GUILT BY ASSOCIATION - Coming in Season 3

I just wonder how they will approach this. Like if someone was banned for cheating, will they just go and look at his match history and see who he was grouped with multiple times and ban those as well? Will they check every single game those individuals played in a certain amount of time, see how many times they were actively cheating and identify those who queued as a group with him only when they were using cheats?

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Probably not, this is more likely just a pr stunt to create a false sense of security for players so they will stop compaining about cheaters…

Which I’m kind of okay with because we’ll see a reduction witch hunting as a result…

Ngl ive yet to encounter an aimbot… see a ton of wall hacks though

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Lol, thats gonna be alot of streamers with soft settings being banned :thinking: It’ll just be a bluff though.

Except this has nothing to do with cheater themselves, only with people who queue with cheaters. Cheaters were banned before as well, nobody stopped blaming cheaters, nor cheaters didn’t stop cheating.

No what I’m saying is Blizzard probably isn’t going to do crap and is empty PR jargon to give players that false sense of security

I understand what you mean. I just don’t think it’s enough to give a sense of security, since this aims at people who queue with cheaters, not cheaters themselves. Yes, the amount of cheater might diminish as a consequence of more people being scared of paying boosters, but I still think there will be around the same amount of cheaters.

I’m not going to lie I genuinely believe that blizzard is turning a blind eye to whales who cheat for greed purposes. As they know if they ban that whale, they’re likely just going to make a new account and continue cheating, but what they aren’t going to do is continue spending money because they know it’s just going to be a matter of time before they lose everything again

Years ago me and a close friend got banned from paladins for “bullying” a whale who was flagrantly cheating by reporting them…

And blizzard is definitely getting to that level of greed

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The “aimbots” you would see are generally on settings equivalent to aim-assist. Which in a game of Overwatch… is not really a big deal. It just allows bad aimers to climb a bit.

Overwatch is the best FPS to avoid cheaters.

I’ve seen a lot of widows and hanzos using wall hacks, and claiming infared or sonic Arrow is how they are tracking though walls, when the effects arent even active…

I’m not going to say that blizzard does a great job but they don’t do a terrible job by comparison to other developers like valve.

But at the same time it begs the question, if someone is cheating but no one is aware that player is cheating, will they ever face consequence? Unlikely.

I know people who have climb to the top of tf2 leagues via cheating, and do it to prove if you know what your doing you can get away with it


They said there’s more nuance than just being equally banned outright all the time. Overreacting and misrepresenting what they said doesn’t help.

Blizzard doesn’t exactly have the reputation of following through with exactly what they say they’re doing

I mean how does a player get suspended for abusive chat when they never communicate in game at all, yes the system’s automated so you could argue that but then when they seek an appeal it gets denied even though there’s literally no evidence of them ever engaging in abusive chat

As long as this change doesn’t affect us solo queuers, it doesn’t matter. It seems aimed at people who create cheater accounts to charge money to boost other people in ranked play.

I don’t want to get penalized from having the occasional cheater pop up on my team in quickplay games. It’s rare but occasionally you’ll get a suspicious Hanzo that seems too good to be true.

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If you solo q you’re probably fine. This is aimed at group queue only.

but if you actually form a pre-made group with Clive the Cheater, who has been flagged for using cheats in the past,

this isn’t steam. you can’t just click on someone’s profile to see if they have had a vac ban at any point in the past. your argument is moot because of this 1 simple fact of life.

Not mine. Blizzards.

That’s what they’re saying. If you willingly group up with a cheater, and they’ll know as they can monitor chat and voice comms, they’ll penalize you even if you’re not using cheats yourself.

It’s unlikely going to be a ‘one and done’ deal though. A pattern would need to be established first.

oh boy i cant wait to get banned from comp for the season because of disconnect penalties just to make everyone else happy that i’m not playing with a cheater that doesn’t say anything about it and if for some reason they’re absolutely dumb enough to admit to it in chat. then as a solo it’s still somehow my fault and i catch a ban for that too.

are yall not reading what yall type before you hit that submit button? if you queue right up as soon as the match ended and end up on the team with the cheater again, as i have with multiple other people in comp and unranked rqp in the past then yall will still somehow associate me with a cheater that i’m getting paired with by the games broken match making system.

sounds awesome. can’t wait for a ban for something i’m not doing and not capable of doing on a console. :+1: :+1:

They said people who group with them regularly. Your scenario isn’t that.

This removes one of the incentives that causes people to cheat in the first place - boosting the ranking of other players in the group who are not cheating. That’s what they’re trying to stop.

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People have literally been asking for this since Overwatch 1 since most cheaters are stacking as they’re getting paid to boost people, and it’s hardly possible to regularly group up with a cheater and not realise they are cheating so let’s not play that card.

Again, ‘willingly’ is the word that’s important there.

You queue for a random comp match and a cheater gets put in your group? Then there will be no penalty. You didn’t willingly group with that cheater, you were thrown into a random group with them.

But if you have a friend who cheats, and Blizzard knows they’re cheating, and then they notice a pattern of you grouping up with that person and benefitting from their use of cheats. That’s when you’ll get slapped with an account penalty. By ‘grouping up’ they mean creating a party and queuing together for a game you absolute spanner.