"Get some friends, there are 5 of us and you're alone."

just hold ur report button tight there care bear itll be ok

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The person said context doesnt matter, i was proving it does. Something something…reading comprehension

how is “kill yourself” a death threat? its not so chill with wanting people to be thrown in jail for words.

correct me if im wrong but is it not a crime to tell someone to kill themselves in some countries? I am from america and there have been states that have been putting more and more responsibility on the shoulders of online cyber bullying people who antagonize people until they kill themselves. So if blizz allows people to speak like this in their game are they not liable for actioning if someone pushes someone to far and they have no in game feature that actively detects words that encourage suicide?

this is a serious issue and with online gaming getting bigger and bigger it should be taken more seriously. Especially with OWL getting as big as it is if a story got out about someone being bullied into suicide within the community it could destroy the reputation of OWL all together because of the community it harbors.

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Nice try? To try to show that pointless threads like this make the forums pointless? You getting dialogue on a matter that players have absolutely no control over other than muting, reporting and moving on. I did read your thread, but you can assume I didn’t, I don’t care.

Hi Dandy,

I’m sorry you had that experience in that match. You’re absolutely right, that type of behavior is unacceptable. If you haven’t already, please report the players that harassed you and avoid them as teammates.

In the future, if you find yourself in a similar scenario, we’d recommend you block the players in-question, immediately remove yourself from voice comms, report the player(s) in-question, and continue to use the Avoid as Teammate functionality.

I understand that this reply may underwhelm or be disheartening, but this is the best means to help us identify and ultimately investigate these type of negative players. We’re working hard to reduce toxicity in Overwatch, but our system isn’t perfect.

I wish you all the best. Keep your chin up.


Can only avoid 2 people at a time, though. So they could encounter those 5 people at any time if they don’t queue together.


people should have their chin up regardless … if somebody say “get some friends, 5 of us you are alone”
what can you really do?
block, report, move on - if reports stack action will be taken

how i would react?
i would say: ‘dude i got so many firends i needed to soloQ to take a break from people flocking towards me’

what else can you really do?

  • they are not ‘conservative’ about things like that
  • they are not allowing ‘discrimination’
  • they have right to play game just as you have right to play game… you know, we live in free world

when are you gonna fix the report system, stop banning one tricks

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I gotta wonder how the game can recognize and block the word B.ongo, but not someone typing “kys”


The thing is overwatch has more than 2 toxic people , you should really increase the number of people you can avoid

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Thank you, Tom

This topic is very clearly emotionally charged and personally I don’t have the answers to the problem. I am well aware of how complex the issue I am asking to be addressed is. It was simply one of the worst cases of toxicity in my entire experience playing this game, if not the worst. It was strange because of how it didn’t effect me despite the fact that I was singled out, that I was able to respectfully respond to them naturally. Even for me it was an abnormal response that I could have never really anticipated. Normally I am more effected by stuff like this and would just silently report and block. If I look even further back in my experience prior to being silenced, retaliate at them in a nasty manner. This time was abnormal in a lot of ways.

It’s not an underwhelming or disheartening response, it means a lot to hear compassionate affirmation from a blizzard representative, so thank you Tom. A big part of this post was for me to re-evaluate whether this game was truly worth continuing playing. I think it is after all that I’ve read in this thread, despite all the negative and dismissive comments. Another part was to bring the specific incident to light, since I was the only one who would share the experience and was likely reported 5x as many times as they were as it all happened in team text chat. They were all playing along with 2-2-2 so I may have looked like I was in the wrong to those on the enemy team. I can not stress how extreme the experience was, especially considering how drawn out the match was due to my aim not being garbage. As if they could know how my aim is before we’re even able to leave the spawn. It was so absurd that I couldn’t take it seriously but at the same time it was extreme toxicity so I took a respectful stand against it. I’m not sure how I will respond in the future to an experience like that, or whether I will even experience anything of that level ever again, but idunno. It was just blatantly ill behaviour and I actually felt bad for them and worried for those that would be put in my place next game.

I truly hope that this becomes an issue of the past and I do believe that the overwatch team has their heart in the right place. The reason I spoke out against it is because I am hopeful that eventually this will be an issue of the past and I believe that it can be put in the past. Maybe that’s delusional, but who is really to say what could or couldn’t be possible? I am well aware that there is no immediate solution though.


You need to grow up. You could make the same argument towards racist comments or even physical actions done in negligence (how about drunk driving resulting in manslaughter?) Yeah, those clearly aren’t bad.

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How exactly does he avoid 5 players as teammates?


They were a group of 5 so if you avoid any one of the five it cannot place you on the same team as any of them.


Any one of the five can leave the group at any time. Yes, I’ve guessed wrong before and gotten stuck with someone previously in a group I avoided 2 of.


Then you avoid a different one and join a new match before the round begins (no penalty for leaving during character select)

Difficulty: you backfilled into their team (no hero selection). Now I play with someone encouraging suicide or lose my endorsement level.

HINT: the correct response is, “they really should increase it above 2 slots.”


That is a good question! I would like to heard back from TomPowers on this matter of hand.

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Then simply mute them and finish out one round and try again? It’s really not that huge of a deal.