GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


So, I’m in Canada, I use a laptop with Windows 10 Home and just watch the streams through either the Twitch app on my phone or through Chrome.

I have my account linked, but every time I try to answer the eligibility question for Canadians on the OWL site it just gets stuck on loading and never actually processes my answer, I’ve tried multiple times now, and it hasn’t locked me out, just given me a new question if I try to reload.


The OWL Math Question does not apply for the current BASTET promotion I believe. Until the start of the 2019 season (and we get details on streaming rewards there), I would not worry about that website acting up.


I’ll try without, but I tried watching for the Dva promotion and never received those.


Just remember to try to unlink and link your Blizzard Twitch account to resolve most issues. Othrewise I need more details to how you are watching the streams (device, app version, etc).


Watched 6+ hours of streaming for the Bastet challenge at this point and still no drops at all. Incredibly frustrating as I work full-time and due to timezone constraints I am not able to make a majority of the streams for more than hour or two.

I have tried reconnecting my Blizzard account to my Twitch one, and have tried different devices and connections. Nothing works. I have previously received drops from the Nano Cola challenge and those were achieved with no problem. I have also check my hero gallery and Twitch inventory multiple times, and nothing is showing up.

I’m using Windows 10 (most recent version) on a desktop and my phone is Android (most recent version). The browser I use is Firefox on my PC and Chrome on my phone.

Would like to get this resolved and it’s frustrating to earn nothing despite actually taking part in the Twitch streams now and then instead of going pure AFK.


“Rare” Top comedy right there.


Yeah I hate Twitch with a passion but I left that crap on for over 6 hours whilst playing PS4 games and I’ve got absolutely nothing.


Thank you for listing these details. Since you have done most of the steps I would recommend, and assuming no notifications have appeared on Twitch, I would recommend starting a web ticket with Twitch in this case:

I understand you are frustrated, but this does not help me. I am willing to try and lend advice, but I need clear details about your setup and anything you have tried so far. Right now based on your description. all I can recommend is try unlinking and relinking your BattleNet account to your Twitch account.


So, I seem to have a unique problem with the current Twitch Bastet promotion. I never received the 4 hour sprays. No, I don’t mean I can’t find the Soldier 76 spray because I’m confused about which character gets it. Twitch/Blizzard/ seemed to never give me both of the 4 hour sprays.

https ://i.imgur .com/eLYtAfS .jpg
(Apparently I “can’t include links in my posts” - so I need to bypass this filter with spaces-- --gee, it’s no wonder I don’t like dealing with Bliz/Activison, no?)

Note that “Mask” and “Jack and Vincent” are locked. AND not visible in the “What’s New” collection. Also Note I can easily equip the 6 hour sprays. And that Twitch shows the drops I got.

I have watched hours upon hours more of these “drops enabled” promoted streamers since, And reset my account once, but no further drops have occurred.

I’m uncertain where to go from here. My experiences with Blizzard and Activision Customer Service has been atrocious in the past (going all the way back to “Vanilla” WOW- nothing like haranguing CSRs for weeks on end to get a basic bug fixed because they keep shutting down your tickets), so I would rather avoid doing so.

So I question, what is my course of action from here?


Since the notifications for the 4 hour sprays did not appear in Twitch, please reach out to Twitch support in this case:


Thank you for the link~ And I will.


I’ve been watched participating broadcasters for more than 6 hours, got most of the sprays, but how did I not get that ‘Ana taking her Bastet mask off’ while I already got ‘Bastet mask’ spray (they are on the same tier)?


First please make sure you are looking in the Ana section for the missing spray, while the Bastet spray is available for all heroes, the “Protector” spray is only usable for Ana. If you have confirmed it is still locked, please start a web ticket with Blizzard Customer service and carefully detail this in the web ticket.


I downloaded twitch app on my mobile then I watched 1 hour of Noserino’s stream , the next day i watched 2 hours of RocketLive’s stream and didn’t get any notifications on twitch about the drops . then i unlinked and relinked my twitch account and watched 2 more hours but still didn’t get a spray or notifications about it . then i started watching the stream on my laptop and my mobile at the same time for 2 hours but still didn’t recive anything . btw i was AFK on both my mobile and my laptop the whole time but the enternet didn’t disconnect or somthing . So what else should i try?


Just to confirm you are checking the desktop website for notifications right? The Mobile App doesn’t really display drop notifications. To confirm have you checked your hero gallery in Overwatch?


yes i’ve checked the desktob website and didn’t find anything in notifications . i’ve also checked overwatch and didn’t get the sprays in-game as well


Hello! I haven’t received any of the sprays for the Ana event. I’m watching on the iPad Twicth app and reside in the US. I’ve checked the hero gallery for the sprays and the desktop version of Twitch to see if I received any notifications, which I have not. I disconnected and reconnected my battle tag from Twitch and I still didn’t receive any drops after watching again today. It’s extra weird because I didn’t have any issues with the D.Va event and got all the sprays very quickly.
Thanks for you time!



Thank you both for detailing this needed information, since neither of you can trigger the Twitch notificaitons, and you both have relinked your accounts. The best option is to reach out to Twitch at and start a service ticket with them to sort out any advanced issues.


Yesterday I tried watching the stream on PS4 and it worked for me. I got the notification about the sprays at the desktop website. Then, I checked overwatch and found the sprays. Hopefully this will help someone.


I, too, did not get the sprays. I watched Mickie’s stream for 5 hrs on the Twitch App on my phone. It runs on Android 8.0 and was logged in.

I made sure my Blizzard account and Twitch account are linked. I unlinked and re-linked. I checked the Hero Gallery and did not see any new sprays. I have nothing in my Twitch inventory aside from the League Drip. There was also nothing in my notifications regarding this.

Unsure where to go from here.