Defense Matrix Update: Streaming Protection Features and New Actions for Cheating

Defense Matrix Update: Streaming Protection Features and New Actions for Cheating

In this latest Defense Matrix update, we take a look at new steps to keep Overwatch 2 fun and fair for everyone.

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All the CC shills will go wild for this pargraph alone; Blizzard best company again!


When will you be posting the S3 trailer? :smiling_face_with_tear:


We would like to conclude with a reminder to all of our community that your reports matter. Remember that we are more likely to take action on disruptive players when you see it in your games and take the time to them.

Will you guys take action on false reports too? That’ll be great.


It’s been awhile since I received a notification action has been taken on a report I made. Is this still a thing?


I actually got one today, as it happens.

So it’s still happening.


Fr bring back dps doomfist :handshake:

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Good to know. Thank you!


I get them daily. Bronze is full of toxic players. Today i got 3 notices when i logged in.


glad to hear about the custom game moderation steps, and streamer mode is a welcome addition too. good stuff!

Excellent news… now only if you can also action those who abuse the report feature by falsely reporting someone…

Third blog post in a row. Very nice to see.

Also, nice to acknowledgement of reporting system deficiencies on console. Pretty sure it doesn’t actually do anything on console currently. Hope it will get it working at some point.


Starting to feel like life is being breathed back into the game :+1:


Great communication end of S2. Hopefully more of this to come. Official overwatch news is great.


“Players will now be able to hide their current BattleTag or hide the tags of the other players in the same game they play in on their own game client”.

I love this for safety and privacy reasons! For those that choose to do this, does that mean battle tags will not be visible during the Play of the game highlights? If so, this would be nice if it were implemented and instead of the battle tag showing in the highlight it would display the hero name. Great post.

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Players who knowingly group up with cheaters are looking to take the same advantage as those who use cheats themselves, including boosting their accounts to skill levels they would not normally belong in with their own skill

I presume there are some sort of heuristics to identify when this is intentional or not? I imagine there are a lot of players who play with friends that they don’t realize are cheating.

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Hey lets update the actual Defense matrix next time :rabbit2:

15 meter DM when?


Hmmm I know the voice-to-text was tested on PC only initially.

Can you comment on whether this is being launched on console as well?


Cool, good to see.

Thank you for continuing to communicate!! This is awesome. Great job.

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