Groups and Matchmaking in Overwatch

Exactly… he didn’t answer the most important question. What does into determining what the computer determines is an advantage.


… This is the real question!

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But what about queue times? Another reason grouping is very exhausting is because i have to wait like 15+ minutes to find a match.

Because if the players learn that, people will abuse it to rank up.

But people still have preferences. If it’s judging me by my best performance but puts me in a situation where I can’t perform my best, then the team’s calculated win percentage won’t be accurate.

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Let me rephrase something I noted in the post:

Group size doesn’t matter for the purposes of calculating expected win chance for a game, what matters is the SR of the players on each team. Since grouping status doesn’t change the expected win chance, it doesn’t affect the amount of SR change you experience after a win or loss.

  1. A lot of pro players and streamers get a lot of hate for grouping with others. Will the LFG mechanic change that?

  2. Was the LFG mechanic added to lessen the toxicity issue and do you see it fixing some toxicity issues?

  3. Will the queue times be increased for grouping?


Good job, now fix Sombra bugs, please

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FYI, Scott Mercer is the guy who designs and manages the play mode systems. Not the hero balance.


ok, now fix Sombra bugs, please

Patch 1.25 does fix some Sombra bugs!


I know it’s probably a lot to ask, I haven’t read the entire of your original post so I apologise if this has been answered already but I was wondering if you know when 1.25 might go live? A week, two weeks or sooner?

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The LFG tool and endorsements is literally the best thing ever to happen to Overwatch so far.

The question is: When will we see it come to live?!?!


Thank you for the details. :+1:
Are you allowed to tell us when the patch 1.25 will be released?

The post above did not elaborate on the release date of 1.25. Here is the last statement from Game Director Jeff Kaplan on the release of 1.25:

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I see, thanks, yeah I’ve already read that but was hoping for a little more than “unknown” :slight_smile:.

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Now, can you also explain why I get in a team with people who have about 300 levels less, while the enemy has some people with about 300 levels more than I have? This happens way to frequently… And makes it nearly impossible to win. 40% chance to win sounds pretty high compared to the games I get put in…

Fix her hack colors hacked enemies should be purple and allies should be red


Level experience is not a contributing factor in the hidden matchmaking rating or the displayed skill rating of any player in any game mode.


Keep in mind that this post is 8 days old. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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