GUIDE: Overwatch Twitch Rewards Troubleshooting and FAQ - BASTET Spray Rewards Updated


I have updated the guide for the new Ana BASTET promotion. Basically it works the same as the D.Va Nano Cola promotion. You must watch specific streamers as indicated by the schedule to earn the exclusive sprays.


As an update, I am seeing some threads already claiming they watched enough of Emongg’s stream but have not triggered the drops, I am guessing there is a delay in distribution at this time,


And just a few minutes later I have triggered my first drop. Look for this notification. Drops are confirmed working!

Ana Spray 1


I watched Emongg for 4 hours and still watching, (jeff was in the streaming) and I received nothing, no notifications, recently watched my gallery and no, no sprays.
What’s the point of watching 6 hour, wasting my time for the sprays and got nothing??? PLease help. I had the same problem with Diva sprays, just received the first, I have my Battle net connected with Twitch. :frowning:


question, if Im not from a certain country I cant receive the sprays?


Will these rewards be put into the standard loot boxes some day? cause im really not in the mood to play this game outside of the PvE game modes anymore.


Remember I need specific details as noted above:

Unlike the OWL Token Rewards, I think this is valid for any country for any user allowed to have a BattleNet account per the EULA.

So far all rewards have been sent to the legacy collection list, meaning they are gone for good once the promotion ends. Do not wait if you want these items.


Windows 7
Chrome 71.0.3578.98
Uruguay - South America

I watched the Mercy stream and I got all 3 sprays, with I just received the first, not the other 2, and now I have received nothing.

My account is linked and everything is OK and normal, except the drops don’t trigger and the sprays doesn’t unlock.


Try unlinking and relinking the account. Please note, that you may need to watch at least two hours more before determining if it works or not.


im on a PC on chrome, windows 10 system in US on the twitch website and i just watched probably a little more than 3 hours of emongg’s stream, and i havent gotten any notifs about drops. My acc is linked. is there a delay on the drops, or would the two hour checkpoint reward have been instantaneous in my notification center?


Mickie’s stream time needs updating.


Hey! I found a mistake on your thread. It is January 9 and not August 29 on Mickie :slight_smile:


Try unlinking and linking your account then watch at least 2 more hours, any feedback to this if it works would be appreciated.


It worked for me :star2:


I am glad to hear it.


a notification showed up in my twitch notifications saying i got the spray 16 hours ago, approx. midnight. The spray was the 2 hour checkpoint, and i think i reached that amount of streaming way before midnight. The notifications and/or drops may have a delayed granting to your inbox/account. Thanks for the help; ill be sure to give any more feedback if any more issues arise.

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In case you missed it, it should be 2019 :slight_smile:


PlayStation 4 PRO firmware version 6.20
Twitch App on PlayStation 4 version 1.27 checked for updates, there aren’t any avaliable
Latvia (Eastern Europe)
PSN account registered in Russia, Battlenet account European
Linked my Battlenet account to Twitch few hours before Mickie stream. Watched all stream, didn’t get any notifications while watching it. Didn’t get any sprays in the game (PC and PS4 version). PSN account is linked to my Battlenet for about 4 years


can I use the same twitch account to get sprays for different blizzard accounts?
I want to get the sprays for my smurfs