats why some people abuse heroes that don’t have much of a pickrate in lower ranks. Less people picking that hero means less people to compare you playing that hero to. Its another flaw of performance based SR

There is a document that discusses most of what we know about the MMR/SR system. Including this point:

Also that performance modifier is based on,

… not on medals. Medals have nothing to do with it. On-fire percentage is roughly but not perfectly correlated with performance modifiers.

Personally, I think at low ranks it’s very difficult to earn a good performance modifier without carrying your team pretty hard, and on a single hero pretty difficult to earn a noticeably negative performance modifier without throwing pretty hard.

If there’s a problem with performance modifier calculations for players who switch heroes, that should definitely be addressed.

Given the number of deliberate deranking throwers in low ranks, and dominating alt-accounts going unranked-to-M/GM in middle ranks, I’m in favor of keeping PBSR. It gives players a way to affect their own SR even when these unfair factors drag their win rate towards 50%*.

*Towards 50% because if there is a thrower or a smurf in your game, it’s nearly a 50% chance whether they force the game towards a win or a loss for you depending on which you have and which side they are on.

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Actually Junkrat is my “comfort pick” if you would. Sombra, Torb and Sym are the ones that I swap to to counter people that I need to. Yeah I play her more than a lot of other options possible but she’s not and has never been the hero I spend the most time on in a season.

my fault. :slight_smile:

I literally have been posting on the reasons the threads existed that were made by high level players I don’t care about PR speak from the devs. The people pointed out why they wanted it gone it doesn’t matter what the PR stuff says but if they didn’t make hundreds of long threads about it blizzard never would have changed it.

Remember blizzards bs response for why they overtuned certain heroes during goats instead of saying the real reason was to try and counter it because they knew it was a problem they posted some speal pr reasoning before finally accepting that they screwed up and made 2 2 2?

Or the “trust us guys brig isn’t broken she is a support first and foremost” when the truth is they nerfed her because they realized they screwed up? If people didn’t make threads upon threads about it (specifically high ranked players because they didn’t listen to us lowbies when we said she was broken) she would still be in the same state she was when she launched.

The whole point of this thread from the very start was that I agree with the people that wanted it removed and got it removed that it shouldn’t exist in comp.

You guys agree with them obviously I am sure you wouldn’t want it put back into high ranks right? I wouldn’t want it put back into high ranks either…because I don’t think it should exist in any rank.

Literally every high rank player says comp should be about winning your games. And I agree with them 100 percent

I still think it should exist in all ranks. Maybe just don’t make it lower the SR you gain or increase the amount you lose? At the very least it should be a bonus for playing well for your rank, maybe it needs a change in how it’s calculated but still. After all shouldn’t players who are performing well be rewarded, especially if it helps accelerate people to their correct rank faster instead of creating pseudo smurfing?

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hey if they put it back into every rank I wouldn’t mind as much as I do right now. But splitting it makes no sense to me. It just puts bad habits into your gameplay style then expects your brain to adjust once you get above diamond. It makes no sense.

If you ask me if they do remove it from one and put it in another it should be the other way around. HIgh ranks should have it but not low. High ranks are the best of the best they should have to have that extra mile to get over if they want to reach even higher not people that are just trying to win games no matter what like most of us below diamond do. its just not as rewarding switching heroes down here to get the win if you know that switching grants you less SR.

I completely agree, PBSR punishes the player more than it benefits the player. As a DPS player I find I’m far more rewarded for playing the game like it’s team DM and ignoring the objective completely. Get as many final blows as possible, keep weapon accuracy high, keep deaths to 1 - 2 for the whole game and you may have a prayer of not losing 3 games worth of SR when you inevitably lose. At least thats what I’ve experienced this season.

Regardless of whether it’s gold medal driven or other performance stats it incentivizes the player to do the bare minimum toward the overall team goal.


i really want to see these kind of changes but to be honest they could just mess it up harder

if anyone played league of legends he would know that in season 7 u would be let’s say diamond 4 and then in season 8 (when they messed up the ranked system) u could have like 49% winrate and still climb to like diamond 1 (which is quite huge jump in ranks)
so really u r not improving it’s just the system boosting u
i just really don’t want to see that

The main reason I appreciate it’s existence is I think back to the Halo 3 ranked mode. It was mostly just gain 1xp for a win 0 for a loss and you needed 50 or more to rank up depending on the rank. It was a terrible grind in an otherwise fun game. PBSR, if done right, can help accelerate the climb/fall for accounts that are not placed correctly.

exactly which is why I hate those coaching videos that are like “why arent you on the objective?” they don’t realize that chacing all day and ignoring the objective gets you more SR because its stat padding. They cant seem to remember what its like having PBSR because it hasn’t existed in their ranks in ages. you gotta chase those kills no matter the cost if you want more SR.