GUILT BY ASSOCIATION - Coming in Season 3

Blizzard is moving to ban accounts if you group with anyone that is found to be using cheats whether you know it or not.

Even though I solo queue this stood out to me as being excessively egregious. Especially since any of those banned for grouping with cheaters will be subject to 2FA phone registration for any new account they create.


How would you not know you are grouped with a cheater? :rofl:

I think its too soft personally.

Its being served as increasing levels of punishment when it should be a 2 strike and you’re out suspension for grouping with cheaters.

Ie. First time you are found to be grouped with a cheater you get a temp 1 week suspension . If you get found a 2nd time grouped with a cheater, your account should get permanently banned. No way someone can group with 2 cheaters back to back by pure accident


This won’t end well, i foresee backlash soon

Good, helps us easily identify them.


Good. Backlash all they want, this is healthy for the game


Key word there is “regularly”, randomly meeting and staying as team for a few rounds with a more subtle cheater is unlikely to get anyone banned.
But if my friend is shooting through walls or seems to have perma Widow Ult and I duo with him every day? Yea, I should probably have picked up that he’s sketch and decided to stop duoing or I’m complicate.


i was thinking the same thing. am i supposed to have a notepad or projector screen up next to my tv or laptop monitor with a list of known names of cheaters up at all times while i play the game? What if it’s not up to date? anyone can spend 10 bucks and change their names.

if someone on the other team says someone on mine is cheating am i supposed to just quit and eat the disconnect penalties? Why would i take their word for it until after the match when i can watch the replay and see if they actually were or not. even still, it wouldn’t matter because that was in the past.

but i think they’re hard focusing on people who have friends who cheat and are always paired up together. but that still leaves innocent people out here getting caught in the crossfire for account suspensions for things they haven’t done intentionally.

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What if you are friends with someone and genuinely don’t know they are cheating though? Not all cheats are super obvious, and the good cheaters do it in a way where it’s not easy to detect.

I only play with like 1 person, so this doesn’t effect me personally. But I can see a situation where someone genuinely doesn’t know that their friend is using cheats.

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Lotta people ignoring this lol


This is exactly what I’m talking about.

Blizzard’s warden program is also not 100% accurate and has banned people that do not cheat.

This is a literal disaster waiting to happen.


Gosh, I wanted to group up with random people to finish this never-ending grind to reach lvl 200 to Season 2 (stack XP boost).

I guess this will be out of questions for seasons to come.

Does it mean they’ll remove the stack XP boost since no sensitive player will now group up with random players just to benefit from the XP boost ?

Of course there’s going to be backlash when this game incentivizes you to play with stacks to boost your XP progress while at the same time punishing you if one of those players from the stack happens to cheat :rofl:…

It’s yet another bad decision from Blizzard. I hope someone will make a full list of all the out of touch game breaking decisions Blizzard came up with for Overwatch (since the F2P update).

This is really comedy gold at this point.

If you are in a stack with a cheater, then yes, ban those people too.

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Systems not harsh enough, hopefully it will discourage others from grouping with cheaters and will encourage cheaters to turn the cheats off.

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I dont group with cheaters so Ill be okay :ok_hand:

But on the other hand Im pretty dense so if someone on my team was cheating Id never notice :joy::joy::joy: rip.


But what does regularly mean? That’s such a vaguely defined term.

What if one of my friend gets into OW and asks if I want to play with him. I might end up playing with him regularly. If they decide to cheat, does that make me complicit because I played with him every day for a week straight?

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Grouping with randoms is fine, it’s people that you group with regularly.

Apparently it does.

Why is why its totally OK, you will know you play with cheaters when they get banned for cheating. Just don’t play with those people.

I don’t see the utility in this.

It penalizes cheaters and their friends by making them negatively affect each other. Its a great first step.

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Your account will be actioned right along with theirs so that’s not really any sort of useful suggestion.

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