GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


I watched Emongg for more than 4 hours but I only received the 2 hour spray.
I watched Mickie last night for 6 hours and received no additional twitch drops.

  • Your hardware platform I am on a PC
  • Your platform’s Operating System or firmware version - Windows 10
  • Your App or Web Browser and current version - Google Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Your Country of Residence - USA
  • A VERY DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF STEPS YOU HAVE TRIED - Not sure what there is to try? I watched the stream for 6 hours and I have no additional drops and there’s nothing in my inventory. It’s been over 12 hours since the stream ended and I’ve closed and reopened my browser, and also logged into twitch from a different device and still no new twitch drops. Emongg’s stream worked and gave me a drop (albeit only the two hour drop when I watched more than that) and I did nothing different when I watched Mickie last night for over 6 hours.


Sorry about the delayed responses, I have been a bit ill today.

Fixed. I have a bad habit about year dating around this time of year.

To test, can you try to watch on any other platform? Also, make sure the BattleNet account is linked to the Twitch account.

No you cannot. One Twitch account to one BattleNet account. You can relink to a different account, but any rewards earned only goes to that BattleNet account at the time they are received.

Please do a full unlink and relink of your account (see my link above).


No problem. I proofread as a living, I see it a lot around this time of year. Happens a lot.


I posted this on support. I am reposting it here, since I am desperate for help.

"I must have watched over 8 hours now.
I only have 1 Blizzard account on my google chrome browser
I checked my connections many times and my account is linked.
I tried disconnecting my Blizzard account connection on Twitch, logging out of my twitch, logging back in, and reconnecting my account but so far, no good.

Please help. I won’t be able to watch any streams from the next Wednesday and I want to make sure that I have all the sprays. "


To clarify has your Twitch account received these notifications at all yet?


I could receive twitch rewards for the Pink Mercy and D.Va nanocola but I can’t with this one. :confused:

imgur .com/QkdnaJ2 (remove space between “imgur” and “.com” since I can’t post links)


And since relinking your BattleNet account to your Twitch account you have watched at least two hours correct?


Yes I have. Right now, I’m making sure to keep my twitch status as “online” while watching and making sure I am on the twitch window, since before, I would watch it out of window and my twitch status was “away” or “invisible.” I’m not sure if doing that will fix anything though.
So yeah, I’m trying that now.


Actually, now that you’ve mentioned it, I remembered that sometimes I would go back to my twitch window and see that it does the “error: unplugged” (sometimes my internet disconnects for some reason) so that might be screwing with how much hours I’ve think I done. (this is after I relinked my account) So yeah, I’ll keep trying.


Sometimes, I seen old reports back when players was trying to earn OWL tokens during Overwatch League that would be an issue it seems, but not always.

Now to confirm you are watching an eligible stream correct? Remember unlike the Ashe promotion from last November, only select eligible streamers will have the ability to distribute drops. You know you are watching an eligible stream if you see if the following message appears BELOW the stream title on the desktop version of the player:

(As a reminder to everyone, don’t be fooled by any streamer with the message “Drops Enabled” or “!Drops” directly in the stream title.)


Yes, I started with EmonGG (4+ hours) and Tyrodin (a couple hours) for a bit, Aspen (2 hours at least) for a bit and I’m on FRAN’s (present) stream right now. (thank you for helping me btw, it means so much to me)


Yeah try to give it up to two hours, if that still fails, I recommend at that point reaching out to Twitch Support (because this is a case of not even getting the Twitch side notification).


Okay, thank you for your help :heart:
I’ll reply back here if anything happens/it gets fixed/I get drops.


I got my first spray!
But it’s weird, I got the 4 hour sprays first, got the notification for that but I haven’t got the notification for the 2 hours spray. I’ll check if I have the 2 hour one in game.

EDIT: WOW, ok, I checked in game and my 2 hour and 4 hour sprays are there :smiley:

Not getting Ana sprays

Unlinking and relinking my Battle net account to my twitch account fixed the issue, but I had to watch more of the streams for it to work (my previous 10 hours didn’t seem to count at all).


Yes, accounts are linked. Today watched on a PC, got messages on Twitch about drops.


Okay please carefully check in the hero gallery if you got the sprays, remember there is no fanfare or even the “NEW” icon marked in the Hero Gallery when you receive the items. Remember they will be at the bottom half of the list along with any other marked items. Note that most of the sprays are exclusive to Ana, with one exclusive to Solider: 76, and the BASTET icon spray available for all heroes.


Whats the MVP group?

Just curious, i dont expect to get in or anything


Here is more information:


Congrats on the MVP update, WyomingMyst :slight_smile: