GM1 end of season but got Master rewards?

this 100% isnt true because it would have no reason to derank most of us as id imagine we all ended on a winstreak.

meaning our mmr should of been at the very least near the rank we were at. while most people are dropping 3-5 divisions.

what seems to of happened is they made a change, and based on that change if you played before it they said “you dont belong here, maybe” and just dropped your sr.

alot of us skipped the msg but it says

“everyone’s skill tier and division have been adjusted to match the current estimate of your skill.”

but not everyone dropped. some roles stayed the same and some even climbed. it all seems to depend on when you got your mmr gains, its like the earlier you did it in season 3 the less value they put on it even if you were still playing at the end of the season.


would be helpful but i doubt they’ll say much about it. or they’ll just say “its just your mmr!”

like i was on a win streak on support playing in mid diamond games and it deranked too p4, but a plat account that was playing in plat games was boosted to D3.

you cant tell me the mmr was higher in one and lower in the other when the people im playing against were confirmed to be in that rank.

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apparently there is some bug going on;

BlizzardCS replied:

This issue is being looked into. Thanks for the report. ^JH

What a mess lol.


Finally they fixed competitive and now you who got boosted elo are finally in rank you belong.

This change didn’t affect me as I belong where I belong, my friend on the other hand had a rank boost as he didn’t belong where he belonged. So keep crying, mimimi

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Yes on my account I didn’t play much OW2 on I was placed close to my OW1 SR (my ‘true’ mmr). I went all the way from placing in gold to diamond. On the account I play OW2 on and got higher, it put me back down from diamond to plat.

No one cares that they did this, everyone knew it was coming. The screw up is doing it BEFORE rewards and not after. Essentially they said, hey all the OW2 you’ve played til now? That rank we showed you all season long? Well it was pointless. Just a dumb thing to do.

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it’s posted here as a known issue now too:

Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023

  • We are investigating an issue where Season Three end-of-season final ranks were modified causing lower tier rewards issued for some players.

At least it’s acknowledged. End of season rewards for a specific season should be given regardless of these MMR changes.


I got to D3 stopped playing and I’m told I ended P2 :smiley:


Every day I am reminded why I stick to QP

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I’ve been diamond like most of my career in Overwatch…

Hardstuck diamond entirety of Overwatch 1
Hardstuck diamond in Overwatch 2

Until now… Now the matchmaker thinks my real skill is gold 1 - lol?

I’m not all that bothered, I know I can comfortably climb back up and stomp people on my way there. Lower ranked players gonna complain though.

edit: I did get my ‘Diamond role challenger’ title though. :man_shrugging:


I finished Platinum 4 but I didn’t get any title at all.


A bit strange then that I gradually ranked to GM1 on this account and then fairly easily got to GM5 on an alt account, yet for some mysterious reason this account dropped all the way to M1 and the alt stayed GM5.

I got my rewards but my main dropped from plat 2 to plat 5. Even though I finished plat 2 and stopped playing after a rank up because I didn’t have time.

My alt, however, finished at gold 2 and got boosted to plat 2 and I got plat 2 rewards on that account, same situation as to when I stopped playing as my main.

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Yeah, I was a diamond player last season (S2) and this season I decided to play way more and ended up masters 5 in support and masters 3 in tank. One of the few “lucky” ones to get a huge boost from this mmr change and got the gm title. I went to GM 3 support and I don’t know why lol, I was putting effort in masters.

I legit don’t know what my actual rank is cause I don’t feel like a gm but apparently my mmr thinks I am ;v

Playing ranked is just not worth the time. Got rewarded for plat despite being diamond the whole season in both open and roled q. Finished both in diamond and season highest in roled q was Masters 5. Never fell back to plat but apparently it is what i deserve after 80h of s3 ranked. Says i ended the season in plat 3 in open and plat 4 in roled.

Not worth it. Even bfore this last straw the ranking system was worst I ever played. Fix your game Blizzard.


Finished Diamond 5 role and Masters 3 Open and got no comp points and no titles. Feels bad man.


This is so weird. I don’t know why some people are getting their title/rewards and some aren’t, or a mix.

The derank I get, if I gotta grind some more I’ll grind some more, I’m gonna get back to Diamond anyway, that’s not gonna stop me.

But the rewards make no sense. Why did I get my Diamond title but other people who deranked did not?

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This is clearly a bug with the ranking decay system (which was supposed to be off). It didn’t affect me, but affected a friend. We almost always play together, so if he is having a losing streak, I’m also having a losing streak. There is absolutely no reason for him to be dropped to Gold while I kept my Master and Diamond ranks.

This must be a bug and blizzard messed up badly. Even if they want to adjust everyone’s rank, we should recieve the adjusted rank for season4, not season 3 which already ended. Inflated rank is still the rank the player earned, they should still recieve the reward based on their rank in season 3, not the adjusted rank.


The same here, at the end of the season three i went from plat 2 to plat 1, so I played 4 more games, winning two and losing two. My rank was simply dropped on gold 1, does that make any sense??
The only thing I did different from my friends was opening the game immediately when the new season was released, maybe that’s when the bug happens.

Anyone here also opened the game immediately after releasing the fourth season?