GUILT BY ASSOCIATION - Coming in Season 3

i feel this will get quickly reversed as you cant tell if someone is a obvious cheater or not

i did have a masters friend a while ago who had like 10 accounts. young kid that i played with at times but not much since when i teamed up with him the lobbies were pretty sweaty… (probably because he was near being grand master)

i was curious about his 10 accounts tho and him making more later, didnt play with him much since the lobbies were crazy but yea later i thought hmm

maybe :smile:

havnt seen him in over a year :rofl:

I can see both sides to this.

One hand, there are those who will sacrifice their account using cheats and their friends will group with said Cheater to boost. The Cheater being the scapegoat and if the Cheater gets banned, only the Cheater gets punished. They then just create an Alt and the process repeats. Now banning the Cheater and the Beneficiaries will make all involved wonder if it’s worth the time to make all the alt accounts.
But then…
What if I wish to climb the ladder but I plateau so the pool of players I end up with have cheaters and I get matched to be their teammate? What prevents me from having action taken against my account if the MM forces me to play with the offending player repeatedly? This is a big concern.

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You group with cheaters, lol. Only reason to post this. Get out of here loser!

So I’m wondering what your definition of the word “regularly” is. If you’re regularly grouping up with a cheater then yeah, you should probably know by then.

The fact that you’re don’t directly queue with them.
The only worry I have is if they will bother enough to actually verify those cases, or just apply the banhammer based on numbers.
Let’s say you play with someone every day, and he never cheated once while playing with you. Then that person decides it’s a good idea to cheat and goes to do that on his own. If they only check numbers like if someone queued multiple times with that person regardless of when and how, then you could end up banned as a side effect of this.

Yeah, because it’s so hard to imagine scenarios in which this could backfire. It could have potential to ban people who didn’t do anything wrong, so it’s normal for people to worry about this.

I want you banned for eternity. You guys have ruined FPS gaming. You are not innocent, you know what you’re doing, and only banning 50k in 40m is a joke. There should be 1m banned by now.

Here you go. You can thank me later.

This is what they are talking about.

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Looks like this was designed to combat boosting services where one cheater will regularly group with their ‘clients’ to rank up.

It used to be that even if a cheater was banned, it would be on a burner account and everyone using the service would be fine because their accounts would be ‘clean.’ The cost of having a single burner account nuked for cheating was easily covered by the price of the ‘service.’

The threat of having both client and cheater accounts banned (and losing their revenue and/or accounts) should give both parties pause for thought.

Its unlikely that your average player will regularly team up with cheating accounts.